If wishes were cats, I would be in trouble!

Happy Holidays!

My name's Romy and I have a few wishes that would just make my whole year if someone would grant them. I am so stressed out with this semester's classes, financial crap for school and health problems (I got the swine flu this year and still feel like I am recovering) that I really could use some good holiday cheer.

So, the simple stuff:

1. Unique, Silly, Bizarre Candy - barring any that contain bugs, you know... I love trying weirdo candies. Give me your best shot! Just...no bugs, okay?

2. Mint Tea - I am absolutely insane for mint tea. As an asthmatic, it's one of the things that I use almost medicinally to clear airways that don't require the hefty rescue inhaler. The more minty the taste, the better! I think Stash has some wonderful Christmas teas that are mint, don't they? I prefer pre-bagged not loose.

. Kitty toys and treats (especially Friskies treats) - my cats just lost one of their kitty playmates this year due to heart failure so we have been using toys to help them through the grieving process. It also helps the humans in the house when their playing makes us smile.

. Dentyne Ice Arctic Chill Gum - I am a gum chewer. It is my biggest vice, so if I could get gum in my stocking...oh yeah, happy me!

5. McDonald's Gift cards - Sounds silly, but my favorite fast food meal in the world is just a simple McD's cheeseburger and fries.

6. Good Kanji Dictionary - I am studying Japanese and plan to study abroad in Japan as part of my anthropology and history majors. This would help me further my study.

7. Books in Japanese or books about Japan - The books can be about anything - manga, history, culture, travel brochures.... If they are in Japanese, they help me develop my language skills.

8.Amazon List- I would happily and gratefully take anything from here. My list is pretty large since I use it for dreaming, but I have no issues with used books, dvds, or cds - so if you have something you don't want that is on my list, please send it along. I also have my list seperated by item, so here are those links: books, DVDs, CDs, Miscellaneous stuff like tarot cards and toys.

The long shots:

9. Used Wii or PS3 games - I plan on getting a Wii this year and would love your gently used games.

10. Fan Art for guiltyred's fanfiction - My sweetheart is a writer for Final Fantasy VII, Weiss Kreuz, Saiyuki and Harry Potter among many others. For the past two years, she has been suffering from a really debilitating depression. Now that she is finally starting to come out of that long dark woods, I think it would be inspiring for her to receive fan art to help her get back into her writing (she has missed it so much). So, if you happen to be in any way skilled with art and you happen to enjoy any of those fandoms, could you please wander over to her fiction master list, read anything that tweaks your fancy and draw a scene from her story or just something nice. Seeing her happy is so important to me and if you could do this, it would make my day, week, month, and year!

My address:

P.O. Box 264
Davison, Mi 48423

Thank you ever so much! I look forward to granting some of your wishes this year!
I can definitely swing the mint tea, and some toys for your kitteh.

Hmm...if you're looking to work on your Japanese, have you tried sharedtalk.com? I'm using it now to work on a number of South Asian languages (and brush up on my Greek and Hebrew). You can set up language exchanges with people overseas who are fluent in the language you want to learn.
Thank you so much!

sharedtalk.com huh? I am so going to look into that! It sounds like it is just what I need. ^___^
I should be able to send a couple little things your way. :)

As a lover of all animals, I am sincerely sorry to hear that you lost one of your pets! It's never an easy thing to go through, and never gets any easier, but the companionship is never really gone ♥.

I have twin kitties, myself, and I will be sending your cats a little something to play with this Christmas! :).
I can definitely send a card your way. If everything works, and Customs doesn't throw a fit, I can go buy another of the Christmas stockings for cats that I bought for my own cat today, and send that way...they have a few toys in them. Edible treats mightn't be able to be sent, but I will ask.
1. I live a block away from a massive candy store, I can totally send you some weird candy. :D Are there any flavors/ingredients you really don't like?
*squeee!!!* Thank you for the offer! I would love it!!

The only think I don't really like is those candies based around insects...you know, chocolate covered bugs or scorpion lollis...bleh!

Also, not a huge fan of white or extremely dark chocolate. Everything else...I will certainly give a good try. Gimme your best shot!