Holiday Wishes 2009!

Hi all! My name is Lyn, and I'm from NC. I'm 21 and a psychology/education major, with intentions to become a special education teacher. I would really appreciate anything you would like to share with me, even if it's not on my list! I will be helping out as many people from the community as possible, as well.

My (Lyn's!) List:

1. Anything having to do with Hello Kitty. I am a little obsessed and she makes me so very happy... my car and my entire room are decked out ;)

2. Pinup stuff! Be it hair accessories, purses, shoes (I'm a 9-9.5 in women's), pictures, books, whatever! I especially adore Dita Von Teese, and I'm on the lookout for a gently used copy of any of her books.

3. "New home" things. We are moving to Asheville, NC (where I used to live) in early January, and we don't have much in the way of decorating! We are both fairly odd creatures, so ANYTHING you wanna send us that could go on a wall or whathaveyou would be awesome.

4. Books! Used, all-but-falling-apart, new, anything! I read alot of Psychology books and True Crime... but I also love a good chick novel, or something that makes you think. If you have a question about this, feel free to ask and I'll fill you in as much as possible.

5. Anything rainbow or gay pride-related. I love rainbows, haha. Bracelets, hair accessories, purses, socks, necklaces, keychains, posters... Go for it!

6. Anything Ani Difranco related. She is MY IDOL and I absolutely am ENAMORED. This is a cry in the dark... but if you or someone you know has a pair of tickets to the Winter Jam in Asheville, NC they want to get rid of or sell, please let me know!

7. Perfume! I especially love Victoria's Secret scents, but I also like Britney Spears' brand (ha), and Lucky You... Generally, anything floral (but not Old People-esque, lol) or anything that smells like CANDY I will adore.

8. MAC MAKEUP! I am a fanatic, and I cannot get enough. I mostly wear their lipsticks and blush, but I do wear eyeshadow and mascara and everything they make, pretty much.

9. Something from my Amazon wishlist...

I love books and movies of all sorts, so these are just to give you an idea!

10. Your thoughts and best wishes. This year has been VERY rough. In October I lost a friend from High School to suicide, and my heart is still jumbled. There have been many ups and downs for both my fiancee and I, as her family has presented a lot of problems. So if you would keep us in your thoughts and/or prayers, it would be VERY appreciated! Or, if you want to make a monetary donation to the AFSP ( in my friend's name (Canda Kinney), that would be amazing. CARDS would be great! I will cherish them and hang them up in our new apartment!

Thank you sooo much! Here is my address (and yes, it is the same as Taz's, because we live together... We are definitely not the same person though, hah!)

Lyndsey Crumbley
216 Jala Lane
Lexington, NC 27292
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I also love anything pride related!!! What exactly are you looking for? I made necklaces last year for pride and if you like simple beads I can make you a rainbow necklace. It's nothing fancy or anything! I can make it a long chain if you would like!

Let me know!
your icon is fab! my best friend would absolutely love it.

I'm looking for anything! When I go to Pride (SC, NC, Atlanta, or locally) I go all-out... and if I go anywhere I at least have on one thing that is rainbow-oriented. Anything you want to give, especially homemade things, I would love! There is more heart in homemade :] Thank you so much!
awesome! Send me your addy!!

I love collecting rainbow items, anything to show your pride all year round!!!

Have you ever watched Queer as Folk?
My addy is in the post, but here it is:

Lyndsey Crumbley
216 Jala Lane
Lexington, NC 27292

Yes! I love it :] I haven't seen the Brit version though.
whoops! I've been playing in this comm all night seeing who's wishes I can grant and I've just gotten used to emailing everyone!

I have watched both but I will say that US version is much much better!!!

I'm excited to start on your necklace! Do you think your BFF would want one as well? Would you like anything written on it? I have some letter beads as well!

I'm sure she would LOVE one! She's bi, but very in touch with her girl-loving side ;) You can write whatever you would like on it... If it helps, her name is Laura, and mine is Lyn (as stated above hehe).

Thank you so much, again! This is way cool.
I'm very sorry about the loss of your friend. I definitely will keep you in my thoughts and wish for solace and peace for you this holiday season.
Thank you. It's gradually getting easier to think of her, and remember her in a positive way without tears and ache... but it's still very hard, and my heart is broken for her entire family. Thank you, thank you, thank you. :] Your words are very sweet.
i lost a dear friend to suicide in January. If you have an S.O.S. group near you, I recommend going there. I also do a lot of work with AFSP now (Am. Foundation for S.P.) - and have done charity walks - and will continue to do charity walks. I'll add Canda's name to my t-shirt for my next walk. I hope it helps.
I am so, so very sorry. I understand the pain you've been through, and are still going through! I will look for an S.O.S. group and recommend that my friends do the same. Canda's best friend is doing a charity walk in December in her honor. I would so very much appreciate it if you added her name! Could you send me a picture, if you wouldn't mind?

my email is This means so much.
I will do so! Also - good to hear you're going back to Asheville - my fiance's from there and I love the heck out of it too! If I could move there, I would. I live in Carrboro. The two best and hippiest towns in this state!
Oh, how cool! Yeah, I cannot wait to get back home... I went to school there for 3.5 semesters and then came back to Lexington, and I've been longing for the mountains ever since.
I've never been to Carrboro, but I have friends there.
Very neat that you're from the area. :] Can I ask which marathon you're running in?
You love Wicked too? That's awesome, I just thought you might since you wanted Wicked: The Grimmerie, a Behind-the-Scen​es Look at the Hit Broadway Musical, great book I bought mine from Borders and you like Paranormal State (I love that show)

Would burned be okay for Paranormal State? I might be able to burn you one season of it, it depends on how many dvds I would need.

I might be able to find some Hello Kitty stuff or MAC Makeup I have to check.

And I'll see if I can find some books- for True Crime have you read True Stories of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, because I have it, I just figured I would ask if you read it already, if not I can send it to you.

Yesss I LOVE Wicked! It's probably my second favorite musical of all time (following Les Miserables.) I've been drooling over that book (and the pop-up one!) since I saw them. :]

I LOVE Paranormal State, too. It's one of my favorite shows to watch on A&E. Burned would be great! I don't mind at all.

I have not read that book, but it sounds awesome. My girlfriend would most likely read it too... she loves those shows!

Let me just say, reading this comment is like opening presents on Christmas! hehe.
I actually only have one of her CDs, the rest are just mixes... so I would love a copy! She always makes road trips so much more enjoyable.

p.s. your cat is beautiful (i'm assuming he/she's yours.) We have a calico that is the sweetest little thing... but she cops a mad attitude sometimes lol
Hi there. Would you send me a mailing address so I can get the CD out to you? You can e-mail me at janea (at) paws-and-effect (dot) com; please put Holiday Wishes: Ani CD in the subject line.


(P.S.: No, that's not my cat. But I did have a lovely calico kitty friend for a long time, too.)
Being a proud nerd...ahem..."lifelong student" (LOL) I can definitely help with some books.

Being from Buffalo, NY (where Ani is like...GOD), I can definitely spring for something Ani related too!
This comment made my day! (Well, the comment, and my new kittens.. hehe.) Thank yooou! I've always wanted to visit Buffalo for that very reason!

My address is up there if ya need it :]
I'm gonna fill one of your requests!

Would you mind sending me an e-mail at with a link to your wishlist? That'd help me out a ton. Thank you! <3