hijack a snow plow, clear out the streets...

xmas is good this year... all my real-wants are already met. but i've got
some fun-wants up my 3/4 length sleeve: oh an intro, i believe this is my 3rd year participating...

1. Diana F+ camera
2. Lomography Ring Flash
3. Hot Shoe Flash for Diana F+
numerous rolls of 4). medium 120 film

(used is preferable to any above Except the film, for D'oh reasons.

5. Le Creuset Shallow Casserole, any colour but volcano!
6. Le Creuset Skillet 11-3/4, any colour but red!
7. Le Creuset Stoneware 14" baking dish, again no hue of red!

and a 8). dutch oven, tho i think as it stands right now with my cooking habits i'd get more use outta the 3 i listed.
i am partial to the Caribbean or Kiwi colours.

(again, used is acceptable.)

a not black super fabulous 9). camera bag to house my Big Ticket gift (nikon D90
w/ stuffs). as before, used is lovely.

and lastly and most cheaply 10. xmas cards from EVERYWHERE & ANYONE. the only
mail *I* get is addressed to "Me or Current Resident"
Elizabeth Bennett
3446 Spectrum
Irvine Ca 92618

bah humbug to that.

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Twilight2000, mod
Hey, thanks for the card. ♥ I am sending you one back, b/c getting mail is fun. :)