Wishes for Guen

Last year I didn't participate in these wishes. I just wasn't able to keep up and try to give. But this year I'm going to try my best to participate. I'm Maggie and I live in Texas. I'm really active in pet rescue and some costuming circles. Most of my list will be in regards to those endeavors. If you need to contact me, please message me here on LJ.

My theme for this year is "Free, Dirt Cheap, or Charity."

1. There is a possibility that I might be helping host or even hosting on my own, party at a local con. The theme I'm thinking of is 19th Century Fantasy. I'm looking for music which would be appropriate. I'd love to receive lists of and/or mixed CDs of dance appropriate music from the Regency period to Edwardian including some of the recent fantasy world notions. Basically, if you showed up to a party filled with partly historical costumers, steampunkers, regency faeries, etc what would you want to listen and dance to?? I'd like a mix of historical and modern music.

2. I'm learning to play the violin. In specific, I am learning Irish fiddle right now, but I am working to specialize in Historical Early Music from all over the world - think emuzeki, Istanpitta, Circa Paleo, Walgemut. I would like to either be given historical sheet music or shown where I can get the same for very cheap or free. I've stumbled across a couple of websites for basic traditional irish music so far, but haven't had the time to really sit down and figure out how to research historical music. Bonus points for sending a copy of the song with the music so I can hear what it is supposed to sound like. I am a year one beginner, so I still need to hear the music to figure out the timing.

3. Recipes. OMG I love recipes so much! I fancy myself a bit of a recipe hoarder. I'll take any recipe from carnivore to raw vegan. Preferably with pictures. My only restrictions are that there be no processed foods involved. Excepting canned beans on occasion or canned tomatoes where they are considered better than the fresh/dried version, I make everything from scratch. Bonus points for sending foods which can sit for a while while I'm at faire or at a picnic.

4. Fabrics. Do you have fabrics in your stash that you'll never use, but you think I might??? I costume damned near everything, so there's a chance I might use it. I prefer using natural fabrics, but everything has to be washable. I can't afford dry cleaning of my costumes, so if it's not washable, I won't use it.

5. Patterns. Do you have patterns in your library that you think I'd look ravishing in?? I can work with anything from tissue patterns to re-scaling patterns from a book. I'm a modern size 10/12.

6. I'm planning on putting myself through classes and certifications for animal training, reiki, massage, etc for a new career in holistic animal care. I would welcome any advice, books, links, whatever to put myself on this route. If you are successful in this career, I'd especially love to hear from you about how you got to where you are. I'm doing this while holding down a full time job and all my other committments, so I'm on the 5 year plan for success.

7. Donations to Texas Pawprints, World Wildlife Fund, RAINN, Not for Sale, Texas Humane Legislation Network

8. Here is my Amazon Wishlist. I mostly buy used myself, so I have no problems receiving used. The list is quite large because I keep adding recipe books, Music, DVDs and Fashion books to it as reminders to myself, haha!

Happy Holidays everyone! I look forward to figuring out which wishes i can particpate in granting!
recipes i can do.. would you like a spare cookbook?
also i have some fabric lying about i am sure... i just have to dig it out.
kirsten at fabricdragon dot com.... PLS include with your address a link to your wish list, or a comment on what i said i coudl send, because i get easily confused....
drop me a pm with your email and ill get some recipes out to you