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I've always loved this time of year until recently due to personal reasons. But I'm trying to get that old spirit back especially for my boys. Getting and sending cards to LJ Holiday wishers always made me smile so I'm here to do it again and even got my parents to try it. They're loving the cards they got and such. So here goes:

1. Any of the movies I have on this list. Doesn't have to be new, or even that dvd, can be a dvd that will work on a portable dvd player. http://nyteangil-aka-nyteangel.tripod.com/id6.html

2. Surprise craft box: pretty much leftover crafts or things to be used in crafts or anything really.

3. A funkeys start kit would be really kewl, or even some of the guys for it for when I can get one for myself.

4. A digital camera I can hook up to download pictures I take to my computer. Nothing fancy, just something I can take pictures of my kids with.

5. I love caligraphy. I write with the pens I have as often as I can, but they're running out of ink so anything to do with that would be awesome.

6. Anything with Tinker Bell, especially dark tink, Hello Kitty or Strawberry shortcake would be kewl.

7. STAMPS to help send out more penpal letters would be great!

8. For the artists out there, I would love to get drawings to put into an
album. I've always loved having artistic friends that would draw me things.

9. Vegetable/flower/herb seeds for the small container garden I'm trying to get started. I live in Central Texas.

10. A penny. I've always loved that saying 'A penny for your thoughts.' It makes me feel like someone cares.

Even if I don't get any of my wishes grants, just having you guys read it makes me smile knowing I'm not invisible. I would go into a long drawn out spill of why I'm sad or need help getting into the Christmas spirit, but I rather not sadden anyone else. Besides I'll reserve it for family and my penpals! :) Thank you again, have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! My address is:
Vanessa Flores
Po Box 995
Hutto, TX 78634

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Twilight2000, mod
I'll toss a penny (or two) into the next expired coupon package I send.

You ARE still collecting those, right?
I'd be happy to send you some pennies. I should be going to the post office later this week.
Oh thank you that's great. I could have sworn I typed this already but I didn't see it so thank you again.
I mailed your package today. Watch for something from San Jose, CA.

Happy Holidays. =]
It might take a few days, but I can spot you my three-disker of Spaced. My boyfriend and I just got/finished the series. It's awesome! And the Tyres Telephone Rave is my ringtone ;)
I can do pennies

Also would burned be okay for #1?

I have The Notebook, Camp Rock, High School Musical 1 and 2 and The Chronicles of Narnia that I can burn for you if it will work for you
I jotted your address down. You will be getting a card with a little something for you in it, along with a penny!

I would like to be your penpal too. I've never had a penpal before :)
I am adding you to my holiday card list and I will toss a penny in, along with some thoughts. Gotta get my penny's worth, ya know.
I can send you a card! :) I'm going to throw in some Canadian pennies there, is that okay?

I'm going to throw in some surprises there, too :D
Oh, also, I have one of those HSM books that I don't want anymore. I'm just going to sell them to a used bookstore later. Maybe you want them? Seeing as HSM is in your DVD list. For you kids, perhaps? They're in pretty good condition, I read them only once and outgrown my HSM obsession.
That would be awesome thank you. I don't have any canadian pennies or coins so that's really super. I'll put it in my album of coins thanks. My oldest would love it, he likes reading big boy books and enjoyed the movies surprisingly.