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I figured i'd get this out of the way early, since I know I won't remember once the holidays really start rolling in. I guess this makes...year three for me? I've tried really hard to fulfill wishes for others. I don't always succeed (sometimes the money runs low) but i've tried to do small things.

I don't know if my wish-granters saw my thank-you last year, so i'll say it again now. Thank you for last years wonderful cards and gifts! They made me so happy. :)

As for this year? I don't have very many wishes.

1: Holiday Cards. I feel so special every year getting so many holiday cards. I put them all over my vanity mirror and my shelves. I look at them every day til mid January. I'd really like that a lot.

2: I would very much like this book. It's called Hot Ice and Wondrous Strange Snow and its about the Harbin Ice Festival in China. It has the most beautiful pictures. I've asked for it for my birthday for three years and have yet to get it. *laugh*

3: I like berets. Yeah, the hats. I look cute in them! So if you've bought one in the past and didn't like it, i'd be more than happy to wear it!

4: Anything French. I'm sort of a francophile. And I do mean anything. You'd be surprised what I would consider to be very awesome.

5: Everyone usually puts their pipe dream on here, so i'll add one too. I'd really love to get the Rosetta Stone French or Fluenz French. They're really expensive language teaching programs that I certainly can't afford. But I think i'd die of happiness if I ever got them.

6: Please...enjoy your families during the holiday season. I come from a broken home and get so upset when I hear people complain about "having to go visit two families" or being "so strapped for time". Keep in mind that there are people in the world who would feel so very very blessed to actually be wanted in two places on the same day, or not to be lonely on Christmas morning.

7: Please be safe this holiday season. I'm a mortician, and I see a lot of people who could easily have avoided a visit to me if they'd just given the keys to someone else. I don't want to be busy this Christmas.

8: Give generously. People are struggling. True charity is not giving when you have plenty, but when you have little. And don't forget how valuable your time is, and how much of a difference you can make to others by giving it to them.

9: Slow down. Take stock of your life. Discard what is not necessary and nourish what is. Strive ceaselessly to discover and know the difference.

10: And as my grandmom told me every day til the day she died: Mind Your Manners!

K. Hasty
PO Box 24
Winfield MO 63389

Happy Holidays Everyone!


I have this hat that is quite beret-like and fits me very strangely! I'd be happy to send it your way if you're interested :)
If it is even mildly beret-like...I will like it. I don't know what my fascination with them is.

*hugs* So, yes, that would be quite awesome!
Oh man, your icon made me sporfle. XD I'll send you a card. You're in the US, right?
Your should read skazat's blog. He's from Denver but briefly living in Paris.
Two years ago he bicycled all over France. So he has lots of French things to blog about. He has a Flickr with a bunch of photos too.
Oh what a lovely suggestion! I'll look tonight! I wouldn't know what to do with myself bicycling all over another country. I'd probably die of exhaustion. *laugh*
I'll be glad to send you a card.

And hope I don't wind up seeing you. And the chemicals... >>;


And I'll do 6-10. Without a complaint.
Consider 6-10 granted, though #10 might be harder to abide by all the time. I have a mouth on me sometimes, LOL.

I'll see what I can do with regards to #4, if you'd be okay with receiving a French mixtape via the internets. I'm afraid I don't have the cash to actually send things out, but I'd still like to grant that wish if I can.
Money is not necessary! A mixtape via interweb would be AWESOME. I can always burn it onto cd and listen in the car!

*hugs* Thank you!
Honestly, 6 through 10 made me cry. I lost my brother to a drunk driver 12 years ago. I still miss him terribly. *swallows hard* And I won't even go into some members of my family who don't associate with the rest. *sighs*

I'm lousy at sending letters, but I'm going to make a special effort to send you a Christmas card.
I'm sorry about your brother; I know that sort of death never really heals. I hate seeing people die come to me that way. It makes my already stressful job even more sad.

And I would LOVE to get a card from you. Make sure to mention who you are and i'll put you on my list to get returns!

thank you so much for #6. i often find it stressful during the holidays to try and be in three places at once, but you really put it into perspective. thank you :)
My pleasure. People tend to forget the point of the holidays while trying to do what they "should" be doing for the holidays.

You must have a big family. Three places! *laugh*
6-10. Thank you for including those. I'm going to try very hard to focus on them this year. I know everyone always says that...I'm usually one of them, but I'm actually going to try this year.

You're also going on my card list. :)
1. drop me a pm with your addy and ill drop a card in the mail for ya :)

6. im trying to. its hard with all the fighting going on in my family these days though. i am planning on going home for christmas day, at least.

7. i hope people play things safe this year too. i dont work on a squad, but im a first responder, and one of my instructors once told me: we will always have a job in ems, because people do stupid stuff.

8. i always give when i can, from toys to foodshelf, to saving up those boxtops and soup labels (i give them to a friends mom) to those $1 donations in stores.

9. need to work on this....

10. manners are good :)
No worries! My address is just at the bottom of my post there. It goes straight to muh post office box! Fwee. :)

EMS? Oh geez, I wouldn't want to do that job at all. Too stressful for me.