Wishlist 2009

Hello everyone! I am so glad that this community is back up and running for this year! I've already filtered through all the wishlists that are up so far and granted a few wishes! That makes me so happy!

A little about me - I am a 19 year old full-time college student and am also working full-time, so I am always lacking in the spare minute department. I'm originally from Belarus but have been residing in Minnesota for the past 8 years, and am really loving it here!

Here is my list for this year:

1. Toys, collars, or treats for my kitty. I swear I get more excited when I get things in the mail for him than I do for things that are for me. I have an orange tabby named Vasya, and while he is 3 years old now you would never be able to tell - he is as playful as the day we got him. He's not picky when it comes to treats and collars, but he only like small soft toys that he can carry around in his mouth and any kind of string on a stick.

2. Books. During school breaks I spend all my time reading, and I can never have enough books! Used is perfectly fine! If you loved a book and think everyone should read it, send it my way! I will go ahead and post my Amazon wishlist here, because the wishlist is only books. I would love anything from the wishlist or just any book in general!

3. Black and white photographs or postcards. I've been asking for this for the past few years and have gotten some wonderful photographs and postcards that I have hanging on my walls, and would always love more! The subject does not matter at all, as long as it's black/white.

4. Chocolate/candy from outside the U.S. I always love trying new sweets! I especially love Kinder chocolate and Japanese sweets, but I will try anything!

5. Simple necklaces. I'm not a girly girl, but I do love a simple silver/silver-colored chain with something hanging from the end. Currently I've been wearing this necklace everyday and am loving it, so another one in a similar style would be wonderful. No gold tones, please - I'm allergic. COMPLETED - thanks faerydragonet!

6. Bento boxes/supplies. I've recently gotten into bento and only have a few things and would love more! I'm more into function than fashion, so I don't really care for all the cutesy nori punches and such - straight-up silicone cups and boxes with those rubber seals and locking lids are awesome!

7. Gift cards to Starbucks/Caribou Coffee/Dunn Bros. I love coffee but am never able to treat myself because it's so darn expensive at those coffee shops! Even if you have 30 cents left over on a gift card, I would love it!

8. Knee socks. I'm from Minnesota, so it gets cold. :) I wear boots, but I like having an extra layer in the form of knee socks underneath as well.

9. Calligraphy pen/supplies. The guy I am with has been getting into calligraphy and I would love to get him a nice calligraphy pen. So if you have calligraphy pens or ink or paper lying around the house I would really love it! And any advice on what the best calligraphy stuff out there is would also be greatly appreciated!

10. Adopt an animal! Winter is the hardest time for many animal shelters and the cute little kitties and doggies would love you if you adopted them instead of spending a thousand dollars on a purebred this Christmas. Most animal shelters also have birds and smaller critters if you can't take care of a bigger animal - guinea pigs and rats need just as much love! Please adopt!

If you need to contact me you may do so at weirdo2210@mail.ru.

Thanks you!
Your necklace link says access forbidden, so can't see what sort it is to make for you.
Just so you know, I think a lot of the books on your wishlist are available on paperbackswap.com, which is an awesome site I suggest any booklover check out :)
Hi, fellow b&w postcard lover ;) I will gladly send one to you, could you please email me your address at s.zollet[at]hotmail.com? Include your LJ username so I remember what I promised you :)
i can send you something!!
can you email me your address?


and make sure to include your LJ name
Your #10 is a wonderful reminder. Both of my kitties are rescues and I wholeheartedly support going with a shelter or rescue group for ALL pet adoptions. Just wanted to say thanks for a great shout-out on behalf of animals everywhere.

Have a beautiful holiday season!
Thank you! I agree - I think shelter pets are the best! I volunteer at the local Humane Society and the cats there are just the sweetest.
Could you please send me your username and address in an email?

I totally realized I did this afterwards but couldn't remember where I was!

it's fraserette@gmail.com
I would love to send you some black and white photos!

However, keep in mind that it may take a few weeks; I promise to get them to you before Dec 31st though!

Please email worstxintentions at gmail dot com with you address and the subject "Holiday wishes- black and white photos" This is so that I can keep track!
thank you so much for #10! i already have 2 cats and a dog right now, so i'm a bit full at the moment and don't think i could afford another animal right now. but if i ever can, i will always definitely look to the animals shelters before buying from a breeder :)
I'm not really a fan of those long stringy necklaces. Just something that hits where the collarbones meet or a bit lower. I'm not sure how long that is in units.
I think I can grant #1. BTW, I have adopted all 7 of my animals =)

Could you PM me your address?
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Check your mail in the next couple of days!
I'll send you a postcard from germany, please send me your address.

Sorry it's taken so long but a gift is on it's way! I will tell you what it is if you want to ruin the surprise, or you can wait! :)