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Hello all, I'm Amanda, 23 living in between Ohio, PA & Connecticut. I've just discovered this community and love the idea. I can't wait to get browsing to see if there's any wishes I can fulfill myself :)

To start, this is my wish list. I don't expect anything to be fulfilled but if someone feels moved to do so, bless your heart <3

1) Jodi Picoult's book - Nineteen Minutes. I LOVE her books and it's one of the few I have yet to read.

2) Paid LJ time. I have an addiction to the extra user icon add-on. I do. :)

3) Paypal donations in even the smallest amount. I'm having the hardest time finding a job for the last several months.

4) For everyone to forgive at least one person in their life. Angst and regret are terrible things to live with. You feel better when you are able to forgive another.

5) Gift cards to Forever 21, Target and Olive Garden. 3 of my favorite places!

6) A round-trip Greyhound ticket to spend some time with my boyfriend in Connecticut :(

7) Boots (casual/dressy/knee-length or higher), women's size 7.5. I've grown to love boots over any other pair of shoes lately!

8) Donates to 11:11 AM for Pediatric Cancer - http://www.1111am.com/

9) A cure for psoriasis.

10) Crest Whitening Strips.

If you would like to fulfill any of my wishes, you may contact me at: yourepicending@gmail.com
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season this year :)
Do you have psoriasis? I know a handmade creation that helps soothe!
I'll get the recipe from my godmother, but a friend of mine swears by Glaxal Base cream. You get it over the counter at Drug Stores. It also helped her burn marks when she was getting radiation!
I can send you the Jodi Picoult novel. E-mail your address to animerei3[at]gmail.com