It's that time of the year :)

Hi everyone! My name is Amanda, this is my second year and I thoroughly enjoy sending out wishes and of course receiving. I can't wait to start finding wishes to grant! I work at a local hospital in Health Information and I am a full time college student getting a degree in my field of work. And I am almost done..yeah!! I have one daughter who is 12. Happy Holidays everyone!


1.Anything from my Amazon wish list:
I am still adding a few things I really want to this list.

2.Any stocking stuffers for my daughter.
Being a single mom times have gotten tough for me. And any help with stocking stuffers would be wonderful. She is into the typical 12 yr old stuff: pens, glittery things, makeup, Twilight, star jewelry, knick knacks, etc.

3.Anything in my mailbox.
A card or a package. Especially Christmas cards or inspiring cards you might make. I love when the mail man brings "fun" mail instead of bills. But lately it has been bills..blah.

4.Scrapbook stuff.
I love all kinds of stickers, papers, cut outs, rub ons. Especially vintage looking items.

5. Funny or quirky office items.
I love to find funny things for my office: stress balls, zen gardens, quirky sayings, inspiring quotes, funny little creatures. I know I am quirky that way. :)

6. Donations to American Cancer Society.
I would love it if you would donate to this important fund. My Dad died of lung cancer when I was 21, he was only 56 when he passed. I miss him terribly.

7. Bath and Body Works scent Japanese Cherry Blossom items.
I LOVE this scent and would be soooo happy to get more lotion, gel or even the perfume/body spray again. This is the only thing I really wear and have been out of it for a while. :(

8. Handmade jewelry.
Anything with beads or silver. My favorite colors are red, black, plum, burgundy, and dark green.

9. Anything with snowmen on them.
Paper, note cards, pens, brooches, ornaments, decorations, etc. I love snowmen for the holidays. :)

10. Pen friends.
Would love to make some new friendships, I am open to anyone anywhere.

Thanks for reading my list. I love surprises so I shall post my address here:

Amanda B.
190 Meadowview Terrace
Oxford, GA 30054
if youd like any kind of stickers, i can send you some!
i dont have vintage, though.
I have to look but I'm pretty sure I have some unopened makeup I bought for my cousin last year that a 12 year old would love, I would be happy to send it your way!
On your Amazon wish list, you have silver knot earrings. I have a pair that I wore but I had to stop wearing earrings so they are just sitting in a drawer. They probably just need to be cleaned. If you think you might want them, I could send them to you.

Let me know. :)
You're welcome. Can you send me your address? You can email me:
I'll send you a card, and make sure it has snowmen on it ;)♥
#6 is being fulfilled. My dad and sister died of cancer and I recently joined Relay for Life and we are doing fund raisers for it now.

I wish I could send you something audible, but I just cannot afford it at all.

I hope you get everything you wish for this year! *hugs*
Thank you so much, this is a wonderful fund to give to. I am sorry for your losses also.
When you say vintage under scrapbooking, what eras are you interested in?
Any era would be wonderful, but really the older the better. I love things from the 60's and back.
I think I MAY have some Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion. I'll have to look. At any rate..I can send a card. :)
I picked up a Japanese Cherry Blossom gift set for you while I was at the mall today! I'll send it your way! :) I'll try and throw a few stocking stuffers in there for your daughter as well!

I'm so sorry for the loss of your dad. :( My boyfriend is a cancer survivor and we are both very involved in our local Relay for Life this year! The ACS is such a great organization to be involved in!
Thank you so much! You are wonderful. Yes the Relay for Life is such an awesome event to be involved in also. We participate also every year.
3. drop me a pm with your addy and ill drop a card in the mail for ya :)

6/10. i do donate, usually to relay for life. my dad died when he was 55 and i was 22. he passed away from lung cancer as well. feel free to friend.drop me a pm with your addy and ill drop a card in the mail for ya :)