Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

I've really been looking forward to the holidays this year and am so excited to write out this wish list. :-) I didn't celebrate Christmas last year because of legal issues (it's hard to feel festive when your family is being stalked and harassed), but now that everything has finally been resolved, I can't wait to pick out a tree, deck it with all of the ornaments that have been in storage, cook a huge Christmas dinner, and make presents. It beats what I did last year... I went to the movies, ate a rubbery hot dog, and bawled through the movie because I was so miserable! So, without further ado, here is the kick-off to my best holiday ever. :-D

1. Something from my wishroll. It covers just about everything that I like, and my next two wishes cover the rest.  

2. An unusual, unique, odd, curious, or exotic surprise. You could look through my wishroll for ideas, since it reflects a lot of the things I'm in to.  Beyond that, I would definitely say that I'm alternative... my hair is red (not auburn, but bleached out and dyed blood red), I have more tats and piercings than I can count (okay, maybe not... there are nine tats and fifteen piercings), half of my Christmas ornaments are black, my favorite colors are red, black and white, and my clothing tends to lean towards the goth and industrial. You'd be hard pressed to find anything that offends me, so feel free to do your imaginative worst!  Actually, I dare you to find something that makes me go, "Wow, uh... yeah, that's pretty weird." ;-)

3. An average surprise. Some of the most interesting things I've ever received have been normal, mundane stuff. I love opening packages and seeing all of the different things that people think up! Some of my favorite things are books (paranormal romance, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fantasy, etc.), mix CD's (I like death, symphonic and industrial metal but do listen to other genres), dangly earrings, y-necklaces, chokers, anklets, tattoo designs (I have so many ideas for my next one), candles, stationery, craft supplies (if you can think of it, I do it... unless you're thinking about painting or knitting... but my favorite craft has to be jewelry making), and toiletries (bath bombs, bubble bars, massage bars, perfumes, etc.). Well, as long as they don't have lavender in them, since I'm allergic to the stuff. My favorite scents are sandalwood, ylang-ylang, jasmine, and other "sensual" scents. I especially love the "Victorian Vampire" and "Gothic Southern Belle" perfumes from Velvet Moon Bathery on etsy, and I've never tried anything from BPAL (there's too much to choose from!) but I'd love anything they create.

4. Happiness. Well, not for myself, but for everyone. I wish that everyone could have a wonderful holiday season full of family, comfort and happiness.

5. Help a child. Donate money, toys or time to charity, leave a present on the doorstep of a family that's having a hard time, make blankets for Project Linus... there are so many ways that you can help. I have a little girl with a lot of special needs (microcephaly, type I diabetes, dwarfism, autism, ADHD, and bipolar disorder) and her happiness means so much to me... it means a lot more than anything material ever could. Please, do what you can to help the children this holiday season.

Don't worry about offending me with religion.  I was raised Catholic and practice Trad Craft, so I celebrate in the way that feels right to me... it ends up being a blend of Paganism and Catholicism.  I have no problem with other religions and am not upset by people expressing their beliefs to me.

Shawna Haxton
128 Newberry Circle
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

Have a wonderful holiday season, and if you want to grant any of my wishes, please leave a link to your wishlist so that I can return the favor if I'm able to!  Everyone is strapped for cash right now, but I'd like to try to grant as many wishes as I can.  :-)

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Twilight2000, mod
Thanks for letting me know! The last time I did this, we were supposed to cut the list, so I had no idea.
I have a book to send to you. Used, but I think you might like it - kind of an urban fantasy type novel.
Thank you! Could you give me a link to your wishlist so that I can return the favor?

I don't mind used books at all... actually, I prefer them. New books are so expensive, especially when you read one per day like I do. :-(
I'd like to send something to you so please e-mail me your address! neonkitsune@gmail.com
I've added your list to my holiday wishes bookmarks as I can certainly send you a surprise. (I just need to figure out what surprise exactly)

Have a beautiful holiday season!
I want to send you a surprise...and while I'm at it, is there anything in particular your daughter would like...my daughter has Aspergers, as well as some other issues going on...so as one special needs mama to another I want to do something for you both.

Thank you, that would be wonderful! My daughters "things" are cats and Transformers. You could put an image or phrase that has to do with either one of them on anything and she'd love it, heh.

Could you link me to your wishlist?
Since you've asked, my widhlist is...

And cats and Transformers, huh...I think I can do something with that.

As for what I can piece together from your lists as regards your tastes, I think I can work on the theory that if I love something you will too...in fact, having looked at your wishroll, I have at least one of the imps you're looking for...and maybe even some ones you mightn't have considered...