Wishin' and Hopin'

Hey everyone :) I've been reading for a few days and granting wishes where I can. This is my second year in this community and I really think it's awesome.

My name is Kate and I'm 23 years old. I'm in Washington DC right now and in my first year of grad school. I'm really enjoying it so far, though I am pretty far from my family which is a little bit of a bummer around the holidays. And so... the wishes :) (I'd also like to add here that I understand most of us don't have a ton of extra money this season and that if anyone is able to grant one of my wishes but unable to pay for shipping, I would be VERY happy to cover any shipping costs. I hope that's allowed to say.)

1) My biggest wish is for Christmas/Holiday cards and/or postcards of any kind (they need not be Christmas/Holiday postcards :-D). Because I just moved here in August I am trying to cover my living room wall with postcards, but so far I only have 8, so it looks kind of sad. Holiday cards would also go on the wall since I am very much a Holidays-year-round person... it's impossible to not be cheerful while looking at snowmen :)

2) I used to live in Paris, and am very much homesick for Europe. Because of this, I would really LOVE anything French that you might have laying around. I think a lot of people might be stunned by what I think is awesome :-P French books (or even textbooks), pictures of france, pictures of paintings from french museums, posters of france, mini Eiffel Tower keychains, a recipe for creme brulee, french magazines, biographies of famous french people, french music etc... there is really nothing anyone could possibly send me that I wouldn't love.

3) A kitten. I've wanted a kitten for a few years now, but am finally in a place where I can actually support one, am confident I'm not going to be moving soon, and my building allows pets. If anyone is in the Washington DC area and has a kitten that would be ready to go to a good home around the middle of January, I would be very happy to take one or a set of siblings. Unfortunately I can't take one immediately since I think this would be irresponsible- I'm going home for the holidays and wouldn't want to leave a new pet alone for that long with a cat sitter.

4) DVDs. A lot of lucky people have begun to upgrade to BluRay. I am not one of those people, and would love any DVDs that you have either upgraded, or that you just no longer watch. Any genre, including TV on DVD would be awesome. I have been meaning to expand my film horizons :)

5) A few bags of your favorite teas. I am always trying new flavors of tea... I have a huge drawer full of boxes of tea and individual tea bags. I drink at least a cup a day and will try anything...I love black teas, white teas, herbal teas, flavored teas... really I think it is all great :)

6) For people to give at least one sincere compliment a day to someone else. I think if people really realized how much a random compliment can do for someone who's having a bad day, we would all compliment each other more.

7) Costume Jewelry that you no longer wear.

8) Rubber Duckies. A bit silly, I know, but I have a collection of 17 currently and am always looking to add to it :)

9) Shameful, but if anyone has any old, trashy romance novels that they're not going to read again, those would be awesome to recieve. They are sort of my guilty pleasure.

10) Surprise me. I love surprises and am always astounded by the creativity of others, so go for it :)

Please comment or email love@u.northwestern.edu if you can grant any of my wishes. I hope everyone is having a really safe and fantastic holiday season!!!!
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Would you care to PM me your address? I can grant a couple of these wishes :)
You commented on my post and I forgot to ask for your address. I can definitely send you a card and maybe something else. :)

You can PM me your address or email me at abw92@hotmail.com.
I can do a postcard, if you can send me your address and what I promised to saku-rose (AT) hotmail (DOT) com
Man, if you weren't going home for the holidays, I'd tell you to visit WARL and get a kitten there. They are adopting them out for free through the end of the year and they're really good folks, from what I hear.
id like to grant your wishes please email me with a link to your wishlist and your address: janeknox01@hotmail.com

thank you,
I'd love to send you a card and some tea. Can you drop me a line at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com with "Holiday Wishes: Card and Tea" in the Subject and your addy in the body?
Address please! :)

Send to MissSims82 AT gmail DOT com with your username in the subject line.
Hi Kate, I would love to send you a card. email worstxintentions at gmail dot com with the subject "holiday wishes - card" and your address.
Ican send you a card and, since I was just in Paris in Septemeber, I would be happy to send you a few photos, as well. Just send your address and a reminder of what I promised to auralily2000 at yahoo.com.
I can send a card.

Please send me a PM with your address. Also please put Holiday Wishes: Card in the subject line.
drop me a pm with your addy and ill send you a postcard.

if your looking for anymore lj friends, fell free to add