Holiday Wishes 2009 - I'm dreaming of DEFENESTRATION, but not really!

Holiday Wishes 2009 - I'm dreaming of Panties on Hoops, only not really!

Hi! I'm Leslie, and I'm a 33-year-old student of life living in Vancouver, Canada. I've been doing this since it began in 2004... I like this community, since you get to help people with things they need / want, while being helped yourself. And if you don't get helped yourself, it means you can watch other people have joy through others! (badly worded... haven't had enough sleep) The last year has definitely been a lesson in saving money and such... I'm too much of a spender!

This year's wishes are mostly of the easily-mailed kind, especially since I'll probably be staying at my parents' house for at least a couple of weeks in December. I don't want to come back to multiple mail delivery notices, hahaha.

1. Christmas cards! They would totally brighten my day, since the mailman seems to be sending more junk mail and bills these days. :(
2. Taking an idea from someone else on here, envelope surprise. Anything random that you can fit into an envelope would be fair game!
3. Stickers. I admit, I'm far from being a kid, but I still love stickers! They can be of anything, and I'd still appreciate them!
4. Postcards!
5. Gift cards to Chapters - I like to read, and as I'm short on money, this will be a good thing to save money. It doesn't really matter how much is on the card.
6. Gift cards to Save-On Foods or London Drugs. A girl also has to eat, and I would appreciate any amount on your gift card. :)
7. Books - anything that you have lying around is fine... and I'm not picky as to genre, either. I like biographies and anecdotes, but anything will be fine. Learning through books is something I actively try to do.
8. Bookmarks - I also like bookmarks - they keep my places in books handy. ;)
9. New LJ Friends - I like learning about other people's lives. So look at my interests, and please shoot me a comment if you do this!
10. Anything with dragons on it - I love dragons, possibly because I'm one in the Chinese zodiac.

Have a safe and happy Christmas season! If you need my address, email me at - thanks! Oh, and please include a link to your wishlist as well if there's anything you think I might be able to do for you!
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I'll be glad to send you a card. I sent you an email.

Also... your profile is damn awesome. Especially the menstrating anime girl. Even though I'm not a fan of anime... that was seriously great.
Yes, I got the email. Thank you!

Hahaha, thanks! I'm not a fan of anime either! I just saw the icon version somewhere, "borrowed" it, and then found the huge version elsewhere. I had to take it for my own profile! (although I should note that someone reported it to Facebook as being "too violent")
Okay I know I am the last person you want a comment from. But you want I can try this again and send you a card.

I got your address and I will be sending it out this week.
I wouldn't say THAT! I did get your private message, thank you! :)

I've just had a busy day (and wasn't home for most of it) - I have replied, however. Thanks!
I'd love to send a card :) Also maybe #7? I frequent a couple thrift stores with really good book sections, so if you want to give me an idea on what biographies you'd prefer, I will start looking.
Hey, thank you! Can you email me so I can send you my address? Thanks!

I tend to like royalty biographies, or even rock artist biographies. :D
I can send you a card and stickers! If you are interested, please email me your username and address at
I can send you a card!

Send your address and username to my email
Hello fellow Canadian! Could you please send me your LJ and addy to

I might be able to help you out on a couple of things!
hi I would like to send you some stickers and a card could you send me your address please put the subject line with Holiday wishes and you username thanks!! :)
Hi! I am fulfilling new lj friend's wishes! I've added you as a friend and hope you will add me back! *hugs*
You know I'll think up something to send. :D

Still gotta think about my wishlist, too. I almost considered not participating this year!
DEFENESTRATION YAY! :D I'm sorry, I just really love the word... :P

I also apparently cannot spell the word you gave. FAIL. :S

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I'd be happy to grant a couple of these wishes! send me an email with your mailing address to :)
Holiday Wishes!!
Is this my girl Leslie out on the west coast? Who just got my post card? Or is this another Leslie?
drop me a pm with your addy and ill drop a card in the mail for ya :)

also feel free to add, im always looking for new friends