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Happy Holidays! I'm Cheryl, 24 and from the UK. I've never had enough time or money to take part in this community in previous years, but this year I'm going to try very hard to make some wishes come true. I've recently returned from a holiday in Florida, so on my list you should expect lots of things American and Disney! If you are able to grant one of my wishes, please leave a link to your own list so that I can possibly repay your kindness.

I collect and trade Disney pins. If you have any to give away, or would like to trade please let me know! I am registered on Pin Pics and my user name is: cherry-pops.

I have a Florida University Gators Hoodie which I adore and would love to get more Gators merchandise! Any little trinkets would be great, I'd love magnets, keyrings, bumper stickers!

Colourful, novelty sticky Post-It notes! They're always useful in the office for jotting down messages. And they'll make my desk look pretty!

American food and drink! I'd love some Laffy Taffy, Mountain Dew, or any other typical American treat! I also love M&Ms and there are some great varieties in the States! I love candy and chocolate. Fruit Loops are amazing too!

Your favourite Etsy shops and sellers. I want to get my parent's something for the house and a case for my boyfriend's G1 mobile phone.

Jessica Simpson's 'Fancy' women's fragrance. It's not sold in the UK and I absolutely adore it and dread the day it runs out! I'd like to build up a stock so I can wear it without fear!

Recommendations for blogs and Twitter pages. I've had a clear out recently of ones I fell out of love with and need to bump up my list again.

Christmas/Holiday cards and postcards. These add to the festive decorations in our home, and I don't seem to get that many nowadays.

More LJ friends! I have a lack of people to read and need more reasons to write more.

Please donate anything you can to Give Kids The World.

Please email me for my details:

Best Wishes. ♥
7 - I don't know if it helps my blog is I like to think it's nice and happy to read :)
I just granted you a wish and added you as a friend.
Also, your in luck - I have a Gators sew on patch somewhere. It was on a blanket but I took it off. Its cute though.

I'll email for an address!
Hi. Thanks for adding me as a friend - I have added you back. :) Make sure you email me for my address! ♥
Hi. Thanks for the email, I'll get back to right away! I've never heard of Airheads, but if they're candy then I'll love them! ♥
I have added you and will send you a card if you'd like. please e-mail me your address at

If you could email me at with a mailing address and a link back to this list that would be fabulous. :)
if you add me as a friend i'd be happy to grant 9. Also, emailing you!
I added you as a lj friend and I can recommend my blog too. I write about vintage/classic film things. I'm trying to write more frequently, so don't (disspair) if I don't write for awhile. I'm only indecisive about what to write. XD URL:

I can't promise anything but I live in Florida and can see what I can do about Disney pins since I only live an hour away from Disney World. Which ones are you looking for?
Hi. I've added you as a friend! And your blog looks great, I'll add it to my Google reader.

I would love to live an hour away from Disney World! My favourite characters are Stitch and Minnie, so any pins with them on would be wonderful! Thank you so much! You can email me for my address. ♥
HI! Firstly, I added you as a friend. :)

Some of my favorite home decor type etsy shops:
Post Road Vintage: I favorited them because of this chair they had listed, but they mostly have wall hooks/vases, I think.
Elephannie: Wall decals!
Spruce Home: Sells chairs (I like chairs, haha) and pillow/cushions.
Strikk: Okay they mostly have knitwear, but they also have some really interesting knit cushions.
Duplex: Coasters and blackboards and blackboard coasters!
Michael Arras: I don't know what your budget is, and most everything in this shop is quite expensive, but he makes the most beautiful tables, and I think it's worth looking at even if you don't buy anything.
Olive: Adorable pillows and wall hangings!
Ottoman: Neat embroidery wall hanging/art things.
Hi. I've added you as a friend! And those Etsy recommendations are fab! Thank you so much! ♥