Happy Holidays! :)

Hi, my name is Ellie and I live in South Carolina, USA. I'm a stay-at-home mom to my two boys, Jonathan (3) and Brandon (1), as well as a caretaker for my disabled mother. I love to bake and play around online. I'm addicted to facebook and I love playing apps over there. I have been a participating member of this community for three years and enjoy making people happy. So, without further ado, here are my holiday wishes for this year.

1) Donate to a charity this year. I personally donate yearly to the United States Humane Society and the March of Dimes.

2) Romance novels. Especially anything Irish or cowboy related, lol. I love everything from Historical to Modern and Nora Roberts is one of my faves. (Raunchy novels are more than welcome too, lol!) Used books are more than welcome, in fact, I prefer them! I collect piles of them after a while and every so often, I go through and send them on they're merry way to other romance lovers.

3) Baking/Cake Decorating things. Icing colors, off set spatulas, piping tips, (new) piping bags, any and everything that goes along with decorating or baking.

4) Gift cards to iTunes, Walmart, or Amazon. I love gift cards! It's a nice way of letting people buy what they want/need. :)

5) Disney collector pins. I've been slowly collecting them over the past year and I'm obsessed with them! I LOVE Belle from Beauty and the Beast as well as Tinkerbell and most of the Disney Villains.

6) Snowglobes! I collect them and I'd love to further my collection. Any and every kind of globe is welcome! I am very partial to Disney ones, though. ;)

7) Thomas the Train toys. My sons LOVE Thomas! My problem occurs when both boys want to play with the same train. So, any and everything Thomas is welcome. :) (Their faves are Gordon and Percy.)

8) Paid LJ time and/or extra userpics. I'd gladly take anything! It would save me a bit of money that I could put towards something else. :)

9) Boy Clothes. My oldest son is in a US boy size 5/6 (6/7 will work as well) and my baby is in US infant size 24m. I'll gladly except gently used things. They love the usual boy characters like Lighting McQueen, Thomas the Train, Spiderman, The Hulk, etc.

10) Anything from my Amazon wishlist. XD I'd love to have some of the ornaments from here as well as any cds/dvds (burned copies are welcome) and if you have used items like the ones on here.. I'll take those too! ;)

My Amazon.com Wish List

If you would like to get in touch with me, please feel free to message me on the LJ messaging system or at tangles@livejournal.com. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Hi! I received my books and card, and wow, you are fast! XD Thank you soooo much and I know I'm going to enjoy reading them. :)
I can grant your fifth wish of Disney pins! It's actually one of my wishes to get more as well. Do you trade at all?

I have a Pin Pics account and my username is cherry-pops.

Let me know! ♥
Awesome! I've looked at the pins you have and I see you like Stitch! :)

I'd be happy to trade some pins! I'm waiting for a new shipment that I purchased to come in and when I get them I'll gladly send a couple your way. ;)

If you'd send me an email at tangles@livejournal.com with 'Holiday Wishes - Disney Pins' with your name and address would help me out.
Hi. I sent you an email about trading pins. Do you have a Pin Pics account as well? I look forward to hearing from you! ♥
Hi, I got your email, but I've been swamped lately. I don't have a pin pics account, but I've already made up an envelope for you with a Mickey pin and a Minnie pin from Disney Tokyo. I'll be happy with anything you send me! :)

I hope to have these mailed out this coming week.
Wow, that sounds great. Thank you so much. Make sure you let me have your details so I can send you something as well. ♥
Sure, I'll message you my address again, or you can get it off of the envelope when it gets to you. ;)
Hi Cheryl! I got the pins today and OMG THANK YOU! XD I am so in love with them! I had actually tried to buy the Belle one on eBay before and was outbid at the last second. Eek, thank youuuu! <3
You're welcome! I'm so pleased that you like the pins and I'm glad I could grant one of your Christmas wishes. Happy Holidays! xx
i can help you with #2 after my next visit to the used bookstore. what they don't take, i will paw through and see if anything fits your preferred tastes :) i read way too much and way too many romances.

ping me through LJ PM with your addy :) thanks!

I can send you LOTS of romance novels, courtesy of my mother. E-mail me with your address: animerei3[at]gmail.com
Thank you SOOO much! I got my package last week, but I've been swamped with a family illness. Thanks a bunch and have a happy holiday! <3