Greetings and Salutations!

Hi All, my name is Christina. This is my second year posting, and I'm so excited that it's the holiday season again! Changes in my life since last year: we're living on a different military base and we now have a little one to love on and care for. :) Thanks for reading my list; I'll be keeping an eye out for those I can gift to, and I'm going through the back entries for this year, too! I hope everyone is doing well this year!

1. Baby boy clothing - Edward is almost four months old, and he could really use some clothes for the upcoming months. Especially pajamas!

2. Any books. I'm a full out bibliophile and if you have a book you don't want, I would love to give it a home! I'll read any fiction, and also love history and theology. My favorite authors are Anne Rice, Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, and Jack Kerouac. Particularly, I'm looking to expand on my Kerouac and Kurt Vonnegut collections.

3. Music! Again, just about anything. You can reference my LastFM if you like. I'm especially looking out for The Editors, Transiberian Orchestra, Paul Simon, The Killers' Day and Age album, and any classical. Ooh! And The Pixies and Jeff Buckley... If you're not against it, I'm okay with burned music. :)

4. Blank cd's. If you have any lying around...

5. Knitting stuff. I've been meaning to give knitting a go, but haven't gotten the supplies yet.

6. Cillian Murphy - I understand if you can't attain the man himself, but I would have a happy little freakout over anything pertaining to him. Pictures, movies, magazine interviews...

7. Cameo jewelry. I love cameos, by themselves or on jewelry.

8. Christmas Cards - Who doesn't love getting them?!

9. Your prayers - I'm trying to keep an eye out for them, but I might miss seeing some of them. If you have any prayers or well-wishes you need or want, I am totally up to praying with you or for you, so just throw a message my way!

10. Our family's prayers - If you are so inclined, could you please pray for our family? That my husband gets transferred to his base of preference, that our little one stays healthy and happy, and that I can be the mother and wife that they need me to be. Also, for my mom, sisters and their families, who are all in different places in life, but all need love and support in some way or another.

Thank you so much! You can PM me or e-mail me if the spirit moves you. :)
id like to grant your wishes please email me with a link to your wishlist and your address:

thank you,
I'd love to send you a card. Can you drop me a line at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com with "Holiday Wishes: Card" in the Subject and your addy in the body?
I'm gonna need your address :)

MissSims82 AT gmail DOT com Please include your username in the subject line.
I could send you a Christmas card, e-mailing for your address!

2. do you like harry potter? do you read fanfic? do you mind reading stuff online? if would be interested i can send you a link to a wonderful harry potter fan fic

drop me your snail mail addy in a pm and ill add you to the card list.