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This is my third year doing holiday_wishes and I've had a blast in the past. My name is Amy, I'm a nineteen year old college student. This summer I worked at a political campaign and it was an amazing experience, but I am back at school, learning and procrastinating and balancing life. I fangirl, read the news, keep up with politics, shop, and do my school work. Life's not terribly riveting all the time, but that's fine. :)

01. Mail would be lovely, but not just any old mail. If you send me something, personalize it. Although getting Christmas cards is lovely, I want more this year. So, if you want, write me a letter about a topic [think college essays, something that tells me something about you - the more obscure the better], a secret [in the vein of postsecret or ljsecret], a quote, an old list you made, postcard from where you live - something that tells me something about the person who sent it. No return address is required if you want it to be anonymous. Sharing is caring.

02. Donate your time to a cause. We're all busy, but take an hour or two to volunteer. Money donations are great, but nothing is better to show you care then your time. Mentor. Help in a soup kitchen. On the grand scale - travel to a crisis region or start your own organization! Then tell me about it.

03. Live greener. I'm a sustainability person. So, next time you think about leaving the light on before you leave a room, turn it off [or better yet, replace it with an energy efficient bulb. Bring a reusable cup when you go to the coffee shop. Use a reusable water bottle. cut back on driving by carpooling, using public transportation, or riding your bike instead. Bring your own bag for groceries. Unplug electronics when you're not using them (they still drain electricity when they're off!). But remember the three "R"s - reduce, reuse, recycle - in that order. If helping the planet isn't enough, maybe listening to your favorite NBC stars is?

04. Peppermint flavored foods especially candy canes and teas. :D

05. Fandom Memorbilia [The Office especially the Target pens, Roswell, politics especially of the liberal, but respectful or candidate minded, Pushing Daisies, my interests

06. Recommendations ; Blogs, books, tv shows, music, movies, stores, websites, places to visit. Lists are my favorite.

07. Paid Account / rename token. Mine's expiring in late December, and I have grown out of this username.

08. Things for my walls. Posters. Polaroid film/pictures. Maps. Postcards.

09. Care package. Bonus points if it's themed.

10. Wishlistr including my Amazon list and some other things already on this list.

email ; lunapluvia@gmail.com [or just message me on LJ]

address ; Amy Vuong
2870 Wheelock Student Center
Tacoma, WA 98416
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:D! I love the amount of Finnish people in this community, or maybe it's just the generosity! I remember receiving stuff from Finland each year and it just brightens my season.
I can do 1 & 2. I can send you a postcard from Hawaii?

And I can donate my time to my local women's shelter.

I can do your live greener wish :) I changed every bulb in my house to efficient bulbs took me about a year but I did it :P I do not use plastic bags, I have a hybrid car, and I also reduce, re-use and recycle.
Hawaii is great!

And that is wonderful! I think I'm going to try to get my sister and I out at a soup kitchen soon.


I will send you a letter, soon, though it might be after the holiday, but that way I'll have more time to make it personal...(I am dog sitting this weekend so I might have the chance to get it ready this weekend). I will send you an e-mail when it's actually headed out.

I bookmarked your list but it would help bunches if you emailed me at crazedazedAThotmailDOTcom your address, username & wishlist to my email so I stay organized! I probably will be able to send a little something out during my winter break!
I'm already all over #3. I carry my own reusable water bottle, have cloth bags for groceries and stash some in my glovebox in case I'm out and have to stop somewhere without my "main" bags, I recycle everything I can, and reuse things, buy in bulk using my own containers, and use a keeper/cloth pads. I also will have a compost pile and a laundry line in my new yard when we move :)
I'm going to send a card...and something written, don't know yet, it'll be a surprise (to both of us)!