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Hello everybody! I cannot believe that this year is almost over!
My list
1. Gift certificates for jbox.com
2. Cards and mix CDs.
3. Foreign candy (non U.S)
4. Pennies from the machines in which it imprints a design on the penny. I have ones from the Houston Natural Science Museum, the Houston Zoo and some place called Monarch Crest in Colorado. I think I have more, I will check this week.
5. Donate to the World Parrot Trust.

My Email- jennimac at email dot com
I'd love to add you to my holiday card list! Could you email me your address and username if you are interested? Beccasee@live.com
Oh I'd love to send you a pressed penny or two for your collection. I'll be at Walt Disney World on the 22nd, so I'll get some then.

Drop me an email at webmaster(at)giveneyestosee.com with your livejournal user name and snail mail address and I'll make sure to get something out to you. :)

Have a beautiful holiday season!
I can send you pressed pennies from Utah and a card. Send me an email at felonsdictation@aol.com with your username if you're interested. :]
I have a penny I can send you from my trip to NYC. email me your address with penny in the subject. sacredxdarling@hotmail.com
I can get you a couple pennies from Bronner's Christmas Wonderland if you'd like. Send me a shipping address: schwarzfiles@aol.com. Please put "penny" in the subject line.
drop me a pm with your addy and ill drop a card in the mail for ya :)