Wishing on a sweet shining shooting staaaaar!

Hi everyone! I'm Jovee, and I'm from the Philippines. I am turning 21 this December and I just graduated from college a few months ago. I am also an avid fan of anime and a recent figure collector! ^^ This is the first time I've posted in holiday_wishes and I absolutely love the idea of wishing and helping others making their wishes come true! I have quite a tall list of wishes... but here's to hoping! ^^

- I love Toradora! and Taiga so much, and would want to collect figures of her, sadly, all of the figures can only be bought online... and, I currently don't have a credit card so I couldn't buy any of them. I have a list of all the Taiga figures I would want to have in my journal, but this version is one that I really would want to have ^^
2) Raburi fan artsu (lovely fan art) of FMA, Toradora! or Kimi no Todoke
- Love Anime to bits, but unlike other anime fans, I suck at art. It can be digital, traditional, whatever you may wish! If you feel like drawing or sharing fandom art, feel free to send me one ^^ Below are some suggestions for you :)
- Embarassed!Edo x Winry >w< (FMA)
- Munich!Edo :3 (FMA Conqueror of Shamballa)
- Well, any kind of Edo fan artsu >w< (FMA)
- Any kind of Roy fan artsu too :3 (FMA)
- Ryuji x Taiga fan artsuuuu (Toradora!)
- KIMI NI TODOKE ARTSU! <3 Shota x Sawako of course! <3
3) figma Nagato Yuki (Bad Witch Version)
- I also love figma and have a small collection of them, unfortunately, some of the ones I want are either exclusive, hard to find or are available but totally expensive. T_T the bad witch version of figma Yuki is quite hard to find because of her accessories. >: I've almost got her since she was available in a local store, but I missed the chance to buy her and she's out of stock again.
4) This tripod/spiderpod/gorillapod whatever it is called ^^;
- I already have a mini-tripod, but it won't stand still and keeps on falling with the camera ;_; Used is fine as long as it still works :)

5) Genki I textbook or any Basic Japanese language textbook that has Romaji and English.
- I've had a few lessons in Nihonggo during college, but my knowledge is slowly deteriorating from lack of practice... and I need a comprehensive textbook so I can continue studying the language. Used ones will be fine as long as I can still use them ^^

- I would make one myself, but I am artistically inept, and lack the tools and materials to make him
7) Snail mail Christmas cards
- It doesn't have to say much. I like getting stuff from the mail. :3 I can also be a penpal if you want ^^

8) Anything from my J-list wishlist

9) Surprise me!
- Well, that says it all :)

10) Make someone happy
-This is a simple wish that anyone can do, I'm aiming to make people happy too. It doesn't really have to be through this community, it can be anyone, a stranger, your friend, someone in your family, even your pet. ^^ it doesn't even have to be during the holidays! Just as long as you can brighten up someone's day, you can make the world a little bit better for that person :)

if in need of my mailing address, you can email me at: lim [dot] jovelyn [at] gmail [dot] com :)
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I can't seem to find an email address, but I'd love to add you to my Christmas card list. :)

Can you send an email to withoutwaking@hotmail.com with your LJ name and snail-mail address?
Oh! Thanks for telling me! I forgot to add my email in there ^^;

I shall email you my contact details :)

btw, I love Glee too! <3
drop me a pm with your snail mail addy and ill get a card out to you :)
I'd like to make you happy by sending you a letter :) Please send your address to apeystar@gmail.com