Third time's a charm!

Hi Everyone!

This is my third year participating in Holiday Wishes and I hope its the best year ever! I didn't have much luck last year but the first year was wonderful. A little about me. I am 32, married and live in the Dallas Texas area with my Husband, 3 pug dogs and two cats. I love the idea of Holiday Wishes and do my best to grant as many as I can; hopefully you will consider some of mine!
My wishes:

1. Red or Silver Christmas Tree Ornaments – I like the abstract shapes rather than specific things (i.e. no people, places, animals please). I like to decorate the tree in silver and red; no garland or icicles (must be pup and kitty safe!). The shinier and sparklier the better!

2. Pug themed goodies (for me) – I love everything and anything pug related. My Husband tells me I need to admit I have a problem. I do; I don’t have enough of it! ;)

3. Pug chewies, treats and toys (for the dogs) – With three enthusiastic little monsters we go through dog treats, chewies and toys quite rapidly. Their favorite games are fetch and tug of war; their favorite treats are crunchy stuff like ‘pupcorn’ in the cheese flavored kind. Toys; they love anything stuffed but tend to tear them apart so fast only the sturdy toys survive! Lol!

4. Raven goodies – My Husband loves everything that is Viking. Particularly things that have to do with Odin’s Ravens; he loves Ravens. Viking things can sometimes be hard to find so I’m casting the net here!

5. Home Fragrance oils – I have several oil burners as with all the animals I like to try and keep our house smelling nice. My favorite scent is the Body Shop’s ‘Brandied Apple’ but unfortunately they aren’t carrying them in stores this year! I’ve been using Bath and Body Works ‘Winter’ so far this year and I like it alot as well. I like the spicier scents rather than the citrus or floral ones. For example; my house has those air fresheners that smell like apple cinnamon all year round.

6. Blooming Teas from Full Bloom Tea – any of the tea balls that bloom when you brew them would be most appreciated. I have the tea serving set but not enough tea!

7. Bellydance goodies – I’m currently in love with the Tribal Fusion style so would love anything with that sort of theme! My favorite colors are red and black or peacock and I prefer silvertone over gold. Please either comment or email me to check sizes for cholis, coin bras, 12+ yard skirts and that sort of thing.

8. Digital Camera - Mine is about to give up the ghost. I don't know anything about them but one that takes good pictures event without a flash would be good! New, used; as long as it has all its accessories I'd be thrilled!

9. Goodies or Gift Certificate from MAC – pale powders, dark eyes, red lips. Anything you think is cool I might too. :)

10. Embroidery Software – If anyone happens to not need their Bernina Artista 180 software and the fancy dongle that comes with it I’d love to take it off your hands. I’m pretty new to all this but I’m hoping to be able to create my OWN designs eventually so I need one of the higher end software programs. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to afford it yet. :( I’m pretty sure whoever reading this that might have the software would know what I need before I do!

Traci Baker
2310 Eastgate Drive
Carrollton, Tx 75006

My email is
I can send some tea blooms - though I will have them ship directly to you (doesn't make much sense to have them ship here to Massachusetts for me to turn around and ship them to Texas)!
I just got your card; is this the Teresa Fresina from Stoughton High School? :) This is Traci Hunnewell!