Happy Holidays for All

Hello Elves! I'm Kate, it's my fourth year around here and I'm excited to get going again. I've had a very good year and have been very fortunate - but a lot of the charities I volunteer for have been having a rough year because of the down economy. Instead of wishing for myself, all of my wishes will help them.

1. Stickers. I asked for these last year and got an amazing response. My mother is a secretary in a pediatric unit at the local hospital and she gives out stickers to the kids for everything - getting blood drawn, eating their breakfast, letting the nurse take their temperature. If you can donate any, the kids would love it!

2. 2010 Calendars/Date Books. The local soup kitchen gives them out to their patrons. If you have ones that you're not planning on using, they'd love to have them.

3. New, Travel-Sized Toiletries and New Washcloths. Again, for the soup kitchen. They put together hygiene bags to hand out whenever they have enough.

4. Reading Glasses. Again, for the soup kitchen. Handed out to patrons as needed.

5. Plastic Ponchos. Again, for the soup kitchen. Handed out to patrons as needed. You can find these in most dollar stores.

6. Children's Books. The local shelter has a "take home" library and lets the kids staying there keeps the books so they always need more to flush out their collection.

7. New Playdough. I volunteer at a preschool for homeless kids weekly. They adore playdough, but a lot of theirs is dried out. The preschool also feeds the kids three meals a day and often help clothe them too, so playdough isn't high on their list to buy.

8. Box Tops for Education. These help schools buy badly-needed items. If you don't already clip and donate these, I'd love if you go through your cabinets, clip them out and send them my way.

9. Free item coupons. If you have any free item coupons that you aren't going to use, send them my way. I'll track down the items and get them to an organization that can use them.

10. Used video games. To be sent overseas to deployed US troops. Can be for any system.

If anyone can help with any of these wishes, drop me an email at here_we_glow@yahoo.com - I'll get back to you ASAP! Thank you and happy holidays!
Yes, those are perfect!

Drop me an email, or leave your email here and I'll send you my mailing address.
I don't have much, but your post has really inspired me to spend more of my time volunteering. I'm also going to try to get a small box of things together for you. You can send me a mailing address at delwyncole (at) cox (dot) net
I know that I just commented, but I wanted to know if homemade playdoughs worked, or do they need to be commercial playdough?
It would need to be commercial playdough so they can make sure it meets health/safety standards for the kids.
i can send you some childrnes books.

email me babe, xo4alex61707@yahoo.com

make sure you leave your LJ name somewhere in the letter, as well as your address!
I can totally help out with some of these!

Please send me an email with your username and addy to fraserette@gmail.com!

I actually have 2 coupons for free shave gel (for men) that I do not need. Would that be of any use to you? They need to be redeemed before 12/31/09. If you want them, please send me your info: worstxintentions at gmail dot com
Hi, I would like to donate some things to help out with the shelters and the like. Please send me an email at juliedmc @ gmail.com and link me back to this post so that I don't lose it!

Oh, and include your address too, or an address where I can send the stuff to donate. :)
I'd be happy to send you some stickers and childrens books. Just send your address to auralily2000 at yahoo.com with a reminder of what I promised and I'll get them to you as soon as possible.
i might be able to help with a few things. can you email me your address? thanks :)

At the very least, I can send you some stickers. If you can hold out until January, I can probably throw some kids books your way, too.

Email me at katew00lard at hotmail.com with your details, and I'll do what I can.