My Wish List?

Okay I'm completely new to this journal. This is my 2nd journal my main one is Angelsk8s. I haven't really used it alot lately. I'm 24, married to a soldier, and I live in the coldest part of NY due to his duty station. I'm from TN and I really really miss it. That's where my parents are and it gets kinda lonely around the holidays now. But I'm surrounded by my soldiers and I love to cook for them on holidays since none of us really get to travel home. I have a full time job so that I can send money home to help my parents as they are disabled and trying to work on the house slowly. In my free time I spend it completely consumed in my hubby, dogs(my kids pretty much), and then tinkering around with ever changing hobbies. ADHD LOL! I look forward to fulfilling as many wishes as I possibly can.

So...My wishlist?

1. I'm asking for donations to help out my parents with bills and stuff as they can't work. And I can't afford to pay for everything by myself. I love my parents so much and I think it's time I start paying them back for all those years of supporting me. If you would like to donate my paypal info is linked in my journal post. As this is really my BIG holiday wish. I can't think of anything bigger.

2. LOVE YOUR SOLDIERS!!! :) There are so many soldiers out there that go through tough times during these holiday seasons. If you know of any or gosh near any kind of military base. Try to contact some and maybe offer them some dinner for celebration. I promise you this will make some soldiers ssooooo happy!

3. Animals...please take care of the animals. Keep an eye on the temps that are in your area to protect your babies from frostbite and many other things that come with extreme cold weather. And maybe sneak them some extra dog treats while spouse isn't looking hehe.

4. Movies? I'm a movie freak. I own quite a large collection. But you can never have enough right? If you're interested in sending me a movie message me and I'll give you postage info.

5. Shotglasses...I'm overly obsessed with them. And they are very very cheap.

6. Cards/postcards I'm all about getting mail! And that's a great way to get pen pals.

That's all I can think of. But keep in mind my number 1 is my main wish. And I wish everyone happy holidays and look forward to sending out some gifts soon!
I can send a postcard, if you'd like? I have a big pile of them, and I'd love to send them all over the world.

PM me your address, or mail it to st.aurafina at gmail dot com!
I can send a postcard! please email me with your username and mailing address (keeps me organized that way) at
I'd love to send you a card. If I could give you money, I would. :(

Shoot me an email at with Holiday Wishes as the subject. :)
I'm having a hard time getting the tags to work. I've tried it 3 times and still not working right. I'll keep on it.
Huh. Did you follow the directions listed in the link I posted earlier? If it still doesn't work, let me know, and I'll tag it for you.
Yes. It's lj that's glitching on me. For some reason the whole style of the website is messed up for me right now. I've tried closing out and re trying but it's not working. It's more than likely the computer that I'm on. lol I can't wait to get mine back!
I'd like to send you a letter. If you'd like send your address to :D