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Hi, i'm Nessa I've been a member of this community since '05. though i couldn't do anything last year. Most of what i can do this year will be snail mail related, but i have a few big wishes i'm working.

What I'd like:

1) Good wishes and "prayers" for my new family and baby on the way.

2) Other young moms in my area to talk to.

3) Snail Mail. Cards, letters, postcards, anything in our mail box.

and for my two big ticket items:

4) For my new hubby a PS3, used or what ever would be amazing

5) and for me and the new baby a Medela pump. again used would be awesome.

23 Huckleberry Hill #7
Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017
Congratulations on the growing family!

A holiday card is coming your way :)
I have an almost-four-month old monster I like to talk about if you want to friend me :)
1. lots of good thoughts and prayers coming your way for the next year and always.

3. message me with your addy and ill add you to my list.