Holiday wishes for writer in Canada

Hi everyone! I'm a writer in New Brunswick, Canada. I've gotten more serious about my writing in the past year, and I'm hoping that in 2010 my writing habits will solidify even further! Here's my wishlist:

1. Mail. I love getting mail around the holidays (and any time of the year!). My only caveat is that I don't like getting regular Xmas cards with just a signature (if you include a nice message, though, that would be fine! It just makes me sad when there's only a name inside). I would love, however, handmade cards, cards in languages other than English, cards celebrating holidays other than Christmas or the generic "holidays" (Kwanzaa, Yule, Hanukkah, etc), or anything else unusual and thoughtful.

2. Tea. I love trying different teas from around the world. I love the prescriptive Yogi teas from the U.S. (like "throat comfort" and "breath deep"), chai, cardomom-flavoured ceylon tea, teas that help to calm and relax you. Herbal, black, green, and white teas are all good.

3. Chocolate. Especially foreign chocolate - the gigantic Hershey bars from the U.S. or any European chocolate, especially German chocolate.

4. Souvenirs from your part of the world. I'd love trinkets, postcards, maps, mini flags, magnets, stickers, etc, from anywhere outside of North America, and some parts of the U.S. (the deep South, the West Coast). I would adore any souvenirs from Germany, especially a mini replica of the Koln Dom (I didn't get one when I was there myself, and I've regretted it ever since!)

5. Travel gear for backpackers. I haven't gone backpacking since 2004, and I'm itching to get at it again - hopefully I'll get to Germany this year. Any gadget you think would be useful for a backpacker travelling on the cheap and staying in hostels would be great. Examples: indoor clothes line, plastic dishware that can be flattened, small plastic heavy-duty bottles for shampoo, good earplugs, etc.

6. Socks. I love anything fun and bright, but I need regular plain dark socks for work, too. Ankle socks and regular socks are great (I really need regular cotton socks for the Canadian winter!). I'm a women's size 9.

7. Gaia Online clothing donations. I have a sad amount of clothing on Gaia and could use more variety. Comment and I can send you my username; I have a wishlist, but, really, any bunch of random clothing items would excite me!

8. Writing inspiration and aids. Things like writing prompts, how-to books, progress charts and tools, inspirational/supportive calendars (desktop or wall), writing podcast recommendations, or anything else that might be a support to writers. Gently used items are fine. I run a writing group, so I could use anything and everything. I write memoir and poetry; the people in my group mostly write genre fiction like scifi/fantasy, romance, and young adult.

9. Flash drives, any size. These are for my writing group, so a number of very small drives would be best. You rarely find flash drives under 1 gig in stores anymore, but if you have any small ones laying around, they would be great for writers to save their writing files on!

10. My big wish: A subscription to Poets & Writers magazine.

You can email me at for my mailing address; please put "holiday wishes" in the subject line. Thank you so much!
I'll send you a holiday card . If you could email me at mssymplicite at gmail dot com with the subject of "Holiday Wishes" and a gentle reminder of what I promised to send, that'd be great. I'll be doing mine around the beginning of December, so the reminder will help.
I am in Germany and can send you chocolate. Do you prefer any special flavors/fillings/brands?
I could send you something, e-mailing for your address!

I'd like to send you a letter if you'd like, send me your address to
Re: #8
They're online specifically to help people, so feel free to print them out and make copies. I very strongly believe that language is power, and more people should learn to use it. :)