It's the Holidays!!!!!!!

I'm so excited that the list is open again! Granting wishes and reading the lists adds so much fun and Christmas spirit to my days. I just came back from buying a ton of cards so I am ready for that part!

1. Cards and Postcards! My family loves getting a ton of cards and we put them all up. Please email for my address and send your address if you would like a card in return. We're also involved with Postcrossing so postcards about your area are great.

2. Used Nintendo DS Games. I've had one for awhile, but only a couple of games so far. Anything you're tired of will work for either me or my son.

3. Stickers. I do a sticker board for my son for accomplishing his goals. Stickers of cartoon characters/action figure types would be great.

4. A corset. I've always wanted to buy one at a RennFaire, but they are out of my price range. There are always more sensible things I had to spend the money on. Email me for measurements. I'm about a size 18 if that narrows it down.

5. Cartoon image. I love the cartoon pictures at and am dying for one of my husband and I. If there are any artists out there that can do one that would be incredible. Again, the prices at the website are a bit out of my budget for fun spending.

6. Lush Bath bombs. They are the BEST thing to relax with after a long stressful day of work.

7. Boxtops. I would love to take a huge bag of boxtops to school one month. Normally we're lucky to have two or three to contribute.

8. Fluffy socks. The sillier the better.

9. Southwest Airlines or other airlines gift cards. We love to travel and Southwest often has $29 fares to places so any amount on a gift card to help us out on a trip!

10. The impossible. But it's the holidays and what better time to try for that? Many years ago Ebay had a ton of props from the Tremors movies on auction. One of the items was the large metal population sign for the town of Perfection. All of my friends and family pooled their resources to try and win it for me, but they were outbid at the last moment. I'm dying to know who has this prop piece. Maybe one day they'd be willing to sell?? I've looked for it for years off and on, but no luck. maybe one of you knows where it is? By the time I thought to email the person directly the information was lost from Ebay.

Thanks for taking the time to read through my list! Please remember to bookmark if you think you can do one of them. Last year I saw many posts from people who misplaced the lists of the people they'd promised to send items to.

Have a fantastic holiday season. HUGS!!!

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I'd be happy to add you to my card list! Drop me your address to webmaster(at) and put something like "holiday wishes" in the subject. If you could please also include your LJ name so I can reference my list and keep it in order this year, that would be helpful too.

Have a wonderful holiday season!
i can... two of these! email me your addy?

Hi, I would love to send you a Holiday card or a postcard.

Please send me your information to:

Please put in Holiday wishes in the subject and what I promished you in the email.

Thank you!
I can definitely send you a card and some stickers. :)

I can also do the cartoon picture, but I don't really have the means to send it to the US. However, if you have a way of having them printed/framed yourself, I'd be happy to create the image and send you the file.

Anyway, I'll send you an e-mail!
I'd love to send you a card!

Email worstxintentions at gmail dot com with the subject "Holiday Wishes - Xmas card" and your info.

E-mail your address with the subject "Postcard" to faeriequeen06 (at) yahoo, and I'll get one in the mail to you! :D
I can send you a card packed with some "Cars" stickers, if your son would like those. :)

Email coming.
i want to fufill a wish of yours can you please email a link to your wishlist and your address to

drop me a pm with your addy and ill drop a card in the mail for ya :)
I'm not sure what a pm is. :) Please email and I'll send my addy. thanks. :)
I can grant 1 & 2 and possibly 7.

#2: I have Super Mario DS, Brain Age, and Harvest Moon DS. If any of those interest you.

#7: I'll have to see if I have anything that has boxtops. I'll look around.

If you could eMail me ( with you address and make sure to mention Holiday Wishes and your username in the subject line. ^_^