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Merry Winterthing, everyone. I'm late to the train, as usual, but here's my list in case anyone wants to grant! (I've participated for a couple years in a row now.) I'll be going through the lists shortly to see what wishes I can grant. Thanks, everyone.

1. Something from one of my wish lists. I have it split into sections; check the left sidebar. Used items are absolutely accepted. ^_^

2. Green tea Pocky. It's my favorite, hands down.

3. A decent bed frame for a twin mattress. I'm sleeping on the floor right now! Used is just fine.

4. A chest of drawers (or dresser) like this one.

5. A job in New York City that pays at least $30,000 per year! I'm working on this one myself, of course, but well wishes will certainly help my self esteem. ^_^;;;

6. A ticket to Equus on Broadway, closing February 4th.

7. A digital camera. A long shot, I know, but I'm tired of taking pictures with a camera phone. I can always hope, right?

8. A ticket to see RENT on Tour. I live in the New York City area, so somewhere in the North East would be great; I can take a bus/train/whatever. I never got to see it on Broadway and have regretted it big time.

9. Unused postage stamps, any denomination. I tend to run out because I like sending snail mail.

10. Speaking of snail mail... Snail mail! I would like to check the mail and get something besides bills for once, if you know what I mean.

And now for the contact information:
Viannah Duncan
8732 20th Ave.
2nd Floor Front
Brooklyn, NY 11214


Thanks again, everyone!
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Twilight2000, mod
1. I can send you Bend It Like Beckham from your amazon wishlist, it's used but in great condition.

10. I can send you a card for snail mail, that's basically all.

And I think that's all I can do for now, if I can find the green tea pocky, I'll send you a box.

I think I miht be able to send you something from your Amazon might take me a week or two, but I think I can manage it.
Oh! And before I forget...and so that I don't forget, if you could email me with Holiday Wishes in the header, and a link to your list in the body to katewoolard AT hotmail DOT com
I can send you a card and if I happen upon green tea pocky again, I will send a box or two.
I got your card, thanks! :) I wrote one out to send to you in return.