First Timer's Wishlist

Hello everyone! My name is Jadzia and I'm a 22 year old from North Georgia. I live with my husband and cat and I feel that regardless of what is happening in our lives right now we're lucky and happy to have each other and be alive. I would love to try and make some people's wishes come true in any way I can as well!

Anyways, onto the list!

1. Christmas Cards: My husband and I aren't close with too many people to warrant receiving cards from them and what people we are close with are far and few between. I think it would be wonderful to receive a card to hang up in our new apartment. This is actually our first place together and our first Christmas that we've been married so cards would be most appreciate.

2. Youtube Subscribers: I have a channel on Youtube where I post videos at times. I generally do updates and reviews. My goal is to have at least 70 subscribers by January 1st. Currently I'm at 31 I think. The more subs that come, the better! Link Here.

3. Any X Files/Farscape Items: I'm a huge fan of both shows even though they've been taken off air, sadly. Any items you may have that you would like to get rid of would be great!

4. Star Trek Novels: I'm a born and bred Trekkie and I love to collect the novels like they're going out of style, find most at Thrift Stores. However, lately, I haven't been so lucky. If anyone has any novels from The Next Generation, DS9, or Voyager that they don't read anymore or could find at a second-hand shop I'd love you forever!

5. Anything from my Amazon Wishlist">: It doesn't have to be brand new.

6. More paid time for my LJ: Mines about to expire. Boo.

7. More LJ Friends!

8. Someone to RP X Files with on occasion: I use to Role Play a lot when I was younger but haven't been able to in the past two years because the rp for said fandom isn't what it use to be. If there's someone out there who doesn't mind playing with an original character who would love to play by email or LJ comments that would be amazing.

9. Anything Horror related: I'm a huge horror fan and I'm always trying to find anything horror related whether it be movies, collectibles, books, etc. If you have anything lying around please feel free to send it my way.

10. Surprise me!

Contact info:

email: jadzia.kurzon [at] gmail dot com
skype: Jadzia.Troi
Yahoo Messenger: Jadzia_Kurzon

Thanks so much :)
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Hi, I can send a card also be a LJ friend if you want :)

Please PM me with your name and address and put Holiday Wishes: Card in the subject.

Thank you!
1. Granted! Message me with your address?
3. Granted! See 1 :)
7. Granted!
I can grant you two of your wishes...I can be your LJ friend and also subscribe to your YouTube channel...I also have one under the name of Bullpenbrat22 :)
oooh an X-Files and Farscape fan?

(I don't know anyone who is a fan of both)

If you pm me your address I'd be happy to send you a card.
And I can go ahead and grant 2 & 7 as well!
You seem cool. I'll be your LJ friend, if you want. Also, your name gives me ST:DS9 flashbacks.
Hehe. Thanks! I sometimes think I'm the only trekkie who liked DS9 lol.

I need more DS9 icons now that I think about it LOL.
Can do #1, will see if I have any good horror novels to send :) Just PM me with your address.
I'd be happy to be your friend!

And I'll def follow the YouTube channel too. ^_^

PM me the address, and I'll work on #9! I am also a horror fan, and have accumulated a few things that I can send along, if I can find them easily! (if it takes longer, you'll just get a package considerably later. *grins* I am working on paring down my collections anyway!)
Would be more than happy to send you a card email me your address (dave dot hodder at ntlworld dot com)and one will be right on it's way to you.

Merry Christmas !!
I have Star Trek books but in .lit form. Not sure if you're interested, but I could upload if you'd like?

Farscape. ♥ I miss that show so much.

Happy holidays!