[sticky post] Holiday Wishes, 2013-2014 Holiday Season!

Holiday Wishes in 2013!

holiday_wishes is officially open! Time to break out the wishes, gifts, Holiday spirit and good cheer!

The spirit of the Holiday Wishes meme is for everyone to put their hearts' desires out there, to wish for anything they could possibly want, no strings attached. The history of how it all started can be read here.

Since we are collecting all of these lists in a single forum, we do want to keep things as fair to everyone as possible. For that, we ask that you follow a few simple rules.  These are outlined below, but you can find the complete and detailed rules and posting guidelines on the community wiki.  Everyone who posts their wish list to this community is responsible for following these rules, as well as any updates given in mod posts.

Please note that, with the exception of mod posts, only wishlists are allowed to be posted in this community.  To thank another member for a gift, we recommend that you post in the holiday_thanks community.

When you post a wishlist, we ask...

  • That you post your wishlist once, and only once. Posting your wishlist twice may result in both wishlists being deleted.

  • That you keep your lists limited to no more than 10 wishes.

  • That you do not modify your wishlist once it's been posted.  You may not add or change items as wishes are granted.  Also, because people often use the number of comments a wishlist has received as an indicator of the amount of attention that list has been given, do not delete or screen comments containing offers of items.

  • That you wish for no more than one external wishlist (i.e. Amazon) and no more than 3 types of giftcards.

  • That you do not include a PayPal button or solicit general PayPal donations.  Asking for financial assistance for a specific reason (e.g. buying school textbook) is fine, but share your PayPal email address only.

  • That you tag your wishlist, at minimum, with your country or continent, and preferably with the types of items that you're wishing for.

  • That you do not change the default font size or color, and do not post images over 400 pixels.

  • That you do not use a cut-tag unless your wishlist is unusually long or has images.  (This sounds strange, but cut-tags make it harder for wish-givers to browse the lists!)

  • That for your safety, you do not post a home mailing address.  Although we will allow adults to include their home address if they choose to, we encourage you to use a P.O. Box address or to leave your e-mail address and only provide a mailing address upon request via private email to those you are comfortable giving it to.

  • That you do not solicit in comments for your own wishlist.  Do not comment on someone's wishlist with a link to your own list or otherwise solicit traffic to your own wishlist, unless the original poster has explicitly asked for a link to your wishlist.

When you want to grant a wish, we ask...

  • That you bookmark the wishlist of the person who's wish you're granting. That way you won't forget who wanted the last Coldplay CD, or who asked for the Battlestar Galactica icons.

  • That, when mailing something through the postal service, you include some sort of identifying information with your package or card (LJ username or e-mail address) so the recipient can thank you (unless you're trying to remain anonymous). Also, be sure to use proper packaging and check local regulations for items that may not be sent through the mail.

  • That you don't ask for anything in return.  This is not a gift exchange community; if you send someone a gift, they are not obligated to send one back. Also, note that no money is to be exchanged in connection with items distributed through this community. If you are selling something, please use another site.

When you receive a gift, we ask...

  • That you thank the person who gave it to you directly (via e-mail or commenting on their wishlist, or their journal), and if you wish (or if the gift was anonymous) thank them publicly on holiday_thanks (but please remember that not everyone watches that community, so the person who sent you the gift might not receive the Thank You.)

  • That you consider granting a wish in return and spread the love!

And finally, if a moderator asks you to edit your post, please listen to them. We are doing our best to keep this community fair and fun for everyone. Unfortunately, in a community of this size, this means we need to enforce our rules pretty strictly. Thank you for understanding!

If you have any problems, would like to report a problem with another community member, see a rules violation on a wishlist (i.e. someone who edited their post to include more than 10 items, or 2 wishlists that appear to be posted by the same person), please use the links on the left side of this community or contact a moderator through a mod post or e-mailing us at wishlist.project (at) gmail (dot) com.  Please do not contact moderators on their personal LiveJournal accounts.

Your moderators,

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"I, as secret as yon buried stream, plod dumbly on and dream . . ."

How did the year go by so fast? It feels like January was just last month, sometimes. Overall this year has been a good one, though busy! I teach and tutor math most of the time, and even teach the odd piano lesson. My schedule is very full, but somehow I squeeze in some time for Sacred Harp singing, fanfiction, languages, and enjoying my Linux computer.

So here's my wishlist. Several of the first ones are software or web development-related, but there are other things!

1. More than anything, I would love a specific custom-built software program (see this pdf for a description if the link is working). In fact, I want this badly enough that I'd settle for someone teaching me how to code it myself (my only experience with coding is my own webpages, but I'm not afraid of it, just don't want to dive in without an actual guide of sorts), despite not having a ton of time. I spend anywhere from 4-6 hours creating individualized quizzes and homework assignments for my students each week (they're far enough behind that their math is entirely individualized). I'd really love to have the bulk of that time back to use each week. My family would thank you, too. It would require building a simple but customized (I am creating my own curriculum) database with a front-end that includes the ability to save settings per student, to enter questions into the database that are text-based but may include pictures, and to output to LibreOffice Writer. It also needs to run on Linux (I run Linux Mint). If that sounds like something that interests you, let me know!

2. Another software request. If math databases aren't up your alley, but music players are . . . then check out my dream music player. It's a 14-page document outlining the features I'd love to see (with the following being some of the harder to impossible-to-find ones): database-oriented, in-database-only genre labeling (separate from genre tags on the file itself), multi-genre labeling via checkbox, Boolean AND and OR filtering via genre labels, and adding files manually so not to overwhelm the database with new songs that one hasn't had a chance to process labelwise yet. I'd be content with being instructed on how to create it myself, also.

3. Here's the REAL crazy biggest dream ever: someone, or more like multiple someones (because this is the sort of thing that would take a software COMPANY, not just a programmer) to create a computer program that would work as a math curriculum--the way I've designed it. I can see all the logic for what concept you need to have before you get to this one and that one (I created a flowchart just for kindergarten level math, it was crazy complex--I decided that unless this was a reality, it would be a waste of time to design one for any higher level, lol). It would do an assessment first thing, to find the farthest that a student could demonstrate current achievement in every area (and there are lots and lots of areas out there), and would be server-based, so students could login from a client at home or at school, either way. It would require parents or teachers to enter passwords when present to administer tests, but allow students to work at learning new concepts through manipulatives, with audio, so students with weak reading abilities aren't limited in their math while they work to improve reading. It would run on all platforms (because requiring a student to have a specific OS is tantamount to promoting that OS specifically, and the only OS I think worthy of that--Linux--is too limited to have much viability as a sole destination for this program, ergo everything). I have ALL THE IDEAS here. And no experience in programming (other than a forgotten quarter-long class of C++ in high school). Does this intrigue you? :D

4. A web-specific request here--I would love to have a way to design a website with customizable pages per student. Let me explain further: I'd like to be able to go down a list of educational games that I've linked to, and for a specific student, check off specific games to include on the page, and have them shuffle around, as if each game was a tile and it chose whether to place the tile on the page or not by my checkbox. Hand-coding is too clunky to manage for more than one or two students (I work with 10 in classes, not to mention my tutoring students). It needs to be very easy to create new student pages from a template and quickly check-check-check for the games or activities that would be suitable for them at their current level. Bonus if the game listings can include small photos (for children who aren't reading fluently yet).

5. Are you a linguist, conlanger, or have a good command of grammar? I don't mean English grammar. I mean grammar in general, like weird constructs you only see in this language or that one (cases, moods, split plural systems, etc.). Because I've created a language but I need to fix a few grammar bits and I have a hard time with some concepts. I tend to have lots of questions and I need a live person to answer that can listen to me explain what's confusing and help me with examples of how this or that language feature might work. I can do either IM (Yahoo, Skype, Gmail) or IRC (I'm in the ##conlang channel on Freenode, but I lurk mostly so PM-ing is the best way to get a hold of me).

6. I'm already a part of Yuletide, but even if you're not, you're welcome to write me a fic! I prefer nonsexual (romantic friendship or gen is fine! nonsexual smut and h/c and apocalyptic AUs are all totally awesome) for the following fandoms/pairings: Women's Murder Club (Lindsay/Cindy), Rizzoli & Isles (Jane/Maura), The Pretender (Jarod/Miss Parker), Sue Thomas F.B.Eye (Myles/Tara), Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain (Beth/Jody), plus others (see link in next sentence). For specific details on some of the canons (and for a few more that I know), you can take a look at my Dear Yuletide Writer letter for 2013.

7. I spent some time in Central America a few years back, and returned with a love for plantain chips (disc-shaped or strip-shaped don't matter, they're delicious either way). Strangely enough, they're difficult to find here in the US (I sometimes see bags in Ross but I don't get out to shop there more than maybe once a year, if that, so I haven't had them in ages!). I like plain salt on them, not sweet or any other seasoning or flavor added.

8. I love LONG flowing skirts, down to ankle-length. They're rather hard to find--everything tends to be knee-length or higher, and I have a small waist and long legs so that doesn't help matters any. Storebought or homemade, both are fine by me. E-mail me and I'll send the sizing plus any color/pattern preferences to you. (I hate ironing, so I generally go for clothes that don't wrinkle when washed. I also rarely get to a dry cleaner, so machine wash clothing is the only way I manage things.)

9. Donate to ADRA International. It's a humanitarian agency committed to improving the quality of life for people in need through "community development initiatives targeting Food Security, Economic Development, Primary Health and Basic Education", "regardless of race, gender, and political, or religious affiliation". You can give to specific projects that call to you, so you can choose to donate to whichever of these you are most passionate about: feed, clothe, and give schooling and healthcare to children/orphans, provide a community or school with clean accessible drinking water, protect women and girls from abuse and violence, provide food or improved cooking materials for children to elderly people who are struggling to feed themselves properly. ADRA is also active when disasters strike, and are often one of the first on the ground working because of infrastructure in 120 countries. After the immediate needs are met, ADRA stays by to work with the community for years to come, connecting with other organizations to help restore the community to better living conditions than before the disaster, if possible.

10. As always, I welcome gifts from my Amazon wishlist! I love used books (most of my library is composed of those), and used CDs and DVDs are OK too if they're not scratched up. I've commented on EVERYTHING on the list, and there are priorities but really, anything on there would make me happy! Feel free to surprise me, or tell me ahead of time, I'm great with either way.

Amazon should allow purchases without you needing my address; if you need my address for one of the others, or just need to communicate privately, my e-mail is doranwen AT Yahoo (DOT com).

(no subject)

Yay it's the holidays again! I can't wait to get started! While Halloween is my favorite holiday, I love December because there are just so many different days to celebrate! I also love snow, but we don't tend to get a whole lot here.

About me – I am a gay transgender artist with pagan leanings. I draw and paint a mix of things, mostly animals and celtic knotwork. I also make puppets with my awesome, awesome partner. I will be getting married in January. I was planning on getting married in December, but the opportunity rent a for real shop space came up, and my partner and I decided to jump on it! So things will be tight the rest of the year, but I am so thrilled!

I hope that everyone using Holiday_Wishes this year has a fantastic holiday. I am grateful that the community maintainers choose to put themselves through all this work so that we can all experience some extra joy and connect with one another! This community is like a giant cup of delicious hot cocoa with sprinkles!

1. Postage – So I can send out lots of cards! I have a big pile waiting to be sent out to other Holiday Wishers. :D

2. Cards – Sparkly! I do celebrate Yule, but I'd really enjoy cards from different holidays, particularly if they have glitter on them. I string the cards up along a wall, and they just look beautiful and festive all season long.

3. Halloween anything – I used to go get Halloween things on sale after the holiday, but now Halloween stores just disappear the day after.

4. Crafty scraps for puppets – My partner and I make puppets. Random things help make them look awesome! (If you send something and want to see how we end up using it, let me know and I'll be sure to send you pictures!)

5. Yarn – I crochet, my roommate knits. We always need more yarn. Any kind of yarn will do, even little scraps! (I make little finger puppets, which barely use any yarn.) :D Even if you think it's hideous, send it over - because that's the best kind to make monsters out of, and I love to make monsters!

6. Amazon Wishlist - Anything from my "Greenwick Holiday Wishes" list. Mostly it's fun, cheap jewelry.

7. Teach me to do a crocodile stitch (Crochet) – I love crocheting, but I am terrible at reading patterns. I do all right most of the time, since I improvise my own patterns.  However, I really really want to use the crocodile stitch to make a pangolin, a dragon, and a happy artichoke monster - and unfortunately I can't figure it out!  If you know how to do it and could help me learn, I would be super, super grateful. There are pictures of it on this blog article, if you've never seen it.

8. Help writing a crochet pattern for a binder for FtMs/trans people – I want to make a pattern for a homemade crocheted binder I created. Binders are expensive undershirts used to flatten chests, and many trans men don't have the money to buy more than one. Some typical binders are available here. I developed my own because I found these too difficult to breathe in, and also because of their expense; one can cost $30, and that often means a trans person will only have one, to use over and over and over.

I'd love to put this up for free on Ravelry, but can't do it right now because I don't know how to write patterns. My hope is that other people will make the pattern, improve it, and eventually there will be a standard binder that only costs a few bucks worth of yarn, and that other people can sell inexpensive complete ones for those who can't make them themselves.

9. Give specialty items to your local food bank - It is difficult to have special dietary needs when poor! Please consider sending some shelf-stable foods to your local food bank that people with dietary restrictions can eat. (IE: Gluten free, vegetarian/vegan, kosher, halal, etc.) I used to visit the food bank while following a vegetarian diet, and it made my day to get things like that!

10. Practice making art for a year – If you avoid trying to make art because you think you are terrible at it, I would love it if you would consider giving it another shot as a gift for me. Whatever time you can spare, even if it's just 5 minutes here or there, please consider making it a regular practice, and consider showing other people.

I'm asking this because I was terrible at my art, and I spent a year practicing practicing practicing - and then I became good at it!  Good art does not require some kind of magical innate talent (though that helps if you've got it.) The real secret is time - you need to learn, practice, and do it regularly in order to get good at it. Though I don't think there is a secret number, I've heard it takes 1,000 drawings of something in order to master it - which is not as much as you'd think.

(If you decide to do this, I can share with you the things I did, and some advice on tips and tools, books, etc.)

If you need an address, ask in a comment or send me a message. (I was hoping to have a PO box by now too, but unfortunately I have to wait on that.)

You can also e-mail me: greenwickpress (at) gmail (dot) com
Just let me know in the subject line that you're writing about Holiday Wishes.

Many thanks, and I hope your season is bright, cheerful and wonderful!

It's a Season for Giving Thanks

holiday_wishes has been open for nearly two weeks now, and it's great to see so much holiday cheer. I hope those of you in the United States are having a happy Thanksgiving, and that everyone everywhere is having a happy Thursday.

In the spirit of thanksgiving, I thought I'd remind everyone about the holiday_thanks community. If someone has granted one of your wishes, we encourage you to thank them. You can do this in any way you like, whether that be through a comment, a return holiday card, or an e-mail. If you want to thank your wisher publicly, or if you want to thank an anonymous gifter, you can also make a post in the holiday_thanks community.

Note that holiday_thanks is not moderated, but we will be deleting any posts we see that weren't made to thank a gifter.

Happy holidays, all!

"Love the giver more than the gift."

Hi, everyone! I think this community is amazing! Thank you to mods for creating such a wonderful place for people to grant wishes. This is my second year participating, and hopefully many more will follow.

I'm Jen! I'm a 24 year old stay at home stepmama/cat lady from Southern New Jersey. My boyfriend, R, and I have been together going on 3 years. When we became a couple, not only did I get an amazing man, I got an amazing 5 year old (he'll be 6 on December 6) stepson named B. I'm 95% sure that I cannot conceive a child, so having B is the closest I'll be to having a child. He is my world! I don't think I've ever loved anyone as much as I love him. The three of us spend every Sunday morning volunteering at a local veteran's nursing home. We get them their coffee, a pastry, and wheel them down to the chapel for church. They are always so elated to see us. Most of their families have stopped coming to visit them, so they LOVE the company. I love going there to learn about their history, and how different times were when they were growing up than it is now. Seeing the proud look on my little man's face while he wheels someone to the chapel just warms my heart.

R and I have recently fallen on hard times financially, but all in all, we're very happy. Whenever I get down about our finances, I think that there is always someone who is in a worse predicament. We some of our bills go unpaid, but we always have food and shelter (thanks to my parents.) Perspective is everything!

Please take a look at my list! If you're able to grant one of my wishes, it's greatly appreciated, & if not, that's okay, too! :)

1. Anything for my little man! He put together a wish list of some things he has his eye on. He really likes zombies, legos, minecraft, and dinosaurs. He'll appreciate anything, no matter how big or how small.

2. K-cups! Today we were gifted a brand new (still in the box!) Keurig today. I've been lusting over it for years now! I love any kind of coffee, hot apple cider, and hot cocoa for the little guy.

3. Gift cards to Walmart.

4. Anything from Lush! Whenever I have extra cash (which is almost never, lol) I always spend it on B. To have something to pamper myself would be amazing!

5. Next time you're in line waiting for food, coffee, etc - pay for the person behind you. It will make their day. Random acts of kindness are one of my favorite things!

6. A donation to Typhoon Haiyan survivors, and those who were effected by the recent tornadoes.

7. Gift cards for my 2 younger sisters. My parents are struggling financially as well, and I'm worried that they won't be able to get them anything for Christmas. I could care less about getting anything for myself. It would make me happiest if someone bought something for my son or my sisters.

8. Spread love and kindness wherever you go. “Be Kind for Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Great Battle.”

My shipping address is as follows:
Jen Pompper
408 West Foundry Street
Millville, NJ

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! (For like the 8th year running? LOL)

About Me
Greetings! I'm Miss M. Turner. I'm 36 and I live in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida (USA) with my guy and three cats. (Used to only be two but we found and rescued the most adorable fluffy orange kitten earlier this year so now we have three. The felines are taking over!)

It's been a pretty good year all things considered and though life always has it's ups and downs, I think it's been more ups than down this year so that's always nice. I've been in this community for longer than I can remember. LOL I think like 7 or 8 years now? I look forward to it every year and enjoy both sending and receiving some holiday cheer!

1. As always, first and foremost: To have a good season in my shop PhoenixFire Designs
After my major surgery two years ago and not having a job to come back to after recovery, I decided to make a go at running my business full time. It's been the best decision ever but it can be scary because it's unpredictable. I can't always guarantee what my income will be. My holiday season tends to be make or break for me and I count on it a lot for the whole year. I make beautiful pieces by hand and with love, including my world-famous Tree of Life pendants. I also gladly customize and personalize!

Even just spreading the word is helpful! Posting my link or "Like" my facebook page is greatly appreciated. You can post it in your journal, pinterest, facebook, twitter - anything! The more people know about it, the more I have a chance of getting buyers! Please help support handmade this holiday!

You're also welcome to use any image in my shop or one of these images to link with as well:

Shop: www.PhoenixFireDesigns.etsy.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PhoenixFireDesigns
Blog: www.TreeofLifePendants.com

2. And speaking of...Something Handmade by you or someone you know!
What's your specialty? I'd love to see what you (or someone you know) loves to make by hand. Knit, crochet, sew, printmaking, woodwork, paper crafting, photography, paint, art, ceramics, pottery, glass, embroidery, screen printing, etc., etc., etc.....I'm leaving this totally open. Help support other handmade artisans too!

3. Any Kind of Craft Supplies!
And continuing the handmade theme, I can always use more supplies! I am a very crafty person and welcome just about any craft supplies! Rubber stamps, stickers, beads (not plastic please), jewelry findings, gemstone beads, papercraft items, die cuts, embossing folders, fabric, notions, tools - you name it, I'll take it! :)

4. Gift certificates for Supplies!
There are always things I need running my own business. Especially supplies. So maybe you can help with gift cards I can use for places to get things to run my shop. Got $7.52 left on one? I'll still gladly put it to good use. Craft stores, office supply, even places you might not think of like home decor and such that I use for my displays when I have a craft show - just about anything is helpful!

Three places that are exceptionally awesome?

5. Anything from my amazon wishlist.
Ok, so I admit. I also like some good old fashioned material things too. LOL But I don't mind gently used items. I'm a big believer that many things in life can be enjoyed by more then one person and shared. (And if you already own something on the list and want to pass it on, that's awesome too!)

6. Anything Back to the Future
I LOVE Back to the Future. Like, seriously, I know the first movie by heart. It's my ringtone on my cell. And I have like 6 versions of the DVD/Blu-Ray because every time it comes out, I buy it again. LOL So, anything about, or from or inspired by - handmade or store bought - would be super fun. DeLorean items, Doc Brown, Marty - it's all good. Tees, keychains, posters, postcards, figures, autographs, promotion things, whatever. Silly? Yes, of course. But that's half the fun.

7. Hand Knit Socks
This one is a guilty pleasure for me. I love soft, hand knit socks. I can't knit my way out of a paper bag! I have pretty small feet (size 6.5 US or about 9" long) so maybe a kind knitter out there would make me a pair?

8. Surprise me!
Take a look at my likes in my profile or read any my past journal entries. Any of that spark an idea for you? Think of something I didn't mention specifically but think I might like? Go for it! (Feel free to email me/comment too if you have any specific idea/questions.) Handmade is awesome and appreciated. Gently used/pre-loved is as well.

9. My pipe dream wish: Canon EF or EF-S Len(es)
Something like the Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens. Oh, excuse me, I drooled a little on my list. Sorry about that. Photography is my second passion and earlier this year I got a Canon T4i DSLR and I just love it. I love having so much more control over what I can do. But I really want to upgrade my kit lens. So the 17-55mm looks awesome. (The 15-85mm looks nice too.) Either way, it's like $800 so yeah, dream I know but hey, can't fault a girl for dreaming big! :)

And last but certainly not least... 10. Holiday cards!
Bonus if they have penguins on them, or owls, or winter scenes and extra bonus if they are Yule/Solstice themed. But honestly, any and all cards are SO welcome! I absolutely love mail. I check my mailbox every day because I just love getting mail. It's like a present.

I do my absolute best to send return cards back for all I receive, so please remember to include your return address!

Miss M. Turner
PO BOX 1484
Elfers, FL 34680


ALLERGY NOTE: Because of my migraines, I can't have anything that was around smoke and I can't have any scented products unless they smell like food. Anything with a musk or a perfume or non-edible scent will trigger a migraine. I am also allergic to artificial sweeteners. Thank you.

(And if you feel like we have a lot in common, please feel free to friend my journal! I always welcome new friends. I even get chatty in the comments so if you see a ton of replies to this entry, that's why! LOL)

Thank you in advance! I hope you and yours have a beautiful holiday season!

all i want for christmas is you

Hello everyone! My name is Jasmine, I'm 25 and from Texas, and I've been doing Holiday Wishes since the original post was first made. This is my favourite time of year, and you guys always make it so much better than it would have been on its own. Normally I wait to post my list until later in the season, but I'm getting in the holiday mood earlier this year! (And I'm looking for any excuse to put off working on Nanowrimo, haha)

As a general note, I like anything witchy, celestial, Victorian...well, you can see my tumblrs, shinyfortheshow and hellboundwitch to get a better idea of what I'm into!

  1. Amazon.com wishlist.
    First of all, here's my obligatory wishlist link! I'm more than fine with used items, and all I ask is that if you buy something, you mark it as purchased so others don't buy it as well :D

  2. Amazon.com Gift Cards

    Speaking of Amazon, I love that place a LOT. Gift cards would be so very much appreciated and well put to use by me. Probably immediately, there's a lot of things I need, haha. You can send gift cards to my onawhim@lilybulb.org email address. Even small amounts are useful -- I buy a lot of books and mp3s!

  3. Tarot/Oracle/Playing Cards

    I admittedly have an already large collection of cards, but I absolutely want more. Always. If you have any decks I don't own already -- and you can find a list of them here -- then I would be MORE than happy to take them off your hands!

  4. Books!

    I love books. I read a lot of urban fantasy and paranormal mysteries and romance (like the Ophelia and Abby Mysteries). I also have a giant weakness for cookbooks (my favourite cookbook author is Tessa Kiros, though I currently only own the ebook copy of her book Recipes and Dreams from an Italian Life) and anything to do with witchcraft or spellbooks, even if they're terrible. I especially love kindle books, which can be sent to onawhim@lilybulb.org, but I will happily take hard copies as well.

  5. Pandora One account

    Every holiday season I have a weakness: I can't stop listening to the Folk Holidays station on Pandora. But the ads make it almost impossible to enjoy the music on the app, so I'd love a Pandora One account. (Again, my email address is onawhim@lilybulb.org)

  6. Witchy surprises!

    I am a practicing witch and pagan and love all things witchy and related. However you take that idea -- witch art, magical oils, pretty crystals, whatever. I would love to have it.

  7. ACEOs

    I love ACEO art, especially anything with a fantasy theme or with celestial themes or cute girls on them.

  8. Knitting Supplies

    I'd like to make some scarves and such for friends and family as Christmas gifts, but I'm running low on everything from needles to yarn. Any supplies that could be sent my way would be well appreciated by myself and hopefully my loved ones.

  9. Gluten-Free Recipes

    My mother has recently discovered her health issues have been the result of a gluten allergy after her stomach surgery. If anyone has any beloved gluten-free recipes to send our way, I'd really appreciate them! We don't have a lot of money and my mother's favourite food was bread. (The gluten-free varieties aren't as good to her and cost way too much money). She hasn't been eating a lot and I'd love to be able to find some good recipes to make for her! We're also trying to avoid nuts, eggs, and dairy, but that's not strictly necessary. She'll try pretty much anything though, as long as there's no seafood involved!

  10. Shunsui/Nanao fanworks

    I really, really love these two characters, and I am pretty sure I've read every single fanfic about them and seen all of the fanart and the handful of videos. I would love ANYTHING new featuring them, even if it was just a drabble, doodle or (be still my heart!) a fanmix. I just cannot get enough of them and it would make me incredibly happy to get some new fanworks out there for them. Seriously, anything. It doesn't even have to be GOOD!

As I've mentioned in the list already, you can send things to onawhim@lilybulb.org and I will also answer any requests for my address at this email!

2013: Tagging Tutorial and Requests

Adding Tags To Your Post

Why Tag?
Tagging is a quick way for others to be able to find your wishlist, and also makes it easier for you to browse through wishes other people have made. There are tags for the sorts of wishes you've made, where you're from, which holiday you celebrate, when you posted your wishlist, and what the first letter of your username is.

If you look at the main page of the community, you will see a section of links on the left and more tags on the right. By adding tags you can make your wishlist accessible to others when they choose to browse the wishlists using the various tags. All it takes is a few mouse clicks and you can add your wishlist too.

How to Tag
On the screen where you edit your post, simply click on the blue link that says either "Select" or "Select Tags", and choose the tags that apply to your post. You can also go to the "Edit Tags" link from your post, and choose your tags from there.  Do not manually type the tags. Because members may not add tags, if a tag you manually enter does not match one of the preset ones, it will not appear.

Tag Categories
Please tag your wishlist using at least one tag in each of the following categories:
1. Continent
2. Country - Using these tags will make it easier for people closer to where you live to grant wishes for you if they only wish to mail things out within their own country. If there is no tag for your country yet, please don't be offended - let us know here via comment and we'll gladly add it to the Tags list!
3. Username - Tagging your wishlist by the first letter in your username will make it so that people searching for your wishlist will have a better chance of finding it if they remember your username.
4. Holidays - Which winter holiday(s) do you celebrate?
5. Week - Tag your post with the week in which you posted it. This helps if people lose the link to your wishlist and remember about when you posted it, or if they want to grant posts that are a certain number of weeks old.
6. Category - This helps people find wishlists that include certain types of wishes.

NOTE: Please do not use any of the tags preceded by an exclamation point (!), as those are mod tags.

Requesting New Tags
You can view all of the Wishlist Tags - here. If you are unable to find a tag that fits your wishes, please feel free to comment on this post and make a suggestion. We'll try to accommodate your needs as soon as we can.
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