Dear Santa...

I’m a junior in college, working on double majors in English and History. As such, I rarely have the cash to spare for fun things, yet I’ve been lucky enough to have gotten some wonderful things through the kind members of this community the past two years, and have been able to fulfill some wishes in turn. I’m looking forward to doing so again this year.

My wishes:

1) I have a friend who is working on adopting a child from abroad. She’s got a court date set at the end of the month, and, if all goes well, her daughter will come home early next year. Could you all keep your fingers crossed for her?

2) Snail mail! Cards, post cards, letters, or what have you, I just very much enjoy getting mail. (I'd especially love to get something from outside of America.)

3) I’d love to own copies of any of Neil Gaiman’s books, other than Good Omens and Stardust, which I have already.

4) I adore earrings, especially big, dangly ones. (I’ve got three holes in each ear.)

5) I’m considering doing a Teaching English as a Foreign Language program in Dresden, Germany in 2010. I’d love to have some books about Dresden in specific or just Germany in general, or some German language books, so I might have some basic German skills if I do decide to go.

6) I’ve wanted to see Torchwood for ages, but I don’t get the station it is on and my internet connection is too slow to make downloading an option. Can anyone help with this?

7) Scarves. Fashion scarves rather than the kind that keep you warm.

8) The Cable & Deadpool trade paperbacks, numbers 1, 3, or 5-8.

9) Some years ago the Disney Channel played a show called So Weird, which was sort of a less scary Supernatural for the pre-teen set. I remember enjoying it back then, and would love to be able to see it again. (Particularly the first two seasons.)

10) A copy of Joyce Carol Oats’s Wild Nights!. I’ll be needing this for a class I’m taking next semester.

Happy Holidays!

Sherri Quirke
5351 Hilldom Rd
Pierpont, OH, 44082
United States
i can do snail mail.. and i will indeed keep your friend in my prayers..
as to the other stuff...
i MAY have some German language lessons . but if so they are boxed....
can you send me your snail mail address, and a note saying what i am sending you to me? i have a really bad memory....
kirsten at fabricdragon dot com
Thank you very much. I've sent you the email.

Do you have a list I could look at? I'd like to see if there's anything I can do for you.
I can help you out some with So Weird.

I've got all of season 1, the first 5 episodes of season 2, and the first episode of season 3 (I'm pretty sure somewhere I had a disc with the rest of season 2, but I can't find it at the moment). All of the episodes are .wmv, and range from about 45 - 65 MB each. The quality varies (I believe they were originally recorded on VHS, then they were compressed to make the files smaller and easier to share), but they're definitely watchable.

I can either burn them onto a disc and mail them, or upload to megaupload, which ever you'd prefer.
i can send you some snail mail (

hahaha i was having a convo about so wierd last night :) i loved that show!
Great, thank you.

I'm not even sure what the heck made me think of it. I just realized that I hadn't seen the show in years and that I'd really like to again. It's sort of odd to know that someone else actually remembered So Weird lately too.

Have you posted a list yet? I'd love to take a look at it if you have.
That? Would be brilliant. Thank you so much! (Good Omens and American Gods are so tied for my favorite Gaiman Books.)

Have you posted a list? I'd love to see if I can do anything for you.
1. Best of luck to her!

2. I'd be glad to.

6. Sure, PM me or send me an email (my username at gmail) with a link to this post. I have a couple questions for you. :)

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1. Thanks. It'll be just the best Christmas gift if everything goes well in court.

2. Again, thanks.

6. Email sent. (Subject line: Holiday Wishes)

Do you have a list posted? I'd like to see if there's anything I can do for you.
I'm from the U.S. but from Hawaii. For some reason people think it's another country :P

Would you like a Hawaiian theme card? However, I will send it after the holidays is that okay?
Yes, thank you, I'd like that. And getting it after the holidays is no problem.

Have you posted a list yet? I'd like to see if I can do anything for you.

(Are there people from the continental U.S. who actually see Hawaii as a foreign country?)
You've been added to my "after the holidays" list. I will get earrings out to you ASAP.
Oh, lovely. Thank you kindly.

Have you posted a list? I'd like to see if there's anything I can do for you.

Also, your icon is adorable.
It very much is. *bounces in anticipation*

Would you direct me to your list? I'd love to see if I might be able to do anything for you.
Best of luck to your friend! I'm definitely keeping her in my prayers :)

I can send you a card!