My first ever wishlist!

This is the first time I am participating in this community and what a great idea! I have already been able to grant three wishes on here and I still have a bunch of posts to go through!

If you are able to grant me a wish please post here or email me at: If you need my mailing address I will email it to you. Thanks and have a great holiday season!

  1. Giftcards- to places I love to eat: Subway, Steak n' Shake, Chilli's or fuel cards
  2. TV on DVD-any of the following shows on DVD (need not be new!)-Nash Bridges, JAG, ER, The West Wing, The Flintstones, Tom & Jerry
  3. Speed/Rory Cochrane Wallpapers for my computer-I love Speed aka Rory Cochrane as you can see! I'm always looking for new wallpapers of him for my computer to drool over! It can be either his character from CSI: Miami (Tim Speedle) or Rory himself. I have tons of pictures if you need them just let me know!
  4. Books-I absolutely love historical fiction and read the SPQR series by John Maddox Roberts. I have the first four so any after that would be awesome! They are quite cheap to buy on amazon used.
  5. Magazine Subscription-to one of the following magazines Parents or Parenting which I used to have and loved since I have two young children.
  6. Candy or something from your part of the world-I love to travel and since I don't have the money right now I'd love to get something from your part of the world! (got this idea from [info]stringdancegirl so thanks!)
  7. DKNY Be Delicious or Red Delicious perfume. I just love both of them!
  8. Puppy-yep, I know it's a major stretch but I want a puppy for the kids (and for me!). I'd love a poodle (which I used to have, RIP Midnite), Shih Tzu, Maltese anything tiny and cute!
  9. Calendar for next year 2010-due to my OCD I cannot buy calendars for the next year until it is that year and most of the good ones are gone! But if someone gives me one I'm fine, lol! Yes, it's OCD and it sucks. But I'd love to have a Snoopy, Precious Moments, or History Channel calendar.
  10. Trip to Canada-well we all have our big wishes! I so badly want to go back to Quebec! But I'd settle for anywhere in Canada-just me and hubby!
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I have a Parents magazine subscription that I am not using. I got it for my sister but she was already receiving it. It expires in October 2010. I could attempt to change the name and address to yours to see if it worked.

Send me an email ( with your name, address and an email address and I will see if I can change it.

I just checked and it won't let me change it for just Parents magazine. I have four other subscriptions with the same company and if I change the name and address it will change it for all four. :( I'm sorry.

Edited at 2009-11-16 02:48 am (UTC)
Ah thank you so much! Sure thing, will email it to you now and please email me back yours so I can get the House DVD's to you!
I made this forever ago.

Now when I look at it I think it looks crappy, but at the time I thought it was pretty awesome. That probably has more to do with me than the wallpaper. >.>

If you pick out pictures, I will try to make you a wallpaper.
I like it and will use it, thanks! I can send you a few pictures if you wouldn't mind making another for me? Let me know where to send!
Sure, what's your email or do you want me to send it as a message on here?
I'd love to have some! Icons and wallpapers would be great! Thank you!