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Happy holidays, all!  I'm so happy to see this community going on strong year after year. It's such a lovely thing to draw people together.  So I figured I'd post my list first before poking around for people to bother with happy things.

1.  Specialty item donations to your local food bank (Such as gluten free and vegetarian/vegan items.)  I'm currently using a food bank for much of my food, and these items are greatly appreciated.

2.  Donations to the Big Brothers Binder program.  I'm a pre-op transman who has used this site for a few years, and it has been really helpful, although there aren't always a lot of different types of binders available.  (http://www.thetransitionalmale.com/Binders.html)  There is also a section for transmen who need help to put up their pleas - http://www.thetransitionalmale.com/donationsneeded.html

3.  Cards - I love cards, and don't know that many people who can send them.  I mostly celebrate the winter and solstace, but I love all holidays.

4.  Yarn - I knit hats for a local organization called "Project Warm-up" and can always use some yarn.  In particular need is baby specific yarn.

5.  Wood - I enjoy wood-burning as a hobby, so if you have scraps of wood that are flat, they would be much appreciated.

6.  Goth/theater make-up -  Yes, some transmen love make-up. :D I adore playing with make-up, but the only things I have are cheap sticks of halloween coloring and taupe and white eyebrow pencils.  All colors are appreciated, and if you are of a mind,  http://www.vampfangs.com/Manic-Panic-Goth-White-Creme-Powder-p/mpgthwht.htm is absolutely lovely.  I've had a chance to use some on a few occasions, and I'm hooked.  (If you want to be pale, I highly recommend it.)

7.  Ancient Rome - No, I don't want an entire ancient civilization.  Wouldn't fit in my mailbox.  But I do like asking for historical things every year, as I'm an avid fan of history.  So whatever you have to offer or can think of that's Roman, I would love.  Doesn't matter if it's pictures, thoughts, interesting facts, bits and bobs of replicas or whatever.  It's all good.

8.  Questions - Ask me for advice on something, or maybe ask a silly question. 

9.  Vampire art - Particularly Vampire Chronicles art involving Marius if you know the series, but assuming not all that many people do,  vampires in general are awesome.  (I do request no Twilight stuff, though, as I'm not a fan of it.)

10.  Hair supplies - I have recently grown my hair out for the first time in my life.  I've had it a bit long, but this is the first time I plan on growing it out past my shoulders.  With that said, I have but one hair tie, and am getting into the wonderful world of necessary hair care.   I like brightly colored things that aren't pink, darker colored things, and sparkly things are fine by me.

When in doubt for anything, color preference is red.

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I donate to my local food bank almost monthly so I can take care of this no problem :P
Aw, that's alright. I don't have a paid account right now, so I'm not inclined to take it. But it's very adorable. I haven't seen many snoopy icons around LJ, now that I come to think of it.
Thanks much. I love DA for the stuff people come up with, and I think I've seen that other site once before, but haven't checked it in awhile.

And your icon is ultimate win. ^_^
If you can give me a description of Marius I'd love to try drawing him - it made me laugh so hard when I read that because my parakeet's name is Marius and now I can't drop the idea of drawing Marius from Vampire Chronicles even though I have no idea what that is ^^;
Ah, parakeets are adorable. My mother had a bunch of birds, and we had a little one. He was very sweet.

...anyway, off the rambling: Marius is quite tall, with long platinum blond hair (Past his shoulders) and very pale skin, blue eyes, constantly wears red velvet. I'd say medium build, but with broad shoulders. Descriptions in the books tend to change, so I just tend to think of him in my own way; I usually use Julian Sands as an inspiration.

Let me know of that works, and thank you very much. ^_^
8) Question #1: Have you read the book Phallus Palace? It's an amazing book on the FtM experience that I read for a gender class. If you haven't read it, I'd highly recommend it.

Question #2: What has your experience been like as you've come out as trans? What advice would you give someone just coming out?
I have read this book, yes, and it's quite interesting. The bit about requiring so much evaluation of trans people before giving them top surgery, but not so much for everyone else wanting either augmentation or removal, really irritated me.

As for #2, I'd suggest being cautious, but not eternally afraid. While not everyone is accepting, there are those who will be. Study people and wait until you feel certain you can trust them before just launching into who you are. Test the waters. Doing that has been the most invaluable thing to me.