holiday_wishes 2009

I did this once or twice, back in college, and it was really a lot of fun! I haven't been able to recently though, and I decided I needed an extra jolt of merriment so I'm going to give this a whirl :) Now, RL and money are going to be something of an issue this year, but I will try to grant as many wishes as I can! And I'm posting this in my journal and here at holiday_wishes, so sorry for the tiny bit of cross-postage :) If you're able to grant any of my wishes, please email me at laura dot weasley at gmail dot com for my address :)

Here is my wishlist for this year -

1) an iTunes gift card! I've decided to stop buying DVDs (I don't own a DVD player anymore) so this is how I'm going to buy movies now. I'm especially interested in UP and Star Trek right now! Also, you can buy them and send them via email directly through iTunes!

2) an aerie/AE gift card.

3) icons/graphics! See my interests (listed in my profile) for ideas.

4) a rename token for my graphics community, I'm using an old rpg journal right now and I need to change the name lol.

5) My paid account expires in February, so I'd love an extension on that!

6) The Glee Soundtrack! Volume One is out now, and volume 2 comes out December 8! :D

It's a little short lol, but this is really all I want :) Thanks, and happy holidays!
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Do you have the Glee soundtrack? Because I have a copy and could send you a zip file.
I have that already :( I wanted actual CDs to listen to in my car or whatever. But thanks.