Happy Holidays :)

Hi! My name is Lexie and I participated in the comm a few years ago--and met several wonderful friends this way!--and thought to give it a go again this year!

1) Amazon Wishlist
I live and die by my Amazon wishlist. I update it daily with stuff I want, received or whatever. Its not quite as organized as I would normally micro-manage it, but it gets the job done. If you look to the left you'll see the different 'categories'.

2) Fandom related things
This is more like icons, journal layout, fics, doujinishi scans... that sort of thing. You can find my interests in an easily concise post here.

3) Steampunk Stuff
With the World's Fair happening next year in May (in NJ no less), I need to get a move on with my costume. I hope to go as a Steampunk Newsie, but any steampunk stuff is welcome. If you do think you can help with my costume, contact me and I'll let you know what I have done and I need help with exactly.

4) Tea
I drink a lot of tea (4-5 cups daily) and its mostly black. So anything of that nature is good, though I've been known to drink other sorts (not green tea however, also I try to keep away from Herbal unless I'm ill). S'long as it doesn't have nuts, pineapple, or rose flavouring, we are fine and dandy.

5) Asian Dramas/Movies
I'm currently watching Autumn Concerto, Anmitsu Hime and Shokojo Seira, but I'd like to watch more! In the past I've enjoyed Meteor Garden, Mars, Bright Girl's Success Story, Mischievous Princess, Millionaire's First Love, The Secret That Can Never Be Told, The Classic, Autumn in my Heart, and Say Yes Enterprise. Anything along those lines is fine, s'long as its hardsubbed English.

6) Headset thing for Skype
My friends are always on Skype and since my sister broke my only headset I've been trying to find a better one that won't break as easily. Ideally it should be for a laptop (Dell Inspiron 1525 running Windows Vista).

7) Writing Help!
Aspiring published writer over here! Anyone who is willing to put up with me is welcome--I tend to write of a PG-13 nature and mostly paranormal/fantasy stuff often for young adults. I definitely need someone who will keep me focused and not let me slack off and encourages me!

8) For Quantico to call me up and say 'Hey! Know you're not done with school yet, but HOW ABOUT YOU JOIN THE FBI?!' cause that would be my dream right there.

9) giftcard to Amazon or a brick and mortar bookstore
My first preference is always Amazon, but I do shop at Barnes and Noble as well as Borders.

10) 'native' stuff
As in something that is ordinary for you in your part of the globe, but perhaps not so much for me over here in NJ. For instance-- Salt Water Taffy from the Jersey shore, completely ordinary for me over here, but buying it in other States (even PA or MD)? Tastes so much different. But I also mean like keychains, postcards, you have special magical rocks...hot guys...local interesting artist or musician or something.

You can contact me either via LJ or email Lexie.Cenni@gmail.com

Thanks and here's to another year of making friends and helping bring cheer to folks!
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For #2 I can do a fic of any of these if you want. Just choose what for sure!

Full Metal Alchemist
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles
Witch Hunter Robin
Earl and Fairy
Yu Yu Hakusho
Avatar: The Last Airbender

Also I'll hafta look tonight and see if I can find any doujinshi scans in my files of the pairings you like.

Also if you can send me your address to saku-rose (AT) hotmail (DOT) com with what I promised I can send you something from #10. ^_^
:D that's pretty awesome actually! now tell me that you named your laptop navi or machine of doom and I think we should look into the theory of dopplegangers...
aww! that sounds much less diabolical then mine (which is good, I get weird stares from people when they see my laptop).
I get the weird stares when i talk..especially when I ask the random out of nowhere questions!!

Love it!
I'll send some tea! Drop me a line at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com with "Holiday Wishes: Tea" in the Subject and your addy in the body. In the email, also tell me the kinds of tea you absolutely do not drink!
1.) So you have excellent taste, or at least the same tastes as me, and that's very exciting. I'd love to get you something maybe a couple somthings from this list! I love that you've a separate category for Japanese Pop Fiction -- have you read the Moribito books yet?

2.) Just reiterating that you're awesome. You've seen Miyu~! And Buffy and Xena besides, all the things necessary in life.

7.) I could put up with you? I don't know how encouraging I am, but I'd be glad to read anything and bother you for more!

Also, um, could we be friends? Because you're awesome. <3

(Oh! And could you mail your address to ManseMistress@aol.com so I know where to send your package of good reading?)
1) I have not read the Moribito books actually, I remember wanting to pick them up and then...something got in the way I suspect foul play!. And awesome! my tastes run over the place at times so its a happy knowledge to know I'm not alone!

2) XD you're awesome for thinking I'm awesome (and having seen Miyu! gosh I never realized that's a rather ignored series...it was one of my firsts!) Have you seen both the OVA and the TV series? I just found 2 of the manga volumes at the thrift store! I was over the moon and jumping around--they thought I was crazy XD

7) hehe i'm a paranoid worrisome sort of writer. but thank you! I sincerely hope my writing doesn't let you down!

OF COURSE WE CAN BE FRIENDS how can we not after miyu?! ::hugs::