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Hiiiiiii (:

My name is Adri and this is my first time participating in this community. My best friend told me about it, I checked it out, and well... here I am! I think this is such a neat idea! :D I'm really excited about it!

As for a little about me-- I'm 26 years old, live in Florida, teach high school English and Intensive Reading, and will be starting a doctoral program in January with a major in Human Resource Development. I love anything school related, obviously... lol. The most important things in my life are these: my family, my friends, and my career. These three drive my everyday and give me the strength and motivation I need in these tough times.

And now along to my wish list...

I wish, I wish....

1. Holiday Cards & Postcards!!!! I looooooove receiving snail mail... the non-bill type -lol- and unfortunately, I rarely receive it. So I'd be more than appreciative of any cards that I receive this holiday season.

2. Books-- Specifically books for my 6 y/o nephew and Young Adult novels. My nephew LOVES books but I can't afford to buy him many. He's learning to read therefore any book that you may have lying around that is appropriate for his age group is highly appreciated. As for the young adult books, I mentioned I teach high school and sadly, our school does not have the funds to build a GOOD classroom library. Honestly, the books I have are very low interest and I'd like any good books that young adults will enjoy. My goal every year is to develop good readers in my classroom and it's especially difficult when you're lacking the materials ):

3. Anything from my amazon wish list

4. Scrapbooking Materials... I love scrapbooking but it can get expensive. I am currently working on a scrapbook with my little mentee from Big Brothers Big Sisters so anything appropriate for "sisters" or girlie would be awesome! I'm also working on a Travel scrapbook so anything really would be highly appreciated!!!!

5. A Donation to World Vision- or any other charitable organization...
* World Vision- I have two sponsored children and every year I like to make an additional holiday gift to each of them but things are looking tough this year ='( I ask that if you're planning on donating to any organization, that you please take a look at this website... this is the link to their gift catalog where children and their families can be provided with so many items that will help improve their life. Please, please, please consider this.

6. OPI nail polish =D I am obsessed with nail polish! My fave colors are reds, purples, pinks, and black but any color is fine!

7. Pens! I have an odd obsession with pens. I would be SUPER grateful for any pen! I don't care what color it is or anything! I love pens =)

8. Paid LJ Account- Mine expires in January and I'd love extra paid time. I LOVE LJ!

9. Stamps- I use a LOT of $0.44 and $0.98 stamps and it's really expensive to keep buying them. I'd appreciate any stamps that you may have lying around.

10. Surprise Me!!!!!!! :DDD Anything will be appreciated!

My e-mail is itsadrixx@gmail.com

My address is:

Adri Guevara
P.O. Box 28545
Hialeah, FL 33002

Feel free to contact me there!

I look forward to getting you know you all and to try to make some wishes come true. Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!! <3
OHAI. You know I'll be sending you a card and some love. I MISS YOU FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME!
I gifted you 2 months paid time :)
You should be receiving an email from livejournal soon to confirm!
Happy Holidays ♥
I love World Vision, I donate to them a lot and I did their 30 hour famines.

I can send you a holiday card and books (I should have some for both your nephew and young adult books, I have to check and see what I have. Oh I can do pens too.

That would be great! I'm so glad!!! And I'm so happy you donate to World Vision <3 They're amazing!

My address is:

Adri Guevara
P.O. Box 28545
Hialeah, FL 33002

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate it!
id like to grant your wishes please email me with a link to your wishlist and your address: janeknox01@hotmail.com

thank you,
I have some scrapbooky stuff you're welcome to, and I'd love to send you a card. Can you drop me a line at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com with "Holiday Wishes: Scrapbooking and Card" in the Subject and your addy in the body?
I'll send you a card, and I always buy at least one gift a year for someone from World Vision ^_^
drop me a pm with your snail mail and ill see what i can do for ya :)