My wish isn't to mean everything to everyone, just something to someone

My name is Bryan. I'm 24, from Florida. I'm a somewhat crazy very insatiable type, not in the realm of possessions(though I am a hoarder) but just in experiences. I am always looking for the next great experience. After being numb to the world for so long in my life i'm ready to create that in my life.

This year i've been blessed enough to create my holiday wish that will overshadow all other major things to happen to me this year, on New Years Eve i'm moving to Portland, where i've wanted to move for oh so long. The rapture of this finally happening has overridden my need for anything truly material(that and the fact that i'm getting RID of most of my possessions.) The fact of this may not give me the ability to list 10 things, but here goes...

1) A job lead in Portland: That is a big order to fill. I know jobs are bad. I know they're especially bad in Portland, but having some type fo job prospect would be awesome. The last thing I want to do is to come back to Jacksonville, Florida defeated with my tail between my legs because I ran out of money. If anyone has anything out there that would help me in this arena please send an email to

2) Friends in Portland: I have a hard enough time making friends as it is. My 24 years in Jacksonville, Florida has been a bust on the interpersonal relationship front, and that is so much harder to do when you're new to an area. I know it's too much to ask for instant friends. What i'd like is just someone from that area to hang out with. If you live in the area, send me an email, friend me on lj, send me a message... we can hang out and possibly have a good time.

3) Letters/Christmas Cards/Postcards/Care Packages: Letter writing is this generation's lost art, I never get enough Christmas Cards, and Care packages are the absolute shit. Send me a letter, you can talk about anything. Tell me a story, talk about yourself, give me tidbits into your culture, anything. It's all beautiful, and it'd make me feel super special.

4) Amazon: In looking at my wishlist, I can honestly say there isn't much on there that I actually desire(see opening paragraphs.) I am in the process of updating it and trimming a lot of the fat, so if you are concerned just come back in a few days after i've gotten the chance to put more things that I would like more.But for the time being: here is my(recently gutted) wishlist My wishlist

5) Books I just got rid of a lot of my books,but I couldn't get rid of them all. I would LOVE some more, of things that I have never thought to read but would be all the better for reading,and I feel that sharing books is the best way to share knowledge and a piece of yourself. I would absolutely love your books. I am moving, but i'm sure I could find room for any books that you'd be able to share. I'll gladly do the same to the rest of you fine people :)

6) Manga for my niece and nephew: After many years of trying i've finally gotten my niece and nephew into reading consistently(aside from various books here and there,) using the first two volumes of Love Hina and the first three volumes of Chobits. Sadly though, that's pretty much all I have, any and all Manga would be going to my niece and nephew and would be a great gateway into turning them into rabid readers.

7) Gift Cards: Amazon, or anywhere really... it would help supplement actual income, until I can find employment.

8) For everyone to live genuine lives: Note that I didn't say "happy" I said "genuine" Just be real, be yourself, be who you truly are, be truthful to others and yourselves. Too many people live without doing that and the only thing it does is lead to unhappiness. Living a genuine life isn't the easiest life, but it's the one that will lead to the most fulfillment. Don't be afraid to indulge in the greatness of you, and the greatness of life. But also, don't be afraid to acknowledge your flaws and what is wrong in your life, and don't be afraid to suffer, for suffering is the only way that we grow as people.

9) To give everyone a chance: Be nice to people, and judge them on their merits, and nothing else. Be nice to the class nerd, hug the office outcast, take a gift from the weirdo and be truly thankful for it, give a hug to the person you always thought was a bitch(even thought you never had a reason to think that, and if it was... it was probably petty.) We never know who might be able to touch our lives in significant ways, so have an open mind to people. Try to love more and judge less.

10) Friendship: I love meeting new people, and i've been blessed with the friends i've made online. So friend me, message me, email me, follow me on twitter(oddballdeviant). I may seem shy, but i'm loyal and true.

My address is:

Bryan Armstrong
527 East 55th Street
Jacksonville,FL 32208

That is my parent's address so anything sent closer to my move date will still be safe and waiting for me :)

I love you all and Merry Christmas.
Hi! I am fulfilling new lj friend's wishes! I've added you as a friend and hope you will add me back! *hugs*
I like your list! Friendship is very important. Don't ask me how I know, but you seem to be a nice person. :)

Friend me if you like! I'll send you a card!
Hey babe, you on Facebook? There's a friend of mine I'd love for you to meet
E-mail your address with the subject "Postcard" to faeriequeen06 (at) yahoo, and I'll get one in the mail to you! :D
I like your list! :) I can send you a postcard/Christmas card.
heh, so, I was looking through here for people I could send postcards from St. Augustine to. I guess it'd be a little silly sending one to you, huh? ;)

And Jax isn't that bad, come on!
You can't say that! You're from St. Augustine. That's where Florida starts being cool. Jacksonville is practically southern Georgia!
lol, nope, I'm from Jax Bch. I'm just sending people postcards from St. Aug because its a fun history lesson. But yeah, Jax is pretty much S. Ga. Except the Beaches, I love the Beaches.
I can send you a book. Might get to you a little late.. but I'll send one.
Of course! Send it whenever you're able! The address is my parent's so even if i've already moved it'll still be waiting for me.