Happy Holidays!

Hi all, I'm so excited the comm's back up and running for 2009. This is my third year, and I'm already making a little collection of addresses to send goodies to :)

Anyway, my list:

1. A pair of knitted socks. I've never had a pair and they sound utterly delightful. If they're made of the last little bits of many ends of balls of wool, so much the better. My feet are a US 7.5 or a UK 5.

2. A friend of mine's doing this. Please follow him on Twitter, or Facebook, or donate something. Passing his information on would also be incredibly awesome - he's doing the best he can under difficult circumstances and is currently caught by a typhoon warning in Madagascar.

3. Items from the US - Lucky Charms, Wild Cherry Pepsi and Mane and Tails detangler would be extremely welcome.

4. Help. Our pantry's been infested by little bugs. They're perhaps 0.5-1cm long, they look like moths, and they eat flour, grains and chocolate. They can eat through Mylar. If anyone has any idea what they are and how I can get rid of them that would be wonderful to know.

5. Recipes for hearty, warm, lowish-fat dinners, preferably but not necessarily vegetarian.

6. Buy an extra gift this Christmas and donate it to an old people's home with the request that it go to someone who doesn't get visitors or for everyone to use. Generally caramels aren't a good idea but audiobooks and DVDs/videos often go down a storm ;)

7. My Amazon wishlist contains mostly books about psychiatric and medical history. Any of these, or similar texts, books or articles online or paper or recommendations in that direction would be extremely appreciated. Some of them are fairly expensive, so if you've seen versions very cheaply somewhere a headsup would also be appreciated :)

8. Dark City (the film with Kiefer Sutherland from 1998) via download or on DVD would be the greatest gift anyone could give me.

9. If you're passing a hospital on your way to visit relatives around Christmas, please consider dropping a box of chocolates or homemade cookies in to one of the departments (any you like). Hospital staff working at Christmas either have very little family to spend time with over the holidays or they'd much rather be home celebrating. Either way, a little Christmas cheer in the nurses' station goes a long way :)

10. Enjoy your holiday season and make the most of it. I lost my grandmother this year and miss her profoundly. If I'd known last year was the last year ever it would have been extremely different.

PM or ask in the comments for my address if you'd like it or my email address is spam.me.sideways at gmail.com.
I think the bugs are a type of weevil. Throw out all the infested food (I know that sucks). Then take bay leaves (fresh or dried)and put them on the pantry shelves and into the food containers.

We used to have huge problems until someone else passed that tip to me--we've been bug free since.
Thanks - we cleared everything that looked infested, cleaned the room and the little horrors came back. I'm so frustrated!

Great tip about the bay leaves. I'll get onto that as soon as we've cleared the infested stuff again.
Moving food into plastic and metal containers like another person mentioned is also helpful.

I'm sorry you're dealing with this--I know it's a headache to go and make dinner and discover something else already claimed dibs on your food.
Indeed. I lost it yesterday, emptied a can of bug spray in there and sealed up the door with masking tape. The apartment looks like a crime scene but I'm betting some of those little bastards are dead.

BTW, do you have your own list up yet?
I did that once. I sprayed, put out bug bait and then "bug-bombed" the apartment. I know it was way too much insecticide and I'm lucky I didn't get sick, but I was just so ready to be done with the bugs I hope the spray worked out.

I just posted my list :)

By any chance would you be interested in "Freud for Historians"?
I'm just hunting down your list :)

Freud for Historians is fabulous, I'd definitely be interested!
Thanks :)

Please email me your address (opalaggie@gmail.com) and I'll send it your way.
Thanks - we cleaned out the pantry once and the horrors came back. It's so upsetting, they got into everything.

Total Clearout for us, followed by Epic Cleaning.

Thank you :)
My family and I usually go visit people at the hospital at Christmas, this year I'll remember to bring something to the hospital staff too! :) Thank you for the suggestion! ♥

I hope you manage to get rid of those bugs, btw :| Good luck!!
Thank you. I work in a hospital, and although I'm lucky enough that I'm not rostered but Mon-Fri and holidays off it's pretty miserable for the staff who have to be in work. They're missing their own celebrations and dealing with cranky patients who want to be at home as well.
I'm totally up to #2, #6 and #10. I don't have any relatives or friends in the hospital at the moment, but I'm totally up to donating things at the old people's home. It really does break my heart to see them there so alone.

Your friend...is like the coolest person ever. I wish him the best of luck! I'll follow him on Twitter!

Happy Holidays~!
i've got a recipe for veggie jambalaya that is awesomesauce. and ill even throw in a card! i sent you an email for your addy. :)
Thanks. It's so frustrating, you think you've got them all and then they just come back.

Do you have your list up yet?
I hope to be granting 6 by going to visit an old persons home with my Assistace Dog Luigi on Christmas day so he can cheer up some of the residents. I will try to cover 9 by taking something for the staff working there that day too.
Thank you.
I feel so bad for the hospital staff at Christmas - there's normally something for the patients but the staff are always a bit neglected.