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I had never heard of this comm before a friend of mine linked me to her list, and it has been very heartening to read some of the simple things people wish for. I hope that I can fulfill some of them, it's always nice to be randomly good.

A little about us and our situation, as it seems to be standard: I'm living with/caring for my disabled mother, and am currently out of work, so the holidays are kind of stripped down this year. Fortunately, we live near some woods, so I can go out searching for pine cones, holly sprigs, and the like to make cheap decorations. ^_^ My main goal for the holidays is to make my mom happy, even without the traditional presents and goodies, so that's why I'm posting this list. Well, that, and a few things to keep me sane.

1. Christmas Cards This may seem a bit silly, but I am tacking up cards all over the dining room wall as a colorful reminder of the holidays. Goofy, but happy-making. Say something nice, something goofy, even something perverse (but not addressed to my elderly mother, please!), or say nothing at all... whatever you like. Or doodle, if words fail you. On New Year's Eve, I'm taking a picture of the wall and posting it for the world to see.

2. Origami Decorations For a little tabletop tree we have, because origami is pretty, and paper is cheap and plentiful. Especially wrapping paper. Also, origami is an awesome skill, one I could never master.

3. Nine Inch Nails MP3s This one's for my sanity, so I have work out music. Other bands are okay, but NIN always made me work harder. I used to have every CD, but lost them somewhere in Germany. My email address is below, to send a link or the file itself.

4. PC-compatible Microphone I've been wanting to record music for a while now, but the only mic I have is on an old headset, and even cleaned up, the sound quality is ridiculous.

5. Actiontec M1000 DSL modem Since my mom retired, she's had serious problems dealing with the dial-up connection (work spoiled her with T1), and while we can afford the basic service, the modem is way too expensive. And yeah, I know it is pretty specific, but Qwest is oddly uptight about modems.

6. A Job Pathetic, I know, and something a lot of people are wishing for this year. Probably more of a prayer than a wish. I sorted/shelved/packed books for years, and am all about customer service... not sure what that qualifies me for, except work in libraries and book stores.

7. Random Niceness Probably no explanation needed, but I will explain anyway. This is a grumpy time of year, and I've never figured out why. If everyone would just do one or two nice things for strangers each day, in the spirit of the holidays, I think most people's moods would improve a lot. Not big things, like, "Here, have a house," (unless you're a billionaire, then by all means *raises hand*) but little things like holding an elevator or a door or letting someone with two items go ahead of you in line. Or being extra nice to store clerks, they have a rough time of it during the holiday madness.

8. Shelter Animals If you're going to get a pet for the holidays, please consider getting one at your local shelter. They're just as good as any pet store pet, and desperately need good homes. Shelters are perpetually hard up for funds and volunteers, too. *hint*

9. Musical Instruments A big wish, thrown in spur-of-the-moment. I had to sell mine off (except my cello, he gets buried with me), and now am really missing being able to sit down and learn how to play things. Anything will be loved, from a plastic kazoo to a Stradivarius, because all things musical are 100% awesome.

Well, I guess it's time for the contact information:
A Dawn Rae (or Miss Lily, my mom)
9515 N Kalmar St.
Portland OR 97203-1010
email: klompfer@gmail.com
8.) We just adopted a golden retriever/shepherd mix two weeks ago from a local rescue.

Did that ^_^ I adopted an animal from the shelter 4 years ago, a sweet tortie feline named Morgan. unfortunately she's having skin problems on her muzzle that I'm trying to work out and she's already had a depo shot... dermatitis.

but she is the best cat I have ever had. loving, laid back, and not a problem in the least. i was so glad to adopt someone who's slightly older than a kitten! And morgan's special...

If something happens and if she has to be put to sleep, I probably won't adopt another one in a few years until my finances improve. but if or when I do, I will definitely adopt again.

i also used to volunteer at the shelter. it was a nice job, but something seemed lacking... i guess socially. That's one thing I can and already granted you. and i did encourage some others to adopt from the shelter too.
Aw, torties are awesome, my mom has one and she's just the most amusing cat I've ever met, a total goofball. My first was also a tortie, not a shelter cat, I found her about to get run over. Somebody left her and her littermate in a box on the street! They weren't even old enough to be properly weaned. I always try to promote shelters, so people won't go and do things like that.
i can send you all the nine inch nails you want. any particular cd you want uploaded first?

That would be completely awesome! I especially love Pretty Hate Machine. My brother just told me he got me With Teeth for Christmas (breaking the no presents rule, naughty him), so it's a banner day all around.
with teeth is my favorite album lucky you. ummm my email addy is shellasaurusrex@gmail.com so send me some mail
Oh, that would be lovely! Paper cranes are the only origami thing I've ever made even partly successfully. And my mom loves all things birdy. Thank you.
2. Is there any particular type or color of origami decorations you are looking for? I'd be glad to make you some. Just email me at my username at gmail with a link to this post and any types you'd like! :)

6. Best of luck!

7. Working on this one each day. Thank you!

8. My family adopted two cats from the ASPCA this time last year. They were at the shelter a long time, but have relearned how to be cats again and are wonderful.
2. No particular type or color, that I know of. I just know that she digs origami, and loves the two that a friend of hers made for her years ago. Anything you can make would be awesome.

6. Thank you! Well wishes are about all I am hoping for on that one, so it's nice to get some.

7. Hooray! I'll pass that on, it will make mom happy to know that people actually try to do it.

8. ^_____^ ♥!
2. Okay, cool. Does she have any favorite colors or textures? Or any colors she avoids?

6-8. You're welcome!
She seems to be fond of blues and other cool colors, but the only color she doesn't care for is black (thinks it's depressing). Textures? I have no idea. The ones her friend made were just random-patterned wrapping paper, as far as I can tell. Wow, you're really putting some thought into it! Thank you, that's very sweet.
I've sent some decorations and such your way. They should arrive within 3-5 days. If you or your mom really like a model, let me know and I may be able to send more. Happy Holidays!
Hi! I got your card in the mail; thank you very much! You're quite welcome for the origami and I hope you and your mom had a wonderful Christmas!
We did; it was awesome. I'm glad you liked the card, I got it out kind of late, so am relieved that it arrived safe and sound.
I can send you a card.

8) I adopted my cat from a shelter a little over a year ago, she's 5 and I'm looking into getting a dog from a shelter, I haven't had that much luck because I need a small dog and all the shelters I have around me have large or medium dogs and on the off chance they get the small dog in, it's adopted pretty quickly before I even get a chance to get down there, but I'm not giving up hope
Thank you!

I hope you can find a small dog that suits you. I don't know where you live, but I'm thinking not around here, because there are usually small dogs at the local HS. I'll send you good doggie-finding vibes. ♥
Expect some holiday cheer in the mail from Las Vegas.

#6 definitely not pathetic - You are in my prayers to get a job soon.

Happy Holidays! ^_^
Yay for random niceness! My mom thinks it is very cool that people are actually going for it.

HuzzaH for shelter pets... and for the ones that never needed a shelter.
I have a question about the modem you would need, since we used to have Qwest. Would it be okay if it were used? And would you need the disk and everything that came with it as well? Beucase I'm really not sure if we have all of it anymore (I'm so bad at keeping those things) but I can take a look if you would like and see what I can do.

Also, I would be more than happy to send you a card! Would it be okay if it doesn't get sent until after christmas? (I fail so hard at sending anything out on time this year.)
Oh, man, I think we'd be overjoyed with a used modem, with or without a disc! I wouldn't have expected anyone to go out and buy one for us, anyway. I'm bad about keeping stuff like that, too, always looking for the instructions and installation materials... so I've gotten pretty good at rigging things creatively.

Cards are awesome any time, after the holidays, postcards are even better. Which reminds me, I should actually get around to making out some Christmas cards soon. *lol*
Actually, quite a few people have sent me NIN stuff, and a friend who has almost everything has offered to let me borow whatever I want, so I'm absolutely good on that.

I'll go leave my address, thank you!
1. I can do this!!
3. If you still need them, I have Pretty Hate Machine, With Teeth, and The Downward Spiral.
1. Awesome, thank you!

3. I think I now have more NIN than I know what to do with. Even some stuff I've never heard before. Thank you for the offer, though.
It's been a few months, but we got a kitty from the loca Humane Society to keep our newly adopted stray company. I can tell the Humane Society is in need of funds, because while all our other shelter cats came to us healthy, poor Magi Ann had to get treated for ring worms and tape worms. :( :P I got a funding request from the HS, so I'm definitely going to donate. The poor kitties need medicine!
I can grant #1 and maybe even #2 if I can find some books on Origami while I am at the library today, I can't guarantee fancy paper, but I can give it a try :-D
Did you want me to add ribbons to hang them with or will you just be placing them in the tree?
Oh, I have more than enough hanging implements, if need be. Most are light enough to just balance on a branch, no problem.