Happy Thanksgiving, Holiday Wishers!

I'm glad we've got this community. I'm Luna and this is my.. 4th(?) Year participating in granting wishes. I've had a lot of fun prepping for the event and already I've started with a few of the intangible wishes. I think those are some of the most satisfying ones.

A little bit about myself, I'm 39, a Licensed Massage Therapist in the Tampa Bay Area. I live with my husband, our 2 fur kids and love what I do. Aside from healing people through touch, I write erotica and bellydance for fun and fitness. I'm an active participant in the local Ren Faire, and the haunter communities. I'm just a "little" bit ecclectic.

A request for help: I -know- someone out there said they LIKED Penguins, and I've been looking for that wish, but I can't find that one. If someone would direct me there, I'd be ever so grateful. I had gone out and purchased things for it, and well.. now I'm a bit lost. :)

1. Relaxing Music: New Age, Mystic, World... music I can massage to. What do you listen to when you relax. I would love to hear what you like to chill out to. I'd love an Cd burned with your favorite music so I can get an idea of what slows you down. Who knows, Maybe my clients would like it too.

2. Essential Oils: Aromatic oils, custom blended, or just straight that I can use for aroma therapy reasons. These oils should be skin safe, non synthetic so that they can be blended with carrier oils and used on clients.

3. Set of twin sized flannel sheets in white: Though I live in Florida, and I use cotton sheets, a set of flannel sheets would be nice to have for my business.

4. Be Kind to Others: In this day and age, people tend to forget that those around them have a life too. So take a moment to say "Thanks" to the guy that holds the door open for you. Or smile at the person who looks like they're having a bad day.

5. BPAL: Hoarder that I am, I LOVE this company. Actually I like ANY of those companies, HAEE, etc I like imps of all variety. Spare a few?? I especially like Sandalwood, Jasmine and woodsy notes. I am not fond of boozy or cherry notes, they don't come off friendly on my skin.

6. Cat treats: My cats are SPOILED. They love nip. They love toys. And they really love surprises.

7. Bath Stuff: I am a -huge- fan of LUSH and Bath and Body works. These companies make me happy. LUSH makes the very best bath bombs and the two scent I love best from BBW are Coconut and ENERGY (orange and ginger)

8.Paranormal Romance Novels: This truly is my favorite genre of reading these days. Do you have any books you've read, laying around that you don't mind parting with? I promise to give them a good home. I LOVE books and am an avid reader.

9. Snail Mail/Christmas Cards: We all like getting something other than bills, and I am no different. Cards, Letters, anything in the mail would be appreciated.

10. SURPRISE ME: When I was a kid growing up, My dad and I always LOVED getting grab bags, and to this day I hardly ever pass one up. So here's your chance. Throw something together that makes YOU smile. Share a bit of your world with me.

Luna M.
14032 Waterville Circle
Tampa, Fl 33626-1616

Thank you, in advance should you take the time to grant any of these wishes. I appreciate it.
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Well heck, I must be dreaming then. *lol* and you know me, zia. *snort* That wouldn't be too far off the mark. Oh well.. Someone will get something for the "Surprise Me" venue then. ;)
DH and I like pengies!

;) (We actually do, but if you have someone in mind I'm not gonna tease)
I can help in the music department. I'm a big fan of Enya and other New Age stuff if that's what you're looking for. :D When I get home (I'm at my parents house now) I'll see what I can do. :)

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I always try to smile and say thank you. Sometimes a little bit goes a long way.

Mind if I friend you?
I have a whole bunch of BPAL imps in need of love - tell me about your wish list...then a card and *hopefully* some imps can come your way.
Honestly, I don't have a wishlist. I know I don't like French love, or #20 love oil, because I've had those, and I HATE them. I Adore Titania, it's one of my favorite scents, Follow me boy too. Not a fan of the rose or boozy ones. I've not been picking up a lot of the new ones, because my bpal Pusher stopped doing her circles, so I'm woefully out of date :)
Okay then...I'll go hunt around my stash. I just hope that you don't mind previously opened and tested, and even semi-used ones I've ended up with as frimps and or trades that extends my options.