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Yay it's the holidays again! I can't wait to get started! While Halloween is my favorite holiday, I love December because there are just so many different days to celebrate! I also love snow, but we don't tend to get a whole lot here.

About me – I am a gay transgender artist with pagan leanings. I draw and paint a mix of things, mostly animals and celtic knotwork. I also make puppets with my awesome, awesome partner. I will be getting married in January. I was planning on getting married in December, but the opportunity rent a for real shop space came up, and my partner and I decided to jump on it! So things will be tight the rest of the year, but I am so thrilled!

I hope that everyone using Holiday_Wishes this year has a fantastic holiday. I am grateful that the community maintainers choose to put themselves through all this work so that we can all experience some extra joy and connect with one another! This community is like a giant cup of delicious hot cocoa with sprinkles!

1. Postage – So I can send out lots of cards! I have a big pile waiting to be sent out to other Holiday Wishers. :D

2. Cards – Sparkly! I do celebrate Yule, but I'd really enjoy cards from different holidays, particularly if they have glitter on them. I string the cards up along a wall, and they just look beautiful and festive all season long.

3. Halloween anything – I used to go get Halloween things on sale after the holiday, but now Halloween stores just disappear the day after.

4. Crafty scraps for puppets – My partner and I make puppets. Random things help make them look awesome! (If you send something and want to see how we end up using it, let me know and I'll be sure to send you pictures!)

5. Yarn – I crochet, my roommate knits. We always need more yarn. Any kind of yarn will do, even little scraps! (I make little finger puppets, which barely use any yarn.) :D Even if you think it's hideous, send it over - because that's the best kind to make monsters out of, and I love to make monsters!

6. Amazon Wishlist - Anything from my "Greenwick Holiday Wishes" list. Mostly it's fun, cheap jewelry.

7. Teach me to do a crocodile stitch (Crochet) – I love crocheting, but I am terrible at reading patterns. I do all right most of the time, since I improvise my own patterns.  However, I really really want to use the crocodile stitch to make a pangolin, a dragon, and a happy artichoke monster - and unfortunately I can't figure it out!  If you know how to do it and could help me learn, I would be super, super grateful. There are pictures of it on this blog article, if you've never seen it.

8. Help writing a crochet pattern for a binder for FtMs/trans people – I want to make a pattern for a homemade crocheted binder I created. Binders are expensive undershirts used to flatten chests, and many trans men don't have the money to buy more than one. Some typical binders are available here. I developed my own because I found these too difficult to breathe in, and also because of their expense; one can cost $30, and that often means a trans person will only have one, to use over and over and over.

I'd love to put this up for free on Ravelry, but can't do it right now because I don't know how to write patterns. My hope is that other people will make the pattern, improve it, and eventually there will be a standard binder that only costs a few bucks worth of yarn, and that other people can sell inexpensive complete ones for those who can't make them themselves.

9. Give specialty items to your local food bank - It is difficult to have special dietary needs when poor! Please consider sending some shelf-stable foods to your local food bank that people with dietary restrictions can eat. (IE: Gluten free, vegetarian/vegan, kosher, halal, etc.) I used to visit the food bank while following a vegetarian diet, and it made my day to get things like that!

10. Practice making art for a year – If you avoid trying to make art because you think you are terrible at it, I would love it if you would consider giving it another shot as a gift for me. Whatever time you can spare, even if it's just 5 minutes here or there, please consider making it a regular practice, and consider showing other people.

I'm asking this because I was terrible at my art, and I spent a year practicing practicing practicing - and then I became good at it!  Good art does not require some kind of magical innate talent (though that helps if you've got it.) The real secret is time - you need to learn, practice, and do it regularly in order to get good at it. Though I don't think there is a secret number, I've heard it takes 1,000 drawings of something in order to master it - which is not as much as you'd think.

(If you decide to do this, I can share with you the things I did, and some advice on tips and tools, books, etc.)

If you need an address, ask in a comment or send me a message. (I was hoping to have a PO box by now too, but unfortunately I have to wait on that.)

You can also e-mail me: greenwickpress (at) gmail (dot) com
Just let me know in the subject line that you're writing about Holiday Wishes.

Many thanks, and I hope your season is bright, cheerful and wonderful!

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I may be able to help you out with the pattern writing and also send some yarn your way. PM me your address and remind me of what I said. :)
How about a retroactive gift? I had stopped drawing for several years, but this year I went back to it and I can't imagine why I stopped. I've been having a wonderful time. :) And I'm cheering you on! PM me your address if you'd like a card.

That is awesome! I'm very happy for you, and I'm glad you are enjoying your art. I'll PM you my address tomorrow morning.
I'd love to send you a sparkly card! Please PM me your address. :)
I'd be happy to send you a sparkly card and some Halloween socks! If you would, just send your address and a reminder of what I promised to auralily2000 at yahoo.com
Just wanted to let you know that I never got an email. If you want to go ahead and send it again I'll get your package out as soon as possible :)
Well number 10 is easy enough.
with my health issues art is one thing I do a lot of. And not just one type. Right now I am carving as I got some walnut. I also paint, quilt, make jewelry out of other materials some artdeco.
Also, have you tried ace wrap? For binding.
While not f-m transgendered I went three puberty early and wrapped my chest for about a year with ace wrap.
Yep I know it likely stunted my chest size but who needs more then a b cup anyway?
That's awesome! I love doing wood burning, but haven't quite gotten into carving. I think I'd prefer to learn to sculpt first.

Ace bandage really isn't great for binding. In my case it's too tight, and also if used for long enough it can actually curve chestbones inward and cause other complications. The binder I designed is a bit more breathable, and less about compression than about giving the appearance of a certain body shape.
Wood burning is great and works well with carving.
I used my woodburner and x-acto carving tool to decorate my loft in college - it took four months but looked amazing.
Hey, I remember you from previous years! I'd like to send you a card, maybe with something inside if I can find it in my apartment. :) PM or email your address: snoopdawg at livejournal.com <3
Yay! :) I am afraid I don't remember you (But I probably have messages from prior years, since I almost never clean them out and I know I'vd got lots of holiday wishes related comments/messages saved.) Did I send you something? I'm trying to jog my memory...

Thank you so much and I will message you my address tomorrow evening.
I would like very much to send you a glittery card (not sure I can find a Yule card though) and also adopt you into my LJ Family. I am a lesbian Christian Pagan who is also Bi-Polar with Borderline Personality Disorder. My wife and I are childhood sweethearts meeting in 1977 and we're still together. CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding *hugs* My profile user info is told in pictures and is graphic heavy if you want to take a look.
Any kind of card is fine. :) I will message you my address tomorrow.

You seem really amazing! It's so awesome you've been together for 36 years! Wow! And thank you for the congrats. We are really looking forward to the wedding, and are also thrilled so many states are changing their laws for the better.

(Also, I like the sebra graphic you have there. My partner made this icon for me of a rainbow zebra/unicorn/pegasus thing.)
Your last wish made me so happy. I'd like to get back into drawing and try fiber crafts, but I've had several false starts. Like browngirl, I recently(ish) got back into real creative writing, but maybe I'll make next year of creative pursuits outside of my comfort zone.

Would you like to be LJ friends? I mean, not to be a creep, but I think I would like it very much.
Just to let you know. I followed your link to the binder site, and found the swim suit that my large-sized step-son had long given up on the existence of - last he looked, they did not go up to his size. Now they do. He is going to get to go swimming without feeling awkward and miserable for the first time in years! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!