My Holiday Wishlist

I had such a wonderful time with this last year that I had to do it again this year. My name's Mandy, and I'm 26. Christmas is my favorite time of year and participating in this has become part of my holiday traditions. I'm looking forward to fulfilling a lot of wishes this year. :)

1) Cards/postcards: There is nothing better than going to the mailbox and coming back with a stack that's not just bills. I love having a bunch of colorful cards stuck on my wall at Christmas. And if you give me your address, I'm happy to return the favor. :)

2) Christmas ornaments: Nothing big or fancy. I collect ornaments and have a bunch of unique ones, some of my favorites are ones my best friend made for me in high school. Last year I got a Santa ornament from Greece that was amazing, and one of my all-times favorites is from Christmas, Florida.

3) LJ/ friends. Same username for all, so add me if you want! Feel free to check my profile and if we have anything in common, I'd love to get to know you.

4) Do something charitable and tell me about it! Volunteer, make a donation to DonorsChoose, drop a dollar in a Salvation Army bucket. One of my favorite stories last year was from someone who voluteered at their local animal shelter.

5 ) New music: I have eclectic taste in music. I've recently started listening to a lot of folk and would love to discover some new artists. Have a favorite local artist? A favorite LGBT artist? Someone obscure that you love, but no one else seems to have heard of? Share it! Genre really doesn't mean anything to me.

Okay, now for the 3 long-shots:

6) I have looked everywhere for the song "Nora" by Dar Williams. It was on her The Christians and the Pagans EP that is out of print, and I've searched high and low and can't find this song anywhere. I'm trying to complete my list of Richard Shindell covers and that's the last one I have to find.

7) For years I've wanted someone to write a Bryan Adams/Viggo Mortensen fic. It could be anything, just them discussing art over coffee, and I'd be happy. If anyone wants to take on this challenge, I'll love you forever.

8) I really want my own copy of Families: A Memoir and a Celebration by Wyatt Cooper. I managed to get it through interlibrary loan and read it, but it's such a beautiful book that I'd love to have a copy I could just pick up and read whenever I wanted. My mother is amazing.

My address is available upon request, and my email is
Hi! Thanks, added you back. I loved the Little Mermaid graphic in your profile. :) Happy Holidays!
As for #5, have you ever checked out Jill Sobule? She sings folk-rock and is bisexual. A lot of her songs are political or focused on women, but all of them are wonderful! You should be able to find some stuff on her website, but if you want more of her music I'd be happy to pass it on.
I'm only vaugely familiar with Jill Sobule, but I'd love to hear more if you'd like to rec some of your favorites? Thank you!
Hi! I am fulfilling new lj friend's wishes! I've added you as a friend and hope you will add me back! Also for #4 I recently signed up to be a bone marrow donor and received my donor card in the mail!
Thank you! I added you back. :) I think it's wonderful that you signed up to be a bone marrow donor. There aren't nearly enough people on the registry. Thanks for sharing that with me!
5 - Wolfsheim (German, but mostly sing in English), Blümchen (German, but sometimes sings in English)(you might already know her), Jolin Tsai (Chinese), Girls Under Glass (German, occasionally sings in English; my favorites are "Grey in Grey", "Believe In Yourself", and "Love As A Symbol"). Most of what I've had in heavy rotation recently has been mainstream classic heavy metal, so as far as semi-obscurity that's all that comes to mind at the moment.
I'd love to exchange holiday cards :) Will send you an email.
I'll send you a card and upload a .zip of music for you. :) Sending an email for address. :)
I would love to exchange holiday cards. I will be emailing you in the next few days when I have a little more time (school is crazy this week). As for obscure bands, I recommend Fair to Midland. They are progressive folk, crossing into the metal genre, and they are fantastic. I couldn't tell you exactly what Darroh (the singer) is singing about; he doesn't explain the lyrics to anyone. However, the way he writes and puts music to the words is so beautiful. His voice is unbelievable. I can email you some mp3s if you would like. Email me at and just remind me :)
1. drop me a pm with your addy and ill get a card out to you

3. feel free to add me back :)

4. i do stuff all the time, but this week i helped out a friend who needed alittle bit of cash to get through the week and also brought her some bagels and cream cheese.

5. the three altos (a local womens group out of duluth mn); libby roderick (folk artist from alaska); straight no chaser (acappela group). all wonderful groups that i love.
Hi Mandy.
I've friended you on LJ - i think we have a few things in common. :)

Folkwise - do you know Cara Dillon or Seth Lakeman? I have a few of their songs I could email as mp3s. Or (going back a while) Stan Rogers? Or I could just send you some random songs?

Hi! Friended you back. :)

I don't know Cara Dillon or Seth Lakeman. I have Northwest Passage by Stan Rogers (the song, not the album), and I'd love to hear more from all three.

Thank you! Happy Holidays!
I'd be happy to grant a couple of these wishes! send me an email with your mailing address to :)
I got your card today! Thank you so much it was lovely. :D And thank you for the postcard. I love Orlando.
I got your card in the mail, thank you so much! The card is gorgeous!