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My friendsinicallytwsted and artemishi reminded me by their post that it's time for the Holiday Wishlist meme again. Yay! Have you posted yours yet?

This is the first year I am doing this, mainly because I am getting evil looks from some.. *cough* sin *cough*

1. I like originally made items as gifts. It could be a card, drawing, something. Its unique, and things like that are always a special surprise.

2. Anything…Catwoman.. Shocker right?! I know I have a lot of stuff.. Maybe toooo much, but any kind of Catwoman like gift I get, that person gets MAJOR cool points ;)

3. Cute earrings. I have multiple piercings.. I need new earrings..

4. An English Bulldog!!! GIMME!

5. Pin ups art prints. Me like hot girls?

6. Surprise me!

7. New friends! I love to play video games online on the xbox 360, or ps3, or even on FB. :)

8. Good Karma. Sending good karma my way is always nice :)

9. I’m lame I know. I could also use any of the DC Direct Ame-Comi that I do now own. I only have the two Cabwoman’s and the first batgirl.

10.Candles. i love all kinds!

If you need details about anything, message me? Yay?
My email address is comicbookgurl@gmail.com
I got a Scottish girl photo made into a tee shirt! Etsy is awesome for having people make stuff for you there. I got buttons for like 5$ from there!
Ooooh, another Catwoman fan!

I have some things in mind that would fill some of the items on your wishlist :)

It's been a couple years since I've done anything on Holiday Wishes...

Do I email you? Do you email me? I can't remember, lol.
I ACTUALLY have a Alex Horley print signed by Stacy Walker if you're interested..

shoot me your info at demmigoddess at yahoo.com
I'll have it sent out HOPEFULLY before Tuesday because I'm going out of town for a week then. If not, it'll be as soon as I get back :)
My apologies.. I JUST now got settled back into town.. but it's wrapped up and should be going out this weekend... :)
Awww! I look on petfinder all the time. :) Its mainly convincing someone else that we should get one ;)

It would give me an excuse to visit ya! hehehe
I'd LOVE to become friends! I've been looking for that myself and getting to know more people :)
Could I add you? I look forward to getting to know you! :)
#1 I can add you to my ATC list. ^_^ Maybe I will find some catwoman or pin-up picture to use. ;)
Could you please eMail me (blazespirit@gmail.com) your address and make sure to put Holiday Wishes and your username in the subject line. :)