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Hi everybody! I'm Sabrina. I hope through reading here I can make someone's holiday special, and i"d like to put in my wishlist as well. I'm from Ohio, in a long term relationship with two critter-children. (Nom, bearded dragon, and Sophie, a very fat tabby :) ) 

My wishlist
1) Surprises! Check my profile for ideas. I love surprises. I love mail! mail me a card.  Your cat's whisker... Ok that might be a bit of a waste of postage, for a whisker :P A care packages are nice  – a small box with interesting things that you think would be fun/nice/delightful/useful/engaging/pretty/etc.
2) Gift card for Walmart or Target
3) Something handmade. What is handmade? Well, make it bake it stick it in a jar. Crafts, knits, a card you created, etc. I think I'm the only person saying no mix tapes, I'm set in my musical ways. *stern look, giggle, fails*
4) An argyle sweater. Size 1 or 2 x. Heck, any nice sweaters that size, or size 22 or 24 pants/jeans.
5) Knitted arm warmers that cover my thumb and most of my fingers but let me type. Bonus if they are soft! I love home knitted goodies. <3
6) A queen size electric blanket.
7) Slippers. (Size 9 womens - I prefer a soft sole that is still durable, but flexable)
8) Someone to make me a LJ layout of my very own! (I can even supply images if you want, at very least let you use my photos)
9) Beer - Porters, Stouts, dark beers. I've been really wanting to try chocolate stouts/porters!
10) Petroleum Free Lipbalm.

Sabrina Shaw
1637 Cohassett Ave
Lakewood, OH

Aw, thank you! I hope to be able to mail out cards this year, depends how fast we hurry up and order from shutterfly...
I can make you a layout :) If you want some examples of what I can do, I made my own (just_chiara) and this one: killhannah. I work mainly with Flexble Squares. Let me know if you're interested. :)
Whoa I replied to you days ago and it didn't show up!!
Curse LJ's server move!!
your layouts are GORGEOUS. Should I provide you with pictures or a list of colors and things i"d like on it? I'm guessing you've done the graphics on your layouts also: they are better than anything I could do. O.o;;

I'm sorry for not checking back on this sooner: I should have. I instead trusted LJ to post my reply from my email like it always does. But didn't. :(
Don't worry. Livejournal's not behaving lately. I hope they'll fix it because it's annoying.

Anyway, yes, link me some pictures you'd like me to use, the colors and I don't know... the text you'd like on the header, if you want a sidebar or not and, well, anything else you can think of. :) I'll start working on it next week.
Well I"m on holiday right now, but if you'd like to put anything together, here's my ideas:

I'd like it to be sweet: Cupcakes, chocolates, truffles, anything decedant like that.
All shades of warm brown, robins' (tiffany) blue, warm baby pinks.

I love the floating text blocks you have on your journal, with the outline around it. That looks real sharp! I love antique, old, aged things. A lot of my photo effects end up having distressed grunge, grain, washed out colors etc. LIke polaroids.

If you'd like me to look at a few free stock pages when I get home on Sunday I can, unless you have a better idea. I have one picture of some truffles I recieved that would probably work well, but none of my cupcakes have ever been very noteworthy or attractive!! LOL.

Sidebar: yes please, I don't use the calendar but some way to look at my tags without it being very longwinded/taking up a lot of space would be great. I have a lot of tags....
On the header, unless you can think of something better, Sweet Kisses should work. :D

THank you so much for doing this for me! I'm so excited. Even if I am mad at livejournal's commentary right now. :( :(
They better fix it. I don't have enough memory/brains to keep rerembering where I posted to and stuff.

if you need anything else, comment back or email me @ jaguarspots@gmail.com if you don't trust LJ. :D

Hey, just wanted to let you know that I haven't forget about it. I've just been really busy, but I'll start working on it as soon as possible. I should be able to have it done by the end of the week. :)
It took me forever and I'm very sorry about it. But I'm finally done and I hope you like it. You can see a preview here: nomercy_nomore

» S2; Flexible Squares
» Free, Paid and Plus
» With sidebar
» Feel free to edit
» Images uploaded on tinypic.com, so no need to change the links

If there's something you'd like to change just let me know and I'll do my best. Otherwise, here's what you need to do to install it:

01. Go here and select Flexible Squares - Icy Blue. Save.
02. Go here. Select 'No' in all three the drop-down boxes.
03. Download the code here, copy and paste it in the textarea labeled Custom stylesheet and save.
04. (Optional) Customize text and sidebar.

And to apologize for being so late, I also made you a little Friends Only banner.
Aieee!!! its so perfect. Thank you so much :)

What a wonderful surprise. :D :D :D :D

And, you weren't late! CSS isn't the easiest I bet, it takes me forever to do just plain old school HTML. I'm so greatful, you could have taken well into feburary :P
i e-mailed you for your address, and didn't even think to look at your original post :) silly me!
Hi. I can make you something crafty..Gives me a reason to make something for someone..lol..please email me your address..Also add me on lj if you want to be friends. I have also uploaded my wishlist there too:)
Aw, yay crafty things! :) My address should be on this post, but if not, i'll put it here:

Sabrina Shaw
1637 Cohassett Ave
Lakewood, OH

and I shall add you to my LJ at once :)Friends are wonderbar!