Tis the season!

I’m Morgaine; girl-shaped and 26 years old. I’ve been doing holiday wishes since it started, and I’m aiming again at reaching the same goal I have every year of granting 100 Wishes!
Here are my 10 for this year...

1. Donate To Your Local Food Bank
Especially specialty items for those with food allergies. Gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, nut-free, soy free, etc.

2. Go Vegetarian For A Day
Take a day to focus on your fruits, veggies, and grains and educate yourself on where your meat comes from and how it’s been treated! I know some people look at videos put out by PETA for example and think it’s all just overly dramatized or a case of one or two exceptionally bad videos getting a lot of playtime. Having worked on a chicken factory farm in the past and grown up on a livestock farm I can say that this is pretty standard treatment of your future Chicken McNuggets and Big Macs.

3. Knitting Stuff
I knit hats and scarves for Project Warm-Up where all the items are given to the homeless and women and children in need, so I can always use more yarn! Any amount, type, or colors welcome. Also knitting needles. I only have one pair.

4. LJ Friends
Because I’d like to have an active friends list again. A lot of the people I’ve known online for the last 5+ years have kind of drifted away.

5. Tourist Kitsch or Information About Places In Europe
It’s my goal to spend six months in 2012 backpacking through Europe – I’d love any pictures, items, or articles to help give me ideas of places to visit! So far I’ve planned to working my way first through Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, and then drop down into France, work my way into Italy, and somehow get up to Ukraine and Russia. So anything or information from those countries is especially appreciated. Or if you’re from a different European country and think I should go there, tell me why!

6. Fantasy Stuff
I love faeries and goblins (think Brian Froud), dragons, unicorns, and pretty much any type of magical creature you’d find from any of those classic 80’s fantasy films like Legend, Neverending Story, and Labyrinth.

7. Star Ornaments
Any five-pointed or seven-pointed star ornaments. I hang them up on my wall in place of having no photos to put up.

8. "A Little Princess" on DVD
I recently started watching clips of this on youTube and started bawling. It's been years since I've seen it and it's a beautiful movie!
EDIT TO CLARIFY: The 1995 version: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113670/

9. Queer Stuff
Rainbow colored buttons, stickers, an old pride flag maybe you don’t want anymore – anything really! GLBT book recommendations are welcome too.

10. Holiday Mail
Cards, postcards, notes, letters – anything really! I don’t have any blood-related family and I’m estranged from my adoptive family, so I don’t get much mail in general.

For Cards:
Morgaine Lhiannán Angelowe
2700 W. Maplewood Ave. Apt. #203
Bellingham, WA 98225
United States

For Packages (a different address so the people at my apartment complex don't steal them):
Morgaine Lhiannán Angelowe
c/o Butterfly LIFE
2460 James St.
Bellingham, WA 98225
United States
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4. Would you like to be friends? I admit that my journal isn't the most cheerful thing to read at the moment, but I always like new friends.
Seconded - I'm not always the happiest person around, but would you like to be friends with me, too? :)
Sure! We've got some things in common in interests, and it sounds like we've got a strong love of certain musicians in common as well (I'm a David Bowie freak).
I would very much like to be LiveJournal friends, if you'd be interested. You can read a bit about me in my userinformation, but if there's anything more that you want to know before deciding then please don't hesitate to ask. I'd love to send you some mail as well. Are you at all interested in perhaps receiving a text of essays on gender identity as related to the genderqueer?
I can do the vegetarian thing. I have already changed my diet pretty drastically because some of the processed stuff and chemicals make me ill. I am probably a vegetarian eater 2 days out of the week and all of the meat that I buy comes from local farming sources so I know they aren't confined and abused.

And if you would like me for an LJ friend, I'm game! ^_^
This isn't exactly your wish but have you read 'A Little Princess' it's way more awesome than the movie, and like you I used to love that film.

Here's the link if you want to check it out http://tinyurl.com/5owgk6

My LJ is 100 per cent fanfiction. The fandoms are The Secret Garden and Buffy (Giles centric) if you want to read that type of thing than do please friend me and I'll friend back.
I just have to say that I am in awe of your goal to grant 100 wishes... I wish more people would make that a goal (I think my average is about 50 a year) :)

That's just inspiring!
Already doing no 2 on a regular basis ;) Other than that, I'd be glad to send you a card!
If you're planning to stop in Cork, in the southwest of Ireland, drop me a line and I'll tell you where the good food is and where you can find music every night of the week!
I can do Vegetarian for a day. During the week I try my best to eat Vegetarian so I can handle this.

I can send you a card but it will be in late december is that okay?
#4 - would you like to be LJ friends?
#10 - a card is coming your way :)
Okay, queer book recommendation...I would have to say STIR-FRY by Emma Donoghue was the best book I ever read. It was the book that helped me come out when I was 13, and I read it all the time. It's a little hard to get, as it's out of print, but often you can find a used copy on amazon.com.
I added you to my friend's list. I don't often post much this time of year, as I'm up to my ears in Christmas knitting and such, but after the first of the year I'll be an active poster/commenter.
I've been vegetarian for 14+ yrs worth of days, and been eating largely vegan for most of those. :)
I wanted to say that your goal of 100 wishes is amazing! I wish you the best of luck!

Sadly, I can't do a whole lot on your list except for number two. I live with a vegetarian so we try our best everyday to find good dishes that are meat free!
You're talking about the Shirley Temple "Little Princess", right?

Can you play a burned copy? (I'm a little loathe to part with my copy... I love it too!)
'Allo again. :-) I remember you from last year...and while I can't do much to repay the favor this year, with your wishes, I can certainly offer my friendship. I'm not quite sure why we didn't friend each other last time, actually...

Oh, and one of my friends has a fairly impressive GLBT book and movie library...I can collect a long list of recommendations from him, I'm sure, if you like. :-)
Hello again! I'd be delighted to have you as a part of the FriendsList, and I always welcome book recommendations. my GLBT library is relatively small, so I'm always happy to find new things to read. :)
1. I will donate some dairy free food the next time I go to the grocery store. Diabetic cookies would probably be a good thing too. Thanks for the good idea!

2. Vegetarian for 14 years and vegan for nearly two. I try to encourage everyone to eat less meat even if they don't want to stop altogether because every little bit helps.

3. This is on my list too! I think I'll be able to send a set of knitting needles that I have 2 sets of. If I can't find them then I have some yarn to share.

4. I would be glad to be friends with you if your interested. I haven't been very active over the last year but I'm trying to change that and we seem to have some things in common!

9. GLBT book recs- I love the Donald Strachey Mysteries by Richard Stevenson, although they're difficult to find. Also, The Nightrunners series by Lynn Flewelling is really good. It's in the fantasy genre so you might enjoy it. And The Charioteer by Mary Renault is a classic.

10. And I'll send a card too.
1. Awesome!

2. I totally envy your ability to be able to go vegan. I have celiac disease and I'm allergic to corn syrup so I haven't tried switching over yet. I'm really nervous about losing the few options I already have.

3> Yay for knitting!

4. That would be awesome, I'll add you to my friendslist - and your icon wins, btw. I lovelovelove QAF.

9. Merci! I haven't read any of those yet.

10. I shall keep my eyes posted on the mailbox!

Can you link me up to your list please?
I actually went vegan because I suddenly developed a severe dairy allergy so I just decided to go all the way. I thought it would be difficult for me because I was such a picky eater before but it's been surprisingly easy. I must admit that cheese was my favorite food but I don't miss it anymore.

I'm in the very beginning of learning to knit. I've only just started to learn the basics so my knitting portfolio consists of two completed scarves and a snowman I made out of the white yarn I was practicing with!

You have been added. I tend to comment more than post in my journal but I'm definitely going to post more in 2009 than I did this year.

And so, here is my wishlist, http://community.livejournal.com/holiday_wishes/1388661.html
Thanks for looking.
i'd like to add your journal if you don't mind, you sound so interesting!

and i could send you a postcard, too! :) ♥
9. I have a long fringed rainbow scarf that I bought because it's so bright and happy, but I never wear it because it's a little less soft than I would like. (It's 100% wool, so nothing scary about it, but wool tends to make me itch.) If you would like or can use it, I'll gladly send it!

(Since you included your address, it would probably be easiest to leave me a comment, but my email is celeria at gmail dot com if you do need to email me.)
Oh my gosh, I would be delighted to have a rainbow scarf! I had one a friend knitted for me a couple years ago and it literally fell apart on me last month from so much wear.
I took your package to the post office today, so it should arrive in a mostly-timely fashion. (I say this with a low amount of confidence as I recently ordered something from Amazon and the USPS sent it to me in Pennsylvania from Pennsylvania by way of California.) But it's on its way (to the James Street address)!
I'd love to send a card and something rainbow: I started to make some gay pride jewelry but am not sure how good it is. I'd love to send you one if you want and see what you think of it. They have tiny female or male symbols on them. Just let me know which one you'd want. And I'll put you on my card list since you put your address here.
5) I would really recommend checking out Bucharest, Romania. It's a beautiful city, but relatively inexpensive. (When I was there in 2002, you could get a pretzel from a street vendor for the equivalent of about five cents. It might be different now that they've switched to the Euro, so YMMV.)