well hellllllo there, again.

i just wanted to say that i love this community, i enjoy reading everyone's lists, and hope that i can help out in some way! my name is amanda yvonne, i'm from a town near ottawa, ontario. i live with my three beautiful furbabies, two cats named jasper and abby, and a black lab named bella. i'm a dedicated vegetarian and animal rights activist, i've always been a big animal lover. people seem to think i'm some weird sort of gothic hippie, but i don't really care to throw labels on myself, haha. i'm also wiccan, but i celebrate both yule and christmas. i wasn't sure if i wanted to do this this year, since it makes me feel a bit greedy and self-centered. i don't mean to come off like you should buy me things. but it's something fun to do, and i enjoy looking at other people's lists and granting what i can. i had a bit of a hard time with this, i didn't really have a massive list of things i wanted, i'm quite happy with with i have already.

a couple things to note beforehand:
- i don't use any animal products: leather, fur, wool, silk, etc. i don't really know if this matters, since i haven't really asked for anything that applies to that, but i'm just getting it out there.
- my email/contact info: life.nature.love@hotmail.com, or you can just come on over to my journal to comment or visit.

1) i put pretty much everything on my amazon wishlist. it's quite large but things are pretty cheap since it's mostly just books and movies. i don't mind things used, i kind of like it better.

2) adopt an animal from the world wildlife fund. my favourite animals are bats, i just love them, i've been meaning to adopt the vampire bat for some time now. hopefully after yule/christmas i can stow away $50 or $100 to help out.

3) if you could donate anything to your humane society, or to animal welfare/environmental cause, that would be wonderful. they are in such need for help: for adoptions, donations, supplies or just some volunteer time.

4) i am a lover of the spooky things. i decorate my apartment for hallowe'en all year round, and am always on the lookout for new things. if you have any old decor (especially anything with batties on it), bits of costume (like wings, horns, cat ears, ect.) dark artwork, or books/magazines, that would be greatly appreciated!

5) string lights. i'm looking for hallowe'enish string/hanging lights, especially purple/black or bats on them (i know, i know, enough about the bats!), or just christmasy lights: red, white, green or multi-coloured. i want to hang them on my headboard, around doors and windows. i don't have a tree to put them on, i'm don't quite think my one-year-old lab should be around a decorated (or undecorated) holiday tree just yet ;)

6) i have a couple (*cough cough*) celebrity obsessions: avril lavigne, mary-kate and ashley olsen, marilyn monroe, jodie foster, billy connolly, craig ferguson and dave foley. anything (even just magazine/newspaper clippings) makes me muchos happy. and for the record, any books/movies i'm missing that have these people in them, are on my wishlist.

7) tell someone that you love them. it's so simple, yet such a beautiful thing to hear. i am one of those suckers who tear up when someone generally shows or tells me that they care, it really brightens up the day.

8) the cats and dog would love anything new to play with. bella goes through quite a few toys, but nothing that could easily be swallowed (stuffing especially, we had one trip down to the vet for that already). the cats love anything furry or on a string (jasper's favourite toy is really just two shoelaces tied together, he's so easily amused). i'm also always on the lookout for old blankets or towels, to keep in bella's crate for bedding. if you have any you would like to get rid of, feel free to send my way.

9) knee socks! i love knee socks, especially stripey, checkered or holidays ones. i try to wear a pair everyday, i'm starting to banish regular socks from my feet, haha. i feel like they don't last quite as long as they used to, i'm on my feet at work most of the day and walk everywhere, they get worn out pretty quickly. i've even started sewing them again because i love them too much to just toss them when they start to show signs of wear and tear.

10) and for my last wish: please just smile and be nice to people you meet. open doors for them, say hello, be patient for the elderly. i work as a cashier in a drug store, and you have no idea how much i appreciate these simple things. i love getting a customer with a smile and patience, one who you can have a bit of a laugh with over simple little things. especially around christmas when it gets crazy busy, everyone's in a rush and can get a bit cranky. please just be kind ♥.
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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE MOVIE! i just got it today, it makes me so happy! it's so hard to find around here, haha. i certainly don't mind it being case-less. thank you! and i sent your card today ♥
Holiday Wishes!!
3) if you could donate anything to your humane society, or to animal welfare/environmental cause, that would be wonderful. they are in such need for help: for adoptions, donations, supplies or just some volunteer time.

My SO & I were planning to get a dog in the new year.. one of the Christmas 'returns' so to speak.. We will be going to our local humane society, cuz they were shut down tor cruelty to animals & if I can just get one animals out of that environment, I'll be happy.
I just saw your entry and anyone who respects and loves animals as much as I do are awesome in my books :).

I'm just about to send you an e-mail for further details! <3.