Jaymee's Holiday List

I can't believe it's that time of the year again ~ how time flies! My name is Jaymee Lucas ~ this is my 2nd year participating in this community and I absolutely loved it. Everyone was wonderful last year and I'm hoping for the same turn-out this year. Million thanks to everyone who will fulfill my wishes ~ be blessed!!!

1. SNAIL MAIL CARDS ~ love 'em and I always return the favor.
2. POSTCARD from your city ~ i love traveling but i'm on a strict budget lately that I haven't gone anywhere, so even in postcard I feel like I've been on a vacation.
3. MIXED CD - I listen to everything except anything with profanity in music. I love discovering new artists this way.
If you have any of these books or DVDs, that you want to get rid off is absolutely fine, I'd love to have them.
4. USED BOOKS (see Amazon wishlist)
5. USED DVDS (see Amazon wishlist)
6. SWEETS (chocolate/ FLAVORED TEA / FLAVORED HOT CHOCOLATE) no allergies when it comes to sweets ^_^
7. PERSONALIZED LJ LAYOUT - I love changing my livejournal layout but I would love to have a personalized one of either Miura Haruma, Kamenashi Kazuya or Kim Hyun Joong. I have their photos if you need it, just message me.
8. DESKTOP WALLPAPER (beach, sunrise, Miura Haruma, anything Asian landscape or cityscape, Tokidoki, Pucca, Hello Kitty) ~ I spend most of my time at work in front of the computer and i love changing my background.
9. CARD/POSTCARD FOR MY NIECE ERIN, she's 12 turning 13 this Dec 11 and she was so excited last year whenever I received a card and if you have extra - please send her one and I will return the favor =)
10. WHAT I CAN GIVE ~ message me of your wishlist and i'll grant at least one thing from it. I have 2 NKJV Bibles that I'd love to give out ~ I know so many people believe in Christ yet does not own a Bible, this is a great opportunity for me. If you'd like to have one of the two, feel free to message me.

email: KIREI702 at HOTMAIL dot com
mailing address: J LUCAS

and if it's a card/postcard for my niece Erin please address in her name so she'll have the pleasure of opening it ~many thanks!
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