Hi I'm Bob and I'm an alcoholic

...oh wait, wrong group.

Okay, I'm Demmie, been 'round these parts for quite some time. LOVE LOVE LOVE playing holiday elf, since it's GREAT for collecting karma points, and I wanna win that cruise. Or something. That's what it said on the inside of the bottlecap. and #44 post in the community, so do I win that toaster?

Seriously, I'm in Orlando, FL.. happily married with kids, and sorry, no sob story here. Things could be better, sure, but things could always be MUCH much worse, and I think people tend to lose sight of that. I chomp at the bit all year for this, as I think giving to others is a FANTASTIC cure for depression, and helps you to remember what's really important in this thing we call "life". Am already granting wishes, and looking mightily forward to bringing some holiday smiles. Give of yourself, and the rewards will be plentyfold. 'm not sure the exact amount of "plentyfold", but it sounds like a lot. ;)

And whether you look at my list, grant a wish (even if it's someone else's), I wish you the happiest of holidaze :)

My List by Demmie

1. A Russian Blue

I have been wanting one for YEARS. One day I will have it. Oh yes, one day I WILL have one. I will love him and snuggle him and... you get the idea.

2. Help with a tattoo design. I have two more tattoos I want to get eventually (okay, three), and I am NOT an artist by any means. I would love for someone who is more creatively inclined to help me design my next tattoo. The next one, I want to be "Karma" as it's THE tenet I live by. I want it to be a custom ambigram. The one after that will be to represent my children, incorporating their birthstones. But I can't draw, so any artists out there that like designing tattoos... *smiles*

3. I am fascinated by Buddhism. I'm a self-described "agnostic pagan", and I'd like to explore a bit more as part of my "New Year's Resolution". Any books you have that you have enjoyed on Buddhism/Tantra/Eastern philosophies, I'd be happy to receive. Books should always be in circulation, that's what I say.

4. iTunes gift cards. I've become an absolute app fiend with my iPod Touch (1st gen, unfortunately, but hey I'm not complaining...), and it's my way of de-stressing. It keeps me.. um.. sane.... *shifty eyes*

5. Frames and shelves. We've been in our home a year and the walls are still bare. We HAVE a lot of photos and things to display, but we have no shelves, nor do we have frames to display a lot of the great celeb autographs or art we have. ANY shelves or ANY frames (like 8x10, 11x13, whatever).

6. Accessories for my upcoming costumes. You see, I'm one of those dorky geeks who goes out and dresses up at conventions. Unfortunately I can't sew or make stuff to save my life. I mean I glue two sticks together and it's a disaster, I kid you not. So my wish would be for an accessory for one of my costumes. For example, a beret to go with my Cobra Baroness, or a shoulder holster for my Misty Knight, or a poison apple for my Evil Queen, or something for my Cleopatra, or... so if you're crafty and interested in possibly helping an untalented geeky sap out...

7. Gift art. Huh, you say? Well, like I said, I'm a costumer. And there's always someone higher up on the chain you look up to. There are a couple of others, and one of the things I see that I'm admittedly a tad envious of is "gift art". People send them art of themselves.. like here's an example of what I mean. To me, it's the highest form of flattery.

8. For my daughters: Age 19 and 17... both are experiencing some tough personal times right now, and I'd love for them to have some outside encouragement. Do you have a book that has helped you through a particular dark time in your life? Perhaps one that brought you out of a very difficult period that you wouldn't mind passing onto someone else? Speak on up. :)

9. And of course, The Amazon wishlist, even if it's something that's on the list that you have lying around the house and want to get rid of. I'm a fan of Disney Villains, plush Cthulus, Gossamer, Sephora, all kindsa stuffs... G'head, take a look. Ya never know, and ya might end up with a devoted fan ;)

10. Catherine Coatney. You see, I have been lusting after this outfit since 2003. My wonderful friend fieryredhead (if you see her wishlist, PLEASE grant a wish for her...) finally found the corset for me *gasp thud*, so now I just need to find the skirt. Seems the sheer skirt is here, but now my years-long mission is almost complete. I just need to find that skirt!!

And another thing: PLEASE do respect the unsung heroes of this community.. the mods. They don't get enough credit for doing what they do. How can you respect them? By adhering to the guidelines set forth, and make their job easier. I'd love for everyone to remember what the community was founded upon and what it's supposed to be really about.

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For your daughters...I have the books that have helped me through really rough times both at 17 and later at 19. I'd be SO HAPPY to pass them on to other girls!

mshuwarger [at] gmail [dot] com

If you'd feel comfortable, I'd love to have their names so I can write a little letter to go with it. If not, I completely understand!
OMG your icon is ADORABLE!!!!! *glomps*

I e-mailed you, and thank you so much for this :)
Greetings! I wanted to get you something off your amazon list but...it won't let me get something from a 3rd party seller for some reason. Says it can't give me your mail-to address. (When did it start doing that?)

Anyway, if you drop me your addy at webmaster(at)giveneyestosee.com I'll manually check out an item for ya.

Have a beautiful holiday season!
Oh yeah and by the way, I can't give you a Blue but I had one for 13 wonderful years. He was such an amazing cat and I miss him still. You can see some pics of him on his site here. So good luck with your wish!
ZOMG *thud* KITTTYYYY!!!!!!

*sigh* I am so envious of you. I'm patient, and I know one day I will come across my catmate in a rescue that needs me.

Thank you for sharing the story about Kush. He is indeed so adorable that I AWWWWW'ed out loud.
Did you get me the Disney Villains book?

Unfortunately, I have a bit of bad news... it got here, but the book? Well... pages 17-33 are ripped right out of the book, and there's a number of other ripped pages as well. The thought was beyond kind of you, just thought you'd like to know how the item arrived in case you wanted to leave feedback for the seller.

Thanks so much for the thought though...
Just the larger ones, actually.. thank you so much!!! the larger, the better... but yeah, have a number of celeb 8x10s that could spruce upour walls :) *will PM*

I got them.. thank you so much!!! Only 13 more frames to go and my Wall of Fame will be complete.. thank you soooooo much!!
Yay! What a great idea to ask for that skirt on here! I still have an ebay search for it emailed to me daily. :p

Just posted my list; hopefully it will be approved soon (but it's already on my personal lj.) ;)
There's about 44 copies of Nicholas Sparks's The Notebook offered on BookMooch.com, so ... if you could drop me a line with your address at misuranATyahoo.com, I'll be happy to try and snatch one for you. Probably won't arrive before Christmas, though. ^^;