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Hi everyone! My name is Britney, and I'm 26 years old. Feel free to check out my userinfo for more info about me. I'm new to the community this year, and very excited to grant some wishes, and share holiday cheer! I have some small AND big items to give this year, and I'm so excited to get involved with the community.

My wishes:

1.Chanukah, or non-denominational holiday cards- I'm Jewish, and not at all offended by Christmas cards or Christmas wishes, but I do get a little down during the holidays when everything is UBER Christmas-y. I'd love some Chanukah or 'generic' holiday cards, homemade is even better.

2. Anything Simpsons related- I am a huge Simpsons fan and collect all Simpsons paraphernalia. I have all the season DVD's, but would love any Simpsons accessories, especially clothing (I'm a size small in women's clothing, but can alter things, so bigger sizes are great, too!). Even if you have a Simpsons Burger King toy lying around, I love and collect all that stuff!

3. Anything sewing/fabric related- I'm a costume designer by profession, so I'm always sewing/making things from fabric. I would love any fabric scraps or sewing items (buttons, zippers, needles, spools/thread, ANYTHING vintage, even sewing related/homemade art!)

4. Give a deserving server an extra big tip- I also work as a server, and the recession has been particularly tough on our industry... we aren't guaranteed any real hourly rate, and we rely on business (which has been dwindling) to pay our bills. So, when you go out to eat and get good service, leave your server over 20%... it is such a nice suprise when this happens.

5. The obligatory My Amazon.com Wish List- I have mostly reference books for my costume designing, some of them are super inexpensive!

6. Speak out for gay rights- I am a strong supporter and ally of the GLBT community, and I truly believe that if the allies don't speak out, we are condemning our homosexual friends and family to a life of unfairness and inequality. If you are a supporter of gay rights, speak out!

7. Let your family and friends know how much you care about them- recently, a lot of my friends have lost loved ones, and it made me realize how important this was.

8.surprise me- I love random surprises! Check out my lj user interests for inspiration.

9.Your Artwork- As an artist myself, I love seeing/owning other people's artwork. If you have any sketches lying around that sound like they relate to my interests, or if you feel like drawing something for me, I'd love to have it. I'll hang it up in my sewing workspace!

10.Have a healthy, happy, and loving holiday season


Mailing address:
Britney Rich
3700 E. Jewell Ave #112
Denver, CO 80210

Happy Holidays!
1. I make my own (plain card with origami crane on the front). Would you like one like that?
Great! I sent it out this morning and you should have it by the end of the coming week.

Also, I will plan to do #4 next time dine out, do #6 & #7 on a continual basis, and am working on #10. Thank you and Happy Holidays!
This year I'm sending out a pretty chuckle-worthy multi-demoninational card. It covers everything from Chanukah to Ramadan to New Year's Hangover. I'd love to send you one, along with some of my favorite buttons and a few remnants of fabric!
#4.. being that I used to be a bartender and my daughter is now a waitress, I couldn't agree more. I make it a point to leave an extra tip (and always highly encourage people to do so) because you guys really are the unsung heroes of the restaurant/bar industry!

#6. I'm sure you know about National Protest Day, on November 15th. I'm in Orlando Florida, and attended the rally and spoke out. Took photos here :)
Thank you so much for sharing your photos, I love them! (nice icon too, hehe!)

And YAY to #4. I always do it when I eat out too!

*P.S. Have you see the movie Milk? If not, definitely go see it!

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It' about the first openly gay politician, Harvey Milk... a smaller independent flick, but if you care about gay rights, it's a MUST see!
six and seven I can do that. I always tip my waitress or waitor more than I should which makes people look at me weird. I use to be a waitress and man that is one crazy job.
I do number 6 all the time. I am bi by current standards but I am with a girl that I love with all my heart. We've been together for 6 years now and it is her dream for us to get married. I hope that this country will one day be as excepting as it should be. ^_^
Aww, thanks! And yea, getting smaller tips because people are low on money sucks... sometimes it would be nice to have a constant hourly rate! Happy holidays!
Please feel free to swipe the first one and this one too, as long as you include the credit on them.