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Hi, my name is Samantha, I'm 33 and live in North Las Vegas Nevada. This is my first time posting here. This and last year were pretty hard on us, I'm disabled as is my mom. We're getting out of the worst of our financial problems but while we're hoping to get presents for everyone we can't get anything for each other so mostly this is stuff I want for her.

1. Sketch pads. My mom loves to draw and is always in need of paper

2. Other art supplies. Sketch pencils, colored pencils, erasers, sharpeners. She goes through a lot of everything as she sketches about 10 pages a day.

3. Harper's Island on DVD. She loved this show so much and really wanted to be able to buy it.

4. Markers. She likes to draw with markers but they're too expensive for her.

5. Slippers. She needs a nine extra wide. Her slippers are really old and we haven't been able to find an extra wide pair that actually fits her well. She has non healing wounds on her leg which cause her feet to swell quite a bit.

And now for stuff I'd like

6. A sephora gift card. I know this is asking for a lot.

7. Black or brown shoes size 8.5. I prefer slip on. Right now I have on pair of shoes that I wear with everything.

8. Dog or cat toys. My dog is constantly losing her tennis balls and LOVES stuffed toys. She's a small breed (nine pound pekingese)

9. Makeup brushes from Sigmamakeup.com I'm always in need of new makeup brushes.

10. Soaps, shower gels and massage bars from Melt and Lush. I'm fine with any scents.

Thjanks, and I hope to be able to grant some wishes too.
I'd love to send a few of these things. Could I have your address?