HI! im justsurvive,aka jane. im a single mom on SSDI and my resources are short. but i have been looking at the archives and plan to do many requests. i just love making other people happy.

here are my requests:
  1. new lj friends. i will warn you i am disabled with ptsd and depression/anxiety and i talk about abuse entries in length. however those are filtered and under lj cuts so not to trigger anyone. anyone is welcome on these filters. i am LDS aka mormon. i do not push my beliefs and am very open to other religions and do not discuss my religious beliefs in length. i have a variety of religions on my list and i welcome all kinds.
  2. holiday cards i welcome all kinds and love to display them year round in my laundry section of my apartment. the pictures make me happy.
  3. suprise me! any mail of any kind makes me happy. teas, stickers, notes of happyness, candy, you name it. it all makes me happy just do what your heart desires
  4. smelly things. GOOD smelling things. of all kinds. perfume/body spray, lotions, bath things(masks, salts, etc), candles
  5. stickers my nearly 3 year old LOVES sitckers. she puts them on everything. and she just makes me happy that she loves them. any sort.
  6. gift cards: i am trying to get outfits and essentials for my daughter leila and target, walmart or any clothing store will help
  7. guinea pig things i have 2 male guinea pigs, eric and cody. they are my furry children. they like timothy hay, oxbow cavy cuisien and toys
  8. clothes new or used. thrifted or resale or garage sale. leila is in 3t on top and 4t on bottom. size 11 shoes. i am 18 or xxl(or 1x) on top and 20/22 on bottom. iam in great need of socks size 9 and pants/jeans/skirts.
  9. craft items be it fabric(cotton, flannel or fleece) or yarn(any weight, fiber or color) or beads. I LOVE beads(gemstones, silver findings, crystals but any is fine)
  10. charity: make something for animals or your local cancer society or domestic violence shelter. any donations or contact them for things they need.
jane knox
3010 falk rd unit b
vancouver wa 98661

please email janeknox01@hotmail with any further questions.
thank you kind people. i love you!
I would love to send you an Xmas card.

Please email worstxintentions at gmail dot com with your info and the subject "holiday wishes - xmas card" Thanks!
Please send me your LJ username and addy to: fraserette@gmail.com

I would like to grant one of your wishes!
I'd be happy to add you. I'm a National Guard Soldier, married to an Active Duty Soldier, with three dogs and no kids. I sew, play in the SCA and am a total geek.

Uh. That's about it.
I sent you an add! My son has PTSD & Anxiety, so I totally understand. It can be very trying at times. *BIG HUGS*
i added you. i have major depression, anxiety, and some social phobia issues, but i don't really post. i will most likely comment your entries at times though :] i'm a psych student also... but mostly just human and i like to talk to people from all over the board.

i used to have 3 male guinea pigs... and i will grab some things for your babies. i miss them so much, so i will be living vicariously! i will pick up some other things for you as well.

please email me your address (yobabyhey@hotmail.com) and attach a link to your list <3
I'll add you to my card list, and include some stickers for your daughter. Emailing you now. :)
I would like to add you. I have bipolar disorder, as well as tendencies of borderline personality disorder and anxiety. I know how much of a struggle mental illness can be. I think I can fulfill a couple of your other wishes, but I will email you when I know for sure.
i already messaged you so you know this, buti added you back.
my two main disabilities are major depression and PTSD. i also have anxiety and agoraphobia. and several physical chronic conditions.
it will be good to have another friend that understands.
I have a small package for you, you can e-mail me you address at fictional.dixid(@)gmail(.)com.
I've added you, and have just addressed a card to you both.

I can probably send you a few bigger things off your list too, but I probably won't be able to post them until January if that's okay?