Happy Holidays!

I'm a 24 year old college student taking a break from school to help out at home.  I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season for you and your loved ones!  I can be contacted at my gmail account, under the name of Cetkat, and my mailing address is 2525 Husson Ave, Palatka, FL 32177.  Any good tidings you'd like to send will be warmly and gratefully recieved.

My Wishlist Is:

1.  Clothing:  Any hand-me-down womens pants or jeans size 8 or 10, or size M shirts or skirts.  I put on those college pounds, and my closet no longer fits.  lol

2Chocolate, Coffee, or Tea items:  Things like Chocolate Espresso Beans, loose-leaf tea, or even a spare coffee mug work.

3.  Mail:  Postcards,  Holiday Cards, or even just a letter.

4.  Giftcards for Food:  Something like Wal-Mart, or Publix (if you live in their area).

5.  Candles:  Scented or Unsented.  (I especially love anything Vanilla!)  

6.  Bath Stuff:  Any kind of yummy-smelling body wash or tub salts.

7.  Donation to Charity:  To the National Alzheimer's Association at http://www.alz.org, or one that holds a special importance to you.
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(and i LOVE your icon ;>)

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If you email me your address & user name, I'll send you something. =) My email is: idiedtodayforyou@yahoo.com
Am sending you a holiday card, but *waves* I'm in Ocala. Its always odd to see people nearby on LJ, lol. :D
*waves back*

It is odd, isn't it? Also rather neat. ^_^
Thanks for the card! It's great to get those during the holidays!
Send me your mailing address and link to your list and I will send you something! :-) My email is avalonchic@gmail.com
Hi! I would love to send you a card this year! Please email me juliedmc at gmail.com and let me know your address! :)
To M. from the Netherlands:

OMG, that was more than generous and very unexpected. Thank you so much!

A wonderful Christmas and 2009 to you too!