Welcome to NERDFEST 2009

Hey everyone!

Hmm...where to begin?

I am 23 years old and am preparing to start a MA in History, with a graduate certificate in Womens Studies at Northern Arizona University. I've lived all my life in New York, so I'm a little nervous (but still excited) about moving out west.

Hmm...lemme see. What do I want for Christmas?

1) My MA thesis deals with the face off between LGBT movements and Indian nationalist movements (I can give a more in-depth explanation if you want it...I just figured no one would really be interested. LOL). Give me books on queer theory, and you'll be my bestest friend ever in life. :-P <3

2) I am polyglot. In addition to my fluency in English, I have an intermediate level of proficiency in Greek and Spanish, and a working knowledge of Hebrew and Russian. I'm also being tutored in Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Malayalam, Hindi and Arabic. If you have language books/tapes/anything else you think might help me in my studies, I will be eternally grateful.

3) I'll be moving to Flagstaff, AZ for the start of classes in January. If someone could help me find a job/point me in the right direction of a potential opportunity, that would be SUPREMELY awesome!

4) I am hoping to find sweatshirts/tshirts with the NAU logo. I hear people out west are seriously hard core when it comes to school spirit, so I'm making every effort to fit in. LOL

5) ITUNES giftcards

6) I like to wear ties...so yes...funky ties would be AWESOME!

7) I have always wanted a bowler hat!

8) Cat toys (My fiance and I just adopted a 4 year old tabby cat, and he goes through toys like its nobody's business)

9) Penpals (I'd especially be interested in talking to people from South Asia, as that is my regional focus for my MA)

10) I like music. Mix CDs would be cool. I'm a big fan of bhangra, rock, some types of pop, industrial, house, reggae, reggaeton...I'll pretty much do anything.

Well...I look forward to hearing from people.


I can send you a mix cd it will be mostly island music. I live in Hawaii so almost everything has a reggae feel to it.

Please send me your address to mypetconcubine@yahoo.com

In subject please place holiday/mix cd and a link to your wish list.

This will make it easier for me this year.

I don't know if these books would be helpful to your thesis, but I enjoyed them:

Queering India: Same-Sex Love and Eroticism in Indian Culture and Society by Ruth Vanita

Same-Sex Love in India: Readings from Literature and History by Saleem Kidwai, Ruth Vanita

Chocolate and Other Writings on Male-Male Desire by Pandey Bechan Sharma 'Ugra' Translated from Hindi

Good luck on that thesis! Right now I am in a wonderful class dealing with South Asia and I love it!
OMG those books would all be AMAZING!

(And if you liked those, Indrani Chatterjee at Rutgers has done a lot of amazing work on conjugal relations and sex/gender in India. You might enjoy some of what she's written. Also try Ramya Sreenivasan. She was my mentor when I was an undergrad at University at Buffalo, and does a lot of work on South Asia, gender and sexuality. She was just given an award for having the best, English language book on South Asian studies/South Asian history.)

Would you mind sending me a link to your list. I always like to try to return the favor when I can! :-)

Totally off topic, would you think me a terrible stalker if I were to friend you? I looked at your profile and you and I seem to have many similar interests.
I have been quite interested in the hijras of India for a long time, if your thesis covers them, Serena Nanda has made quite a study of them through several books (including: Neither Man Nor Woman: the Hijras of India) and papers.

I just got through reading Some Trouble With Cows by Beth Roy, and while it is not what you are looking for with your thesis, it was a very good read about a small village in Bangladesh (when it was under Pakistan) and how the Hindus and Muslims get along. Very interesting and entertaining read. Currently, I am in the process of reading Juki Girls, Good Girls by Caitrin Lynch. It's about the struggles of gender politics in the garment industry and how it matches (or not) up with culture in Sri Lanka.

Fascinating stuff. I guess a reader is me. :)

And not at all! I would be delighted for a friending - I'll add you right now.

This is my wishing link...as requested. ^_~
Oooh...I also forgot. Have you read Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak? She touches on the phenomenon of the hijra, along with a number of other issues of alternative sexualities. You might enjoy some of what she's written.


(I'm sorry. You can totally tell me if I'm being too much of a nerd. Its just that I almost never find someone with interests similar to my own. It makes me so giddy when I do! I mean...I spent my entire undergrad as the only one in my department focusing on queer South Asian history. I was the unloved bastard stepchild of my department, some would say. LOL)

"Some Trouble with Cows" sounds amazing! I'm gonna have to pick it up! If you enjoy studying the Hindu-Muslim dynamic, you should try Urvashi Butalia's "The Other Side of Silence". It focuses on women during Partition. While Butalia's views on queer studies annoy the living sh*t out of me (**she believes queer women can't be feminists. As a queer woman, and a feminist,this pisses me off to no end**), she does an excellent job of exploring the idea of "Woman as Symbol" in South Asian history/ Indian nationalist movements.

And there is nothing wrong with being a reader! A complete and total nerd is me! :-)
No apology needed, really. My focus of study is primarily China and Japan but you know, I am so fascinated by other cultures that I just love learning about them. I guess that's why I chose to be an anthropology and history major.

And I have always been interested in queer culture. While you are studying it in regards to South Asia, I am very interested in it with regards to Japan in the samurai class up to the deconstruction of the Tokugawa empire.

Thank you for all those book and author recommendations! I can't get to them this term, but I have a little book that I write all book recs in for a time when I can get to them - that way they don't get away from me. ^_^

Heck, I am a complete nerd too. Nerds UNITE!
Oooh oooh! You are a Chinese history geek? I took a senior seminar on Chinese history while at university, and enjoyed it a great deal. For my final paper, I did a general survey on the use of women as commodities (thanks to practices such as bride price). Twas a good time! :-)

(My fiance says I am an obnoxious feminist. Gender issues and the battle for equality have always been near and dear to my heart.)

And in regards to your last comment, I say this:

w00t! n3rds get more <3 !


And it is my pleasure to make those recommendations. LOL

I honestly could not have met you at a better time! I'm doing an independent study during my first semester of grad school, and just had to send my thesis professor a bibliography of everything I read as an undergrad dealing with South Asia and gender history. He wanted to know what I've covered already so he doesn't assign the same thing again.

I noticed you say your an anthro geek too! THAT IS EXCELLENT! There are so many great anthro profs who cover issues in Asia. I was going to apply to the PhD at Kentucky, but unfortunately I can't walk on water. LOL
I live in Tucson, so I really don't know jobs up in Flagstaff. But if you ever need help with Arizona just feel free to poke me and I'll be more then happy the help out.

Also when I get my computer to work again (of course it goes out during Holiday Wishes) I'll send a zip of music to you!
Thanks for being there in case I need advice. I know I will prolly shoot you a message (or 10...LOL) as the time for my move gets closer.


And thanks for the offer of music! I am a diehard music NUT and am always looking for new things to toss on to my ipod.
YAY for Music!

(And I'll take a peek at your list soon. I always like to try to return the favor when I can!)
Wow! I am very impressed by your language skills. I had a very dear friend that was proficient in English, Spanish, and German, and I was jealous of HER! :]

I can help you out with a few of these. Please send me an email (yobabyhey@hotmail.com) with your address and a link to your list... :]]]
Aww...thanks. :-)

My parents always said that I should learn as much as possible about as many cultures as possible. I live my life like that even to this day. :-)

I just shot you an email. Send me a link to your list. I like to try to return the favor when I can.
Send me an email at skjam at msn dot com with your snail mail addy for delivery of your surprise.
You can relax about the school spirit; NAU is the third and smallest university in a state with two much bigger, nuttier state schools. They compete with each other and generally forget about us. =) I'd advise just waiting until you get here to buy any NAU merchandise -- you can't go more than five feet in the bookstore without tripping over tons of it, and it'll save you packing.

I hope you like Monty Python. You will hear this song about eleventy thousand times a day.

I don't know how many East Indians we have on campus, but NAU is very LBGT-friendly, and we have an uncommonly large chapter of Prism headquartered somewhere in our Union -- the gay guys are particularly legion, for some reason. It probably doesn't hurt that we have a larger-than-life bronze statue of a shirtless lumberjack in very tight jeans outside of our bookstore. I'm not kidding. His name is Louie.

Do remember to bring your winter gear. A lot of people get here thinking 'oh, it's Arizona, it can't possibly snow there'. IT SNOWS. Not usually straight through the winter, but we get snowed in at least once a year, with road closures in the early mornings.

Your Spanish will be very, very useful out here. NAU always has Spanish classes and usually runs Russian classes and at least for now we have an Arabic instructor, but for the rest of them you are completely out of luck. On the other hand, we're one out of only two universities in the country that teaches Navajo, so at least the modern languages department is used to odd grammar floating through the air in there.

[NAU Alumna, BA Sociology/Comm Theory/Japanese, 2004. I don't know the Women's Studies department very well, but the roommates and I can ask around the Sociolgy and Anthropology departments to see if anyone needs a grad monkey for spring.]